More details on the Daniel Fells deal

Rosenthal, whose contributions over the next few days will be reduced as he seeks treatment in Arizona for Peter Pan Syndrome, pointed out last night the fact that the Rams paid tight end Daniel Fells a one-year deal worth $1.5 million even though they could have tendered the restricted free agent at $1.1 million and maintained a right of first refusal.

As a league source tells us, it’s a bit more complicated than that.

Fells’ base deal is $770,000, and he can earn another $770,000 in incentives.  So his hard dollars are $340,000 less than the low tender — but he can earn more than $400,000 above it based on performance.

4 responses to “More details on the Daniel Fells deal

  1. All the best to Rosenthal as he copes with Peter Pan Syndrome. I’m confident that he’ll pull through this. After all, he’s already successfully kicked Pinochiotis to become a real boy, so we know he’s been there and that he has what it takes. Well wishes, buddy!

  2. Didn’t Michael Jackson have Peter Pan syndrome? Keep that plastic monster away from my kids! (Too soon?)

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