Report: Raiders could make a run at T.O.

On Wednesday, when the Bengals signed receiver Antonio Bryant, one of the most viable options for Terrell Owens’ next destination evaporated.

By all appearances, no one else is interested.

And so enter the Raiders.

Via an odd Twitter chain that started with ESPN’s John Clayton, who has neither a ponytail nor a Twitter account, surfaced on Linda Cohn’s Twitter page and then migrated to Adam Schefter’s Twitter page, the next stop for T.O. “could” be Oakland.

Meanwhile, a reader has been wearing me out with e-mails regarding the possibility that the Seahawks will get in on the action, but we’ve heard nothing to indicate that Seattle is a potential destination.  Yet.

If T.O. lands in Oakland, the next question will be the projected date on which he says to the media, “Hey, I’m not the one who has Lethargy Addiction.”

75 responses to “Report: Raiders could make a run at T.O.

  1. Its officially the end of the line for TO if he goes to the Raiders. That place is where once promising careers go to die.

  2. I pray it happens. The drama will be better than ANYTHING that happened in 2005 with the Eagles.

  3. Why would any Reciever want to play where Jbust COULD be your starting QB. talk about desperation.

  4. This would be the greatest move EVER!!!!
    Can everyone imagine how pissed TO would be after every game?
    They truly deserve one another.

  5. This is a match made in heaven….grandpa Elvis…Jafatass Russel…and Too (T) Old (O) Owens. Da Raidaahhs are the clowns of the NFL.

  6. Doesn’t the term “make a run” mean someone else might be interested? Maybe, ” Make a phone call” is a better way to say this? I’m just sayin.

  7. They better offer him 3-4 milli if not he might give the Bengals a discount to play with Chad and Carson..

  8. This would be the greatest pairing since Laurel & Hardy…..You gotta love the Raiders, they have the best sitcom on TV. What a joke this once historic franchise has become. I feel sorry for the fans out there in Oakland, or Los Angeles, or where ever this traveling circus is currently based. I say sign TO just so we can keep laughing at the side show baby…..Thanks Al; for making the rest of the NFL look so damn good.

  9. Why not, nothing could make this burning ship any worse. He’s going to be sorely dissapointed when he finds out Ja-fattnes Russel can’t leave the pocket.

  10. Good!
    The team needs to sign TO and then trade for Vick.
    Al Davis needs to make this team fun to watch again. Bringing those two in would do it.
    Then bring in a bunch of OL and DL.

  11. he finally finds the strong locker room personality that can keep him in check… tom cable. cuz if u step outta line you better have a better chin than glass joe.

  12. The Raiders need help with everything. That being said, they gave up their 1st round pick next year so they might as well try to win as many games as possible to screw the Pats over. T.O. is a chill fellow with a big mouth. He could make any team better. I really wish he was still an Eagle. He’d own this town by now.

  13. Hey, maybe TO is just the right dude to light a fire under Russel. Maybe J needs TO to scream shit at him all the time, get his ass rockin, maybe a deadly combo….could be the last time for both of them to be relevant.

  14. This could work for one year. But i think the reason Al passed on Crabtree was cause he had the reputation of being the next T.O. But desperate times call for more crazy Al signings.

  15. That would be a Nice pick for about 2years!. I still would not throw J-Russ in the mix.
    If we get Dehlonne from Carolina, we could be in the playoffs with the team in the AFC easily.

  16. TO in Oakland?
    Better stock up on popcorn now, before the price goes up…
    I smell bs on this one though, after the Yvonne Walker fiasco. Don’t think Al is crazy enough to go down that path again…

  17. yes, I’m sure if this were to happen it would be all rainbows and unicorns for the Raiders..
    best case scenario is they suck without the lockeroom exploding.

