Kirk Morrison says he's heard from teams

It seemed like it was only a matter of time before teams started sniffing around Raiders linebacker Kirk Morrison, who will only cost a third-round pick and an offer sheet to acquire.

“There are some teams we’re looking at and we’ve talked to,” Morrison
said on Sirius NFL Radio Thursday.  “Hopefully, in the next couple of weeks we can get something done
. . . either with the Raiders or with other teams.”

There is speculation in New York the Giants could make a play for Morrison, but nothing has been confirmed.  We do know that the Cardinals don’t look interested.

The Raiders would seemingly be thrilled if Morrison signs an offer sheet elsewhere. 

He’s not quite persona non grata like Randy Hanson — Morrison can get his own sandwiches — but the Raiders sent a clear message that’s he’s available with their low tender.

20 responses to “Kirk Morrison says he's heard from teams

  1. As a situational player, he can help the Giants.
    He needs to be protected though, he can’t shed worth a damn and he overruns his gaps all the time.
    He does have a great attitude and pretty good speed.

  2. I wonder if the Broncos are one of the teams as they just released A Davis and have the Faiders old LB coach(Martindale) as the DC. Nah, Mcmoron will screw it up.

  3. If they would play him outside where he belongs the guy could be effective. The guy is a liability against the run but can make plays in space.

  4. I have absolutely no idea why the Raiders wouldn’t want to keep Morrison. He’s a player.
    I hope my favorite team offers him a contract. A 3rd would be cheap for a player of this caliber.

  5. The Giants LB’s failed to even get to open space last year, let alone make play. But if the Raiders don’t want to keep him, the Giants should draft an ILB and move him outside where he belongs.

  6. I reallt liked this guy coming out of college i thought he would do alot better than he has. But yeah he defenitly cannot play mlb he just doesent have the attitude. I was hoping the Raiders would go after a mlb and move Kirk to the outside but diesent look like that is going to happen. But he is a great guy and he gives 100%. And i don’t think Al’s defense that he runs helps him much either.

  7. it is kind of sad because he is home grown and a great story.
    His speed helps out in passing plays but we all know he couldnt shed a block to save his life which makes his run defense weak at best.
    Like a lot of you said or realized he would be a great OLB but he is convinced that he can play MLB and that is a problem and the reason why you haven’t seen him on a tour of teams kicking his tired.
    Its starting to look like the old man may draft according to our needs this year OL and MLB

  8. Al has more respect for coaches than he does for linebackers. If he drafts them high he dumps them because they’re overpaid, and if he draft them low he dumps them because they want to get paid. Morrison can play some and has a good attitude, and is worth a third to a team that can utilize his skills and hide his flaws.

  9. lboogie25 says:
    March 11, 2010 7:02 PM
    Do it, G-Men. We suck at LB and the whole league knows it
    Amen. My only problem with it is if the Giants need to trade up for McClain, they might need to include their 3rd rounder.
    If Giants don’t get him for a reason like that, that’s cool….
    Giants sure do need LBs…

  10. I HATE AL DAVIS. They want to let Morrison go becasue he had trouble stopping the run as a MLB. Thats cuz he should be playing OLB, he has great coverage ability and him and Thomas Howard on the outside would be great. They should keep him and sign Antonio Peirce or someone to play MLB.

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