On Marshall, Seahawks should consider an offer sheet end run

nfl_marshall.jpgAfter word emerged that the Seahawks were interested in receiver Brandon Marshall, multiple reports surfaced that the Broncos will consider nothing less than that to which they’re entitled under the rules of restricted free agency — the Seahawks’ first-round draft pick, the sixth overall selection in the 2010 draft.

Even though the Seahawks also have the 14th overall pick, which they acquired last year from the Broncos for the second-round pick that became cornerback Alphonso Smith, the Broncos apparently aren’t interested in talking trade.  Instead, Denver wants the Seahawks to sign Marshall to an offer sheet — at which time the Broncos would have seven days to decide whether to match or to accept Seattle’s pick in round one, the sixth overall pick in the draft.

So what should the Seahawks do?  As we suggested in a recent item at SportingNews.com, they should offer the 14th overall pick to any team that is able to finagle Marshall for a selection in the bottom half of round one.

More specifically, the Seahawks should offer the opportunity to the Chargers, who hold the 28th pick in the first round.

The steps are simple.  San Diego would sign Marshall to an offer sheet containing terms to which the Seahawks know Marshall will agree.  (A poison pill should be included to ensure that the Broncos won’t match the offer; arguably, a poison pill must be included to head off an eventual accusation of collusion from the NFLPA.)

The offer sheet would include a provision that defers for five days or after the deal becomes effective the payment of any money, so that the Chargers never have to actually cut a check to Marshall.

Then, after the offer sheet isn’t matched and Marshall becomes a Charger and the 28th overall pick flows from San Diego to Denver, the Chargers would send Marshall to Seattle for the 14th overall pick.

There would be no salary cap consequences, since there is no salary cap.  (Also, we vaguely recall similar sign-and-trade arrangements from past years featuring structures that allow the deals to be made without a cap hit to the team that signs the player to the contract and then trades him.)

We’re aware of no impediment to such a transaction.  Though there’s technically a bit of collusion at work, it’s the kind of collusion that the NFLPA should welcome, since it ultimately encourages player movement.  In the end, the Chargers get Marshall out of the division, they move from No. 28 to No. 14 in round one, and the Chargers have the satisfaction of sticking it to an arch rival.

We know it sounds too good to be true, and we’re in the process of asking around to see if any portion of the CBA prevents such a transaction.  But it strikes us as a simple and easy way to get around Denver’s apparent refusal to take the 14th overall pick for Marshall — and the mere possibility of such a move might be all the Seahawks need to soften up the Broncos to take pick No. 14 instead of pick No. 6.

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  1. If the Chargers were smart, they would stick it to the Broncos and Seahawks in one fail swoop. Instead of trading Marshall and the 28th pick, they should demand the 14th pick, in exchange for Marshall, and have two first round picks (unless, of course, that is what you were ensenuating in the first place).

  2. Sounds like something a Madden whacko comes up with. As in, “Portis is still a 90 in Madden and so is Brandon Marshall so why don’t they trade in real life. It works on Madden 2o09!”.

  3. That’s the one good thing about you lawyers, you know how to get around any contract. It’s a brilliant move, which means it won’t be used.

  4. Can’t imagine this would be allowed as an NFL team would get to move up 14 spots in the draft for NOTHING.
    And if it was allowed, how come no one in the NFL has done it yet?

  5. poison pill only works if Marshall agrees to sign a contract with one in it correct? Given that Marshall still has shown interest in staying in Denver, and has respect for the organization, do you really think he’d let this happen?

  6. “arguably, a poison pill must be included to head off an eventual accusation of collusion from the NFLPA”
    Nothing’s going to head off a collusion accusation. It’s all the NFLPA has. And it’s not much. Almost impossible to prove. Yes, even without a “poison pill” that you’re not going to see.

  7. Let the Broncs sit on him until it is too late. No need for the Hawks to give up ANY 1st round pick. They have so many holes to fill that they are better off keeping their #1’s(now that Ruskell is gone they won’t be picking 2 5’8″ 170lbs DB’s) and beefing up their lines. Besides, Hass can’t throw deep, so it will just be a matter of time before Marshall starts acting like the 2 year old he seems to be.

  8. Florio,
    Why all the hate for the Broncos? Suggesting collusion between teams to circumvent rules.
    How do you even know Denver refused to take the 14th pick?
    You are worse than most internet trolls!