  18. i have mixed emotions on it….fact is Murphy made great improvement his rookie season. DHB has a huge cap number, and schliens is their #1 guy. So in all reality not all that deep, so we could use him no doubt.
    I am open to signing him to a two year deal, but that is about it. after that he becomes cancer

  19. Gradkowski has a better chance of starting than JaMac&cheese does. Oakland does need a veteran wideout. Murphy is young, Schillens is brittle, and Higgins is just an athlete. Owens isn’t the answer, but he probably couldn’t make things much worse than they are now. If he were a Raider he could light himself on fire in the endzone and nobody would be surprised.

  20. I have to admit that I am a long standing silver and black bleeding Raider fan; having said that, in any other season I would vehemently initiate a crusade against this signing.
    However, these are dire times, and during these times is when different actions have to be partaken: Seeing that Turdell Owes is universally recognised as a quarterback-killer, I can fully embrace his acquisition if it means that he can dispose utterly, totally and completely of JaWalrus Rustell, his fat arse and his sewer drain attitude.
    Locker room cancer or not, if he can pull off this feat, we (the fans) will enshrine T.O. as a member of the Raider ring of honour…. wait a second, there ain’t one, but it doesn’t matter – just get rid of this anatomically enormous, intellectually hampered biological entity…

  21. # raidresnation says: March 11, 2010 8:29 PM
    Vick and Owens coming to Oakland……
    Mark it.
    I actually don’t think that’d be a bad tandem.. Send T.O. long every play if they bite run Vick.. If they don’t throw deep.. Sound’s like a good Raider’s team to me..

  22. “If he were a Raider he could light himself on fire in the endzone and nobody would be surprised.”
    Dude that cracked me up….too funny because it is also true!

  23. What you Raider fans need to realize is this. We non Raider fans don’t hate the Raiders, we now feel sorry for you.
    You simply aren’t good enough anymore to hate. You have become the laughing stock of professional sports. Not just the NFL, but all sports. Maybe the butt of more jokes than Tiger Woods.
    So, if anyone pays attention to you in a hateful manner, you should be thankful.

  24. ternell owings is garbage. GARBAGE. I can understand why his mom wants to cut out her uterus. Garbage rec for garbage qb

  25. A couple posts I find pretty off the mark: “where once promising careers go to die.” ummmm 2 things…TO’s career as “promising?” umm the guy has shown for several years that he can play. and a washed up guy’s career cannot really be described as promising, so much as once good. And also…this is such cliche rhetoric…yeah Moss’s career slowed there, and sapp wasn’t great….but that hasn’t been so frequent since the eric dickerson days….the Raiders got a lot of production from Gannon, Rice, Rod Woodson, Bill Romanowski, etc. in the early 2000’s right at the end of their career. Those careers probably were prolonged for a couple years on the raiders
    “Thug player on a thug team.” TO is an asshole. But he has never acted like a “thug.” And the Raiders players may not be good football players…or smart people (jawalrus) but they aren’t necessarily thugs.
    and I don’t quite understand this “they deserve each other.” The Raiders have been awful for a long time now, and several of us fans are the most loyal in the league…despite having a batshit crazy owner/GM. If anything, I think the Raiders, or at least the fans, deserve much better.

  26. The leading Raider WR last year tied for 121st in the league in receptions. Let that sink in for a moment. One hundred and twenty different guys caught more passes than the Raiders’ #1 WR. That, my friends, is the very definition of pathetic. Owens would instantly be the #1 WR option in Oakland. He seems to have at least accepted the reality that he is a year to year player at this point. Additionally, we might get the fun of seeing Tom Cable getting his lights punched out if he decided to go after Owens physically. Of course, Cable seems to limit his violent outbursts to women and coaches who are off balance in chairs.

  27. i guess t.o wants to win a superbowl. because like it or not espn and pft and the rest of you haters

  28. Contra says:
    March 11, 2010 7:19 PM
    Its officially the end of the line for TO if he goes to the Raiders. That place is where once promising careers go to die.
    Yup. Like Ted Henricks, Jim Plunkett, Rich Gannon, John Matuszak, Rod Woodson, Jerry Rice, Sam Adams, Bill Romanowski, Charlie Garner, Ronnie Lott, Ted Washington, Tom Rathman … oh wait.

