Colