Andre Carter struggling with changes in Redskins' defense

The Washington Redskins’ switch from a 4-3 to a 3-4 defense will include Andre Carter switching from defensive end to outside linebacker. Carter is not thrilled about that.

Chris Russell of 106.7 The Fan reports that Carter is mentally struggling with every aspect of the switch in positions, and that in a text message he declined to say whether he wanted to be traded.

As for the trade, no comment,” Carter texted Russell.

Carter added, “Right now, I’m still under contract with the Redskins and plan to attend minicamp.”

In 2009 Carter started all 16 games for the Redskins and had 11 sacks.

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  1. This seems to be happening more and more. Teams are switching to the 3-4 when they have solid 4-3 pass-rushing defensive ends on their roster like Aaron Kampman and Andre Carter.
    There’s very little precedent to establish what these guys would be worth in a trade during the off-season a team decides to make the philosophy switch, but there’s no doubt the Green Bay Packers could have gotten SOMETHING for Kampman last preseason instead of nothing after he walked away ineffective in a 3-4 and with a torn ACL. Then again, they couldn’t necessarily have gambled on Clay Matthews being as effective as he was by trading away their best pass rusher.
    Suppose Minnesota loses Ray Edwards, maybe they call Washington and offer a 3rd round pick for Carter. New England has an arsenal of picks and plenty of reasons to release Derrick Burgess, maybe they could inquire for Carter now that they’re playing a little more 4-3 than they used to

  2. He hasn’t played a down of football in this system and he is already struggling. Man, if it meant playing in a 3-4 or 4-3 or playing in the arena league or UFL, I would be cracking those books. What a piece of work! Better to just quit and make room for someone with desire who can make adjustments. Crybaby.

  3. Please, for the love of GOD Mr. Snyder, send Mr. Carter to St.Louie for Mr. Carriker! This Trade makes too much sense. Be like a Nike and Just Do It!

  4. You’ve been dying to print some negative Redskins news huh? Did you happen to read J. Reid’s post over at WaPo?
    Here I’ll help you:
    “…that’s simply not the case. I know Carter very well, he’s among the most positive and truthful athletes I’ve covered in 15 years working major beats, and I’ve talked and texted with him about his situation in the last few weeks. Much of what he has told me was off the record and will stay between us. I can, however, share this: He is not unhappy and should not be lumped in with anyone who has publicly expressed dissatisfaction with the team for any reason.”

  5. What do you expect? Dude is a 4-3 DE, and not a LB. Of course he’s going to struggle. This is not making the best use of his talent, so this will be a disaster. The next disaster is Haynesworth. Fat Albert is a 4-3 DT, not a NT and not a 3-4 DE. Again, not making the best use of the talent. Thus, disaster # 2.
    Hate to tell you this Deadskin fans, but if you all win 7 games next year, plan a parade……that team will deserve it.

  6. I want to say I know how tough this is on guys like Carter, but the truth is that you are a ball player Andre. You adjust and learn. You are still going to get your rushes on the stunts and guys like Ware and Clay Matthews prove that you can get just as many sacks in the 3-4 at OLB as you did last season at DE in the 4-3. Not only that, you go what, 250? That is light for a DE in the 4-3. This might even help you extend your career! Go with it and prove you are a sack artist no matter where you line up.

  7. Andre Carter must have a hard time removing a sleeping kitten from a house slipper because nobody else struggles with the Redskins defense.

  8. Let him leave. He wasn’t a good pass rusher and WAY too small. I have always felt that he was over-rated and they paid way too much for him. No one is ever going to miss Andre Carter.

  9. I expect the Redskins to move him. There’s no point to keep him around. He doesn’t set the edge all that well. He’d have to be the strongside olb, with Orakpo on the weakside, and Carter playing over the TE is eh.
    He struggled with the 3-4 in San Francisco (played it under Nolan). Considering his age, if the Redskins can get anything decent (Say a 4th rounder), they should do it. And … considering the season he’s coming off of, I gotta think a team would offer a 4th rounder for him.

  10. “He’ll get it. And then he’ll be beasting MOFO’s like it’s no one’s bizz!!”
    He wasn’t that good in a 4-3. He played OLB in a 3-4 for a season under Mike Nolan in SF.

  11. Carter is a true 4-3 DE. Like it has been stated before, he’s been an OLB in the Niners 3-4 and wasn’t very successful. If the Redskins can move him they should even though I think this whole defensive scheme switch is the wrong approach with the personel they currently have. Orakpo and Carter have proven to be at their best with their hand on the ground, Fat Al has always been a 4-3 DT and London Fletcher has always been a true MLB. For years, I’ve taken pride in knowing the Skins were a good defense without giving into the current fad/trend of the 3-4 but this is what Shanny and Haslett want. Doesn’t make sense to me.

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