  29. # rcunningham says: March 11, 2010 7:19 PM
    Thug player on a thug team.
    Sounds like a perfect fit.
    This coming from an eagles fan?? Dude your fans threw snowballs at Santa. I didn’t so much mind the ones thrown at the 49ers fans, but that’s besides the point. And when did T.O. become a thug?
    The Raiders could do anything, and there going to get completely hated on no matter what. We’ve got a young Receiving group, a little Veteran presence in the locker room and on the field might not be so bad. Plus whether you like him or not he’s gonna put asses in the seats. Maybe the local fans may get to see a game or two on T.V. this year.

  30. @raidersteve413 maybe work on a winning season first? start small, dream big.
    and maybe he can go the way randy moss did: start off great, go to teh raiders for a few years, get traded to new england, break a record.

  31. The raiders have WRs what they desperately need now is MLB
    and bolster both lines. Not to mention kick returner and QB. I
    like Bruce but I don’t know if he’s really the long term answer. It’d
    be a nice surprise if he did lead this team to a SB.

  32. lol one freaking record broke by moss after leaving OAKLAND and now anyone can do it…YEAH RIGHT!! I guess LaMont jordan did great there huh? And the record he broke was? To all you !@#$%%^^& haters out there….WE WILL BE BACK AND YOU WIL HATE US EVEN MORE

  33. If he does go to the Raiders this’ll be one interesting season. The two biggest blowhards in the league in the same arena. This’ll be fun. I wonder if T.O. is gonna end up calling Jamarcus Russell a fat waste of space after their inevitable 5 -game losing streak.

  34. So what does Al do when TO and FattyPigFatty get into a hissy fit? Who goes in the doghouse? Err I mean black hole. Whatever. It’d be great if Cable punched someone at random.

  35. @amenvoxveritas316
    “I concur, wholeheartedly”
    Oakland/La/wherever Raiders…home of malcontents and ne’er do wells…

  36. Contra – Yep ‘great’ point, Jerry Rices career went downhill and Rich Gannon did nothing at Oakland. Seriously lets get real, I mean even last year Bruce Gradkowski made a name for himself in Oakland.
    There is talent at Oakland but last year after a promising finish to 2008, Russell badly regressed. The second Gradkowski was in the lineup they were a different team, hell even Frye threw for 150 yards in the final game in the first half before getting injured and Russell messed it up.
    With a new QB Oakland should be okay

  37. @ raider steve
    This is the point where I’m supposed to say something like…”man I want some of the **** you’re smokin’…”
    But sadly, no one should EVER be that high…

  38. I love Raider posts. How many different JaMarcus insults are waiting out there to be created.

  39. please mr. davis.. sign T.O. I hated it when javon walker left. That leaves Ja Marcus Russell as the best player on the team.. Please sign T.O. Mr Davis, is there any way that you could get Larry Brown back ??

  40. and people call raider fans crazy when we talk shit about espn for rumor mongering. first off usually after they make some lame ass played out joke, then they are supposed to say ” Owens agent was seen leaving the raiders facility” all this entire article says is john clayton thinks that owens could be a raider. which is fine if thats what he thinks but to come out and declare the raiders have interest and have no evidence to support it, it makes ESPN and john clayton look like total douche bags. they said the exact same thing last year that owens would soon be a raider even when the raiders came out and said they had no interest whatsoever.

  41. Well, there is a silver lining here. This could be the move that forces Al Davis out of power. Could be the best thing to happen to the Raiders in decades…

  42. At Contra -“Its officially the end of the line for TO if he goes to the Raiders. That place is where once promising careers go to die.”
    Yeah its not like Jerry Rice & Bill Romanowski helped take them to the Superbowl.