  9. That would be awesome.
    Then the Bolts would have Marshall and they and lose the first game of the playoffs. AGAIN.
    Since PFT keeps repeating itself, i will do the same: Marshall never helped my Donks win squat. His record-breaking game this season was a LOSS.
    I’d take the 28th pick just to be rid of him AND it would stop the same story from getting recycled.

  10. Mike–
    Is there any consensus on what type of contract Marshall will be looking for (besides ginormous)? I wonder why the Dolphins haven’t gotten involved with Marshall. They pick at 12 in the 1st round and you have to ask…Would they get a getter tandem drafting a DT at #12 and a WR in the 2nd; or trading for Marshall and drafting a DT in the 2nd round. By all accounts this is a very deep DT draft class and I would think they would be better served getting a proven commodity like Marshall at WR.

  11. yeah right….
    its like asking your boss if you can bang his wife
    + if he can set up a date
    + pay for that date
    YOU KNOW ITS OFFSEASON when the editor screams:
    the next writer who creates a “story” gets a power bar

  12. great mind Florio!!!
    you are a sheister at heart (typical lawyer lol)
    na man, this is a great idea that more teams should implement.
    ANY team in the 20’s should explore this option as its a great idea.

  13. If they don’t want to give the 1.6, send Denver back their pick 1.14 and Seattle’s 2.6. The value on the chart is negligible.
    I think Seattle would do well with this. They get a top receiver and a top 6 player in the draft – two impact players who can immediately transform the team in Carroll’s image. Also, I don’t think the local Seattle press would perceive that they’ve given up as much as they have since they are returning Denver’s pick from a trade in which they bamboozled Xanders & McD.

  14. What team near the bottom of round 1 wouldn’t want to do this deal? Moving up from the late to middle of round 1 for nothing seems like an obvious move.

  15. If this deal went down as you have mapped it out, it would likely create a great deal of animosity between the Chargers/Seahawks and the Broncos, especially if they use a poison pill as you have suggested. At a time when the owners are trying to stay unified in their battle against the union I just don’t see this happening. It is certainly possible that management in Seatle and San Diego would be interested but I doubt their owners would be willing to go along with such a plan.
    It would also open up both Seatle and San Diego to having a poison pill used against them by another team. Sure any team can use it against any other team but as a general rule they don’t and part of the reason is that they know it would open them up for retaliation from other teams. Considering the amount of valuable assets the Chargers have who are also restricted free agents this would be a slippery slope. The Broncos for instance couldn’t directly retaliate but nothing would be stopping them from making a similar deal with a team at the bottom of the draft for Vincent Jackson and/or Ryan McNeal.

  16. “Though there’s technically a bit of collusion at work”
    Ok so after all the bitter complaining you do about technicalities like tampering and many other legal issues, all of a sudden it’s allright to do something that’s technically collusion.
    Mike you can’t play both sides of the fence. Either your against all rules violations or you’re not. This can’t be an exception.

  17. “Though there’s technically a bit of collusion at work, it’s the kind of collusion that the NFLPA should welcome, since it ultimately encourages player movement. ”
    To me, that doesnt constitute collusion. It just sounds like the typical trading process, isnt it?

  18. Brilliant. But I like the Packers as trading partners. Thompson and Schneider know each other well and could easily work together on this. Seattle gets Marshall and Green Bay moves up for a better chance at getting the franchise left tackle they need.

  19. This would never happen. No way would two NFL owners stick it to another owner like that – especially now with CBA negotiations going on and them putting ona united front. Poison pill is one thing, but this would be really bad business.

  20. I like your idea.
    Another thought is just wait until after the draft and they don’t have to give up anything this year. It’s a gamble, but a safe bet – Marshall wants out of Denver and Denver wants Marshall out of Denver. The Broncos will be desperate to move Marshall after the draft and Seattle should easily be able to get him for next year’s #1 pick and possibly less than that.

  21. As a follow up to my other post, the union would love this. Owners potentially having a divide, bending the current rules to spend money on players, poison pill being used, possible retaliation. This scenario would be a dream for the union and a nightmare for the owners, I don’t think De Smith could have drawn up a better plan at this point.

  22. Why would the Broncos, knowing this may occur, settle for a 28th instead of a 14th (or a 6th)? No way they let Marshall go that cheap, but it is an interesting way to force their hand.

  23. Maybe I missed it… but why would this have to be the Chargers?
    Couldn’t ANY of the teams with low first round picks do this?
    Indianapolis, Baltimore, NY Jets, New England Patriots, even the Steelers wouldn’t mind moving up 6 picks I’m sure.

  24. I do not think Mr. Florio thought about this article from both sides before he wrote it. Why would Denver advance a hated rival 14 picks in the first round for a receiver who just caught over a 100 balls in McDaniel’s system? Do the broncos want to ship Marshall? Yes. Are they going to help a rival in the process? No. The only way a deal like this makes sense is with another NFC team or at the very least outside the AFC west. The other possibility is he stays a Bronco and has his fourth 100 yard season in a row.

  25. I don’t know. If I was the trading partner I would be a little careful. What if they sign Marshall to an offer sheet then Seattle all of the sudden changes their mind at the last minute or suddenly decided they want to change the terms of the trade?

  26. For those who suggest waiting until after the draft to sign him and give up a pick next year, you can’t do that with RFAs. That works with Franchise Players but RFAs have to be signed to an offer sheet more that 7 days prior to the draft, for that very reason. If nobody signs an RFA prior to 7 days before the draft, he bassically has 2 options, work out a long term deal with your own team or take the RFA tender.

  27. It’s all fine and good, this plan of yours, except it leaves out the one person upon which the deal hinges BRANDON F’ING MARSHALL. The guy has to sign the offer sheet.
    Do you honestly believe that Marshall cares about what the Broncos get in return?
    You don’t think that Marshall’s agent is prepared to fend off such a tactic?

  28. Mr. Florio,
    I read about the first paragraph and then stopped. If we were in charge of seattle why make it more complicated by involving a team that doesn’t want to help a team within its conference? This is how i see it going down seattle and marshal agree to a deal, denver agrees to trade him to them as long as mr bryant is still around at the 14th pick, thus they swap the headcase with decent pay for him for a younger talent with bigger upside but good luck keeping that on the dl within the nfl industry

  29. Wouldn’t the treat that they will do that be enough for Denver to simply trade him for the 14th pick?

  30. @ BroncoBourque:
    You think Denver ownership and San Diego ownership care about each other… I seriously doubt it. Pat Bolen probably wishes for an earthquake that would sink Qualcomm to the bottom of the ocean. You think Dan Snyder and Jerry Jones would not do something simply not to hurt the other guys feelings? Sure. The only thing these owners want is to bury the other owners on the football field. Period. If they don’t they’re in the wrong business.

  31. Well Mike, it appears your readers are idiots. I would say only about 15 % understood what you were saying.
    I mean REALLY “Prophet?” REALLY?
    And “kovvboyzfan” I shouldn’t be surprised, but HOLY CRAP. They would have to give 28 to the Broncos for Marshall.
    *hands to face*

  32. Not bad idea.
    Heres a better one, Chargers sign Marshall and keep him and Denver gets the their 28th pick. Marshall would be an amazing weapon for Rivers, him and Jackson on the field together, look out.

  33. Florio, are you an idiot? Seriously…
    Though I am not a San Diego fan, I do not believe they are as classless as you, nor is Seattle. Both teams would come under heavy scrutiny by the league, especially going up against Pat Bowlen, one of the most respected and renowned owners in the league. Let alone that right now the league is moving to eliminate teams from using the ‘poison pill’ contracts.

  34. No-one would ever deal with the team in the middle ever again. They would be persona non-grata full stop. Can you imagine the owners meetings?
    Absolutely scandalous idea. Completely underhand and devious, and morally wrong.

  35. Finally someone nearing my logic. Good job Florio, except Seattle would be better off dealing the 6th overall pick as far down in round 1 as possible by taking 50 cents on the dollar. This would allow Seattle to pick up extra picks and send Denver a lower 1st round pick – I believe when it comes to RFA you aren’t required to send the higher of your first picks you’re just required to send your own first round pick.

