Matt Moore to sign tender

Matt Moore described himself as “ecstatic” when the Carolina Panthers tendered him at the highest level, so it’s no surprise that he has decided to sign the one-year, $3.043 million contract.

It’s a done deal,” agent Lynn Lashbrook told the Charlotte Observer. “He’s excited about getting started for next season. He did not want to wait around.”

It’s been expected since the Panthers tendered Moore that he would be the team’s starting quarterback in 2010, but his decision to sign the tender now — rather than hold off and attempt to negotiate a long-term deal — is a strong statement that Moore wants to get to work on 2010 right away.

“He wanted to send a message to the community and the team,” Lashbrook said. “I just think it’s a great win-win for both parties.”

Moore started five games for the Panthers in 2009, completing 85 of 138 passes for 1,053 yards, with eight touchdowns, two interceptions and a 98.5 passer rating. He was significantly more productive than the quarterback he’s replacing, Jake Delhomme, who completed 178 of 321 passes for 2,015 yards, with eight touchdowns, 18 interceptions and a 59.4 passer rating.

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  1. Yipee….wait, who cares. They unloaded half their team this off-season, showing no interst in making a run at established free agents. 6-10 next season

  2. Comparing Matt Moore to Jake Delhomme is like comparing the next president to Obama……He has to be better.

  3. Glad to hear he’s excited to get playing. With Chris Harris sounding all doom and gloom on twitter and fans calling this season a lost cause before it starts, I welcome the Matt Moore era. When people expect Carolina to be SUPA BOWL bound, they miss the playoffs. Lower expectations and sometimes they sneak in. Now lets get a backup to light a fire under his ass and make him work even harder.

  4. Hey Matt, congrats man. Let’s go out for drinks and we can assault chicks in the bathroom at the club. Don’t worry if you get too drunk to drive, we can just get hotel rooms, and have the employees there come ‘fix your tv’. You’re a starting NFL QB now man, it’s cool. We can get away with that kinda stuff!

  5. Whole lot of hate for Moore already huh? I watched him SPANK the Giants and Vikings this year; it wasn’t even close.
    And the offense that hung those points is coming back almost in its entirety.
    2010 is going to be a great season for the Panthers, wait and see.

  6. “He’s excited about getting started for next season. He did not want to wait around.”
    I’m glad he’s not the lethargic type of QB.

  7. Last time I checked, most of the QB’s in the league were “backups” at one point… remember that 6th round draft pick out of Michigan a while back… you know the BACKUP to Drew Bledsoe in New England… if you don’t have anything intelligent to say, just refrain from saying anything at all

  8. @ Larry David
    “They really handing this guy the staring job? He’s a backup Qb.”
    You can call him a back up, wash up, over rated or anything else you can think, but you can’t call him worse than DelHommie…besides DelHommie is a big cry baby…lol

  9. “He was significantly more productive than the quarterback he’s replacing…”
    Let’s see if he can have the sucess that Jake had in the past. Jake was a Pro Bowler and took his team to the Big Dance, (3 TDs, no INTs and a passer rating of 113.6, not too shabby). There is a reason the team stuck with Jake too long.

  10. For those of you who have elected to bitch about what you do not know about. The Panthers will be fine next year. Still one of the better teams if not the best team in the NFL. For those who are putting Moore down about being a starter: 98.5 is probably better that your team’s starting QB. “He’s a backup.” –So was Tom Brady, idiot. 98.5–You will say, “Scrub games. No, not all of them. And don’t forget, Moore was behind a deflated team and an injury-decimated line. 98.5 is 98.5. How do you suggest a team picks their starting QBs? He played 5 games and was 4-1–during the toughest stretch of the schedule. He is a starting QB–nothing he has done suggests otherwise.

  11. I like how everyone is getting all worked up over who the Panthers released. Somebody said “half the team.”Seriously?! Being a Carolina fan I was upset at first too but after u break it down, Lets look at who they released
    Brad Hoover
    Aging fullback who was never anything but an above average FB. 2nd year man Fiammetta is eaisly going to be able to fill the void left by Hoover and at 6′ 240 pounds most likely will even be better.
    Coming off a major injury and hadnt even started rehabbing yet.
    Nail Diggs
    Old, average at best.
    Landon Johnson
    I was initially excited about this signing but, he was just a back up anyways.
    Rhys Lloyd
    Big deal, believe the Panthers when they say they can draft a kickoff specialist and pay him 320K
    Damian Lewis
    Arguably the biggest loss. His contract stated that if he was kept on the roster, they would of had to revert to a previous contract that would of paid him $9M. $9M!! Lewis is good but not at that price.
    Juilius Peppers
    I am on the list of people (that grows everyday) who thinks Peppers is and was highly overrated. I dont think this is a huge loss and hopefully Everett Brown can step up and be the first round caliber talent we drafted him to be. And now that Peppers is in a big market like Chicago, more and more of you will add your name to the list I mentioned above…

  12. Catamount: The best team in the NFL? The Panthers? Wow, you guys really do have good drugs there.

  13. Just logged into “My Panthers Account” and see that my $90 tickets are going up to $97 this year. Thats a big jump. Can I blame that on Jake?

  14. We know that these realeased players weren’t huge parts of the team, but Kemo/Lewis/Hollis thomas/Brayton/Peppers is THE WHOLE D LINE.
    Say what you will of Lewis and Brayton, but they weren’t just scrubs. They need to be replaced. Goin into the offseason I thought, well we need a DE to replace Pep (assuming Charles Johnson, Everette, and Brayton could rotate in, not too bad) and maybe get one good DT to help Lewis and Kemo.
    Now its basically starting from scratch. Its not that the releases were a HORRIBLE move, it just means they have work to do now and so far have done nothing. Also, no 1st round pick.
    And the Hoover release is an awful move. When Tony Fiametta turns out to be a bust and the run game does worse, what are we gonna blame?

  15. I like this kid’s approach, just like Nick Collins. Extending yourself and establishing some trust when you are saying to the franchise”Pay me to be the key peice of you offense (or defense), I won’t let you down.” You stand to make a bunch of cash for one year at worst, and you’re showing that you’re willing to risk injury, just like you’re asking the franchise to risk giving you a bunch of guaranteed money. Gutsy move, and very honest.

  16. I like Matt Moore. i think he’ll do ok. I truely hate to see Delhomme go. I wish there was some way to keep him around maybe not as the starter but he was a true Panther. He just never looked the same after his surgery, he will be truely missed.
    Pep was and still is a great player. everyone started bashing him after he expressed a desire to play elsewhere. i wish Pep Delhomme and Hoov the best and hope Pep does well in Chicago and Jake and Hoov does well wherever they land. they will always be a Panther to me.

  17. Jake and Hoover will always be Panthers to me Wildcats, but Pep was just a body who put up stats here. When I was younger I loved the guy and on the super bowl run and the following years he was my favorite player. But because of his play, not the dude himself. Jake and Hoover will be missed much more off the field. Let pep be pep and become Chicagos lovechild

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