Bengals sign Chris Davis

The Cincinnati Bengals have already signed wide receiver Antonio Bryant, and they considered signing Terrell Owens. Today they signed a wide receiver with a slightly lower profile.

Per Adam Schefter of ESPN, the Bengals have signed former Titans wide receiver Chris Davis.

Davis has caught a grand total of seven passes for 69 yards in his NFL career, so if you’ve never heard of him, you can be forgiven.

But if you know you’ve heard his name but can’t remember where, it might be because he was in the news last year when he was arrested for DUI by the same officer who arrested Titans quarterback Steve McNair for DUI in 2003, and who arrested Sahel “Jenni” Kazemi for DUI in July 2009, two days before Kazemi killed McNair and then herself.

Davis was waived by the Titans a few days after the arrest, then brought back in November, then released again.

34 responses to “Bengals sign Chris Davis

  1. thats a strange series of events by that arresting officer……aside from all that im still wondering who the hell chris davis is?

  2. Hahah this is crazy…another typical Bengal. Marvin Lewis cant resist but sign athletes with criminal records. I dont understand why the Bengals scouts even bother going to college pro-days. They should just travel to all the state prisons.

  3. You post about some obscure WR they sign, but did you ever post anything on the Tank Johnson re-signing? If this guy didn’t have a previous rap sheet, you would not have posted it. Florio is getting to you.

  4. There it is . Seasons over now . Bengals win Superbowl .No reason to even hold the draft or play the upcoming season . Davis was the missing piece for all these years .

  5. The Bengals just assume he is good because he has been arrested. They should change their uniforms to solid orange.

  6. I know there will probably be a lot of negative comments about this and, honestly, my first thought was WTF? but…
    The Bengals so far seem to be successful (in the last year at least) in becoming the second chance club. If they can keep walking that razor’s edge – and grab troubled talent at that point when they are ready to turn their lives around they can get some very motivated, and very loyal, players at a bargain.
    But yeah it’s a huge risk.

  7. Not a bad signing, but the Bengals need to look at getting a decent back-up QB. Palmer is one more injury from retirement.

  8. Sure he has only 7 career receptions, but the bargain price and the DUI conviction made him totally irresistible to Mike Brown.

  9. man, Mike Brown is slipping when he’s pulling guys off of the scrap pile no one has ever heard of…

  10. It was just a DUI…It’s not like he raped someone.
    He was fairly good @ FSU. The tacks never gave him much of a shot.

  11. sguy2130 says:
    March 12, 2010 12:50 PM
    The Bengals just assume he is good because he has been arrested. They should change their uniforms to solid orange.
    Why? That’s their alternate creamsicle uniform. Those get worn twice a year to make the team feel at home. They just don’t have “Department Of Corrections” on their backs.

  12. Bengals-themed post
    steeler and ravens fans call team thugs. bengal fans get upset.
    Steelers-themed post
    ravens and bengals fans call QB rapist. steeler fans get upet.
    Ravens-themed post
    bengal and steeler fans call ray and donte murderers. raven fans get upset.
    and round and round we go.

  13. The Bengals should switch stripes with the! It would make more sense. haha!
    Bengals = Horizontal black & white stripes.
    Refs = Vertical orange & white/black trim stripes.

  14. @ Hines
    Bengals, ravens and steelers fans don’t even bother calling Browns team out. browns fans get upset for being left out.

  15. for the record…I’ve never called Big Jen a rapist…just worthless. He has talent from the neck down. According to TMZ reports.

  16. The guys BAC was 0.11 and the legal limit was 0.08.
    Still illegal but not that much over the limit to the point where the guy shouldn’t get another chance.

  17. It’s not a risk to sign a guy like this. If the guy screws up, they cut him. I like the strategy.

  18. I wonder how many other player’s get signed on a daily basis that have some type of minor charge in the past.. That PFT doesn’t list.. .

  19. @Verbal,
    HAHAHA, good stuff.
    @Stillerz, you’re officially an idiot. DUI is about as common as raping women……wait, never mind, only in Pittsburgh.

  20. Yeah I’m still wondering why PFT would even post this. Like others have said, had the guy been a clean cut, all american citizen, this wouldn’t even have been posted. But since he had that DUI, they had to post it to stir the pot. Way to be drama queens boys. More than likely this guy will be cut or thrown on the practice squad. Unless he comes out showing unbelievable talent, he’s not making this team. So why bother posting this?

  21. People on here are such morons. Bengals sign another ex con? Last I checked, a DUI doesn’t make you a convict.
    Amazes me how many stupid people troll this board.

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