  36. So you’re anti-tampering, but pro-collusion? Got it. -cnelson13
    HA! That was very funny.
    I think the longer this goes on, the more likely it is that Marshall sticks around.
    What you are proposing Florio involves so much work and logistics for what? A uber talented mercurial WR at best.
    Denver is right for sitting on this asset to the highest bidder, or just keep him. Let the market determine his value. Why not?
    Meanwhile you’ve got a bunch of other positions to address, a draft coming up, a new staff to get rollin in Seattle, and you’re suggesting the Seahawks, bust out some crazy Madden Offseason crap for Brandon “Could Be Totally Nuts” Marshall.
    It’s fun to think about, but it’s not something they must do.
    Yeah. Right.

  37. What’s the penalty for collusion? It would be one thing if this scenario played out without someone mentioning it beforehand, but now, isn’t the collusion obvious? Are there not players and industry execs visiting this site? Wouldn’t it be damning to the parties involved if this came to pass? Sure, it might be allowed this one last time, but it would likely prompt a lengthy debate within the NFL and possible rule changes in the near future.
    In essence, this write-up is the poison pill’s poison pill.
    It sort of reminds me of the “observer effect” in physics where merely observing something changes the nature of the phenomenon. I think it’s less likely that this will happen now that someone like Florio has proposed it (even if he did steal the latest specifics of it [i.e. the Chargers involvement] from the public discourse of Broncos fans).

  38. Marshall is not worth a 1st rounder or someone would have already signed him to an offer sheet! Don’t know why Seattle thinks Marshall will suddenly be a good teammate. That is a HUGE (pick 14) chance to take for someone of his character.

  39. @Boltfanfromvw
    Do you really think the owners of these teams hate each like a bunch of drunken fans? They are business partners, the fact that teams are rivals makes them compete a bit more against each other on the field and maybe even for players but there is no hate towards each other. Jerry Jones is more likely to have problems Ralph Wilson and Mike Brown than Dan Snyder because they are at the opposite end of the finances from Jones and Snyder. Spanos might not get along with Bowlen, though I doubt it, but if there is any problems there it is due to the fact that the Chargers are near the bottom of the league revenues and the Broncos are in the top half.
    The only owner who might think like you have suggested is Al Davis and I think you would struggle to find people who think we need more like him.

  40. Better yet. Why doesn’t Seattle just trade down until they get towards to bottom of the 1st…. Then sign Marshall if they really want him.

  41. Is everyone seriously saying brilliant? I considered this a long time ago when we (Broncos) tendered him for a first and not a first and third. Anyway, everyone is right, I cannot imagine owners engaging in this. They absolutely need to stick together or there will be an eventual strike/continued inability to agree on a CBA extension.
    As a Broncos fan, I want to keep Marshall and get Dez, unless we get that 6 pick from Seattle. But I don’t understand why Indy doesn’t trade for Brandon, or more logically, just offer. Yea, they need to work on their lines a little bit, but Payton to Reggie, BMarsh, Clark, and Garcon. Seriously? They’ll kill defenses and keep up with stacked corners, Revis/Cromartie anyone?.

  42. Wouldn’t it make more sense for Seattle to trade back from #6, accumulate picks, and then send their #1 pick to Denver?
    Or using your logic, San Diego would include pick(s) to trade up to #14, but maybe less than a draft chart would normally indicate due to helping Seattle out.
    Personally, I think Seattle is trying to trade 1.6 to Philly for 1.24 and Kolb. Then they could use 1.24 to sign Marshall to an offer sheet allowing them their QB and WR while still keeping 1.14 and their second rounder.

  43. @Barnstormer
    Because to tender an offer to an RFA it has to be your original pick, exactly why Seattle has to use the 6th and can’t use the 14th overall pick (which they got from Denver) to acquire Brandon Marshall.
    Unless it is done via trade.

  44. Not sure about that strategy – i’d wait a month – then get him for your 2nd round pick. No one is goign to pay a first rounder for that guy…and your market just dried up with FA signings