  43. At Raven “please mr. davis.. sign T.O. I hated it when javon walker left. That leaves Ja Marcus Russell as the best player on the team.. Please sign T.O. Mr Davis, is there any way that you could get Larry Brown back ??”
    I hope you are kidding, and if not why would you be upset that Walker left, he never played. Also Russell is the worst on the team not the best.

  44. ” ‘Thug player on a thug team.’ TO is an asshole. But he has never acted like a “thug.” And the Raiders players may not be good football players…or smart people (jawalrus) but they aren’t necessarily thugs.”
    TRUE THAT. How many cocaine busts have our all star players had? Now compare that to The Cowboys! How many rape/sexual assults have our key players had? Now compare that to The Cowboys, the Vikings, the Steelers. How many of our guys have been shot and killed in gang shootings? not one. The same cannot be said by a certain other franchise.
    People like to try to paint the Raiders as the bad guys and “thugs” of the NFL because Al didn’t play by the rules through the years when it came to the AFL/NFL merger, the Oakland to LA move, etc. and it pissed off a lot of the higher ups in the NFL, but the truth of the matter is our guys are a LOT cleaner than most in this sport.
    And hate all you want – we will be back! Maybe not this year, maybe not in 5 years, but this franchise has a commitment to excellence. Everyone’s memories are so short – the last 8 years have sucked, but prior to that we’ve had a lot of great seasons. The same cannot be said for many other teams in the NFL. How many “winning seasons” have the Cardinals had? How about the Lions? The Bucs? The Browns? The list of teams that have more wins than the Raiders over the years is far shorter than the teams that have had more losses. And something else – remember when the 49ers had Montana and they were the golden franchise? Where are they now? How about the Colts of today? Repeat post season appearances, but where were they in the 80’s? The Steelers of the 70’s were gods, but in the 80’s and 90’s where were they? EVERY team has slumps, and most of them have high points too. Our assention is coming around again.

  45. If nothing else (as a Bills fan I believe) this guy is just fan to watch once he gets the ball. It’s also fun just anticipating him getting the ball. This guy is a promoter. I wouldn never say he can save the team with or without a great QB (see Randy Moss). He’s a great entertainer. Glad we didn’t hav his antics in Buffalo. He’s exciting though. Don’t expect him to defend any bad balls.

  46. Did I miss something. I say they should jump at the chance to get TO. We need a guy that will go up and bring it that ball if the throw is not perfect and right now we don’t have that. Ya he might love to run his mouth but the man flat out loves the game and take more pride then most when it comes to his level of play. We need someone like him to teach those skills to our wide outs. Make it happen Al! Let the haters, hate!

  47. Uberbust QB + Hasbeen WR + Outofhisgourd onwer (prima donna common denominator) = this I gotta see.

  48. I love the Raiders!! This is a match made in the Darkside(Heaven). T.O. will be a great upgrade to an already good offense(With Gradkowski at QB) that includes McFadden, Zach Miller, Louis Murphy(Steelers game), Chaz Shilenz(look at Cowboys game) and Pro Bowler Robert Gallery at LG. I would love this to happen so I can get my Popcorn ready with my Silver & Black T.O. jersey on sundays.
    With no Cap hit the Raiders will probably cut Russell if he doesnt hit the gym(last warning)
    This is the move that will put the Raiders on top of the Chargers(look at wk1)
    T.O. was born a Raider and its time he comes back home.

  49. @Mike_in_Texas
    “already good offense”? Really? Where? McFadden hasn’t been able to stay healthy and can’t push the pile when he’s in there. Miller’s a decent TE finishing 9th in the league for receptions by a TE, but 20th for 1st down conversions by a TE. Murphy was tied for 121st in receptions. Chaz caught 2 passes for 32 yards and 0 TDs in the Cowboys game (Big Deal as Oakland gave up almost 500 yards). And exactly what Pro Bowl did Robert “‘I’m a franchise LT, I mean franchise RT, I mean I might be an OG” Gallery go to?

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