  45. Collusion? Get real. How do you think 3 & 4 team trades get done, mostly in other sports as opposed to the NFL. There has to be discussion among the teams involved in the trade and some of the teams involved have no knowledge of all conversations, just what affects them. That is not collusion, it is part of the trade negotiation process.
    A poison pill is just good hard knuckles bargaining to ensure the deal gets done and there are no 11th hour glitches.
    And the Broncos are certainly not in the drivers seat on this deal. If they get rid of Marshall this year, as they are trying desperately to do despite their & Marshall’s occasional denials, they at least get some form of compensation even if it’s not to their liking 100%. If they keep him they run the risk of disharmony between Marshall & McDaniels and some of the same distractions as last year. Neither Marshall or the Broncos (as long as McD is the head coach & Bowlen the owner) want Marshall in Denver. So he’s a goner this year or next year when the Broncos will get zero compensation for him
    So I expect he’s gone this year, and because McDaniels & Bowlen bungled this situation the Broncos will not get fair value for Marshall.
    And furthermore I expect Marshall to keep putting up good numbers on the field regardless of where he ends up. Whether he’s learned anything from his off field mistakes and has matured at least a little is another matter. Hopefully for Marshall and his new team he has.
    If the Broncos draft Dez Bryant to replace Marshall all of McDaniels and Bowlen’s talk about drafting high character team first guys is nothing more than self serving BS, because Bryant looks in many ways a lot like Marshall both on and off the field.
    Stay tuned.

  46. I don’t think the Broncos WANT to lose Marshall but they also didn’t want to negotiate against themselves. I think they would gladly take him back and part of the reason the put only the 1st round tender on him is because they want other teams to negotiate with him. They want to know and more importantly want Marshall to know what his real market value is. I think one of the reasons they are being stubborn with the compensation is because they want to have an offer on the table with an option to match. If the offer is reasonable I don’t see any reason why the Broncos wouldn’t bring him back.
    Had the Broncos put a first and a 3rd tender on him, he would be sitting home like the rest of the restricted free agents. We will see how this all plays out and clearly the Broncos took a risk since now if they do lose him they get less compesation but it might turn out to be a good risk if it ends in a decent contract for them to match, or of course the 6th overall pick in the draft.

  47. florio, have you fallen off the wagon here? as with the other lower restricted levels, a team that trades for him (signs restricted player to a contract) the team has to give up a pick equal or greater to the pick they held i selected round. if the seaducks really want him, they must give up at least the sixth (their number in the first round) pick. in theory, the chargers could do this, but there would be a few people at the commish’s door with the collusion involved. why wouldn’t the ducks do the trade with the saints? they hold pick 32 and it would screw the donkeys the most? nfl gm’s are weary of the poison pill, therefore i can’t imagine another team trying to screw another team over like the vikings did with hutch to seattle. as they say, the nfl is a gentlemen’s club, only a narcissistic team like the vikings would do this to another team.

  48. Seriously, what have the Broncos done to be deserving of this type of move? They put a low tender on him because its obvious they are willing to let him go. So any team that signs him to a sheet should be willing to give up their pick. Its that simple. They’re just playing by the rules. They’re not being obstinant, they just want what they perceive to be fair value if they give up their guy…and that’s all they’re gonna take. I don’t see a problem with it at all. I just think Florio has it out for McDaniels and wants to see him fail…jealousy, I guess.

  49. The Broncos have no problem keeping Marshall if they don’t get that 1st rounder. Everyone is so convinced he’s out of Denver no matter what, but Denver won’t budge on that. The Orton to Marshall connection will be going strong again in 2010 if no one wants to play ball.
    Where’s Uncle Rico at?….
    I love it when he’s on here talking noise and spewing nonsense about some website trying to get McD fired. What a waste of time and effort, seriously. Still can’t believe how many hollow Bronco fans there are who just won’t let go and accept the changes, still caught up on McDaniels. Losers

  50. No doubt rx…
    So many of these types (florio, uncle rico, most denver sports critics) have it out for McDaniels. Its like he makes them feel insecure about themselves. I’m still trying to figure it out…too funny

  51. “…exactly why Seattle has to use the 6th and can’t use the 14th overall pick (which they got from Denver) to acquire Brandon Marshall. ” – Pay This Man!
    Thank you. I kept forgetting to post this.

  52. I would rather get a team like the Saints to sign him, they give the Broncos the 32nd pick, then we trade our 40th pick and whatever else is necessary to equal out the points more.
    This draft is deeeeeep, you can still get a 1st round talent in the 2nd round, especially at 40.

  53. I don’t think giving up the number 6 pick for Marshall is a good deal unless you are the Broncos or Marshall.

  54. Or the Broncos could match the offer and keep Marshall if they don’t think the 28 is high enough and Seattle will miss out for trying to be cute.
    Perhaps the Broncos are just trying to let the league set the market price for this guy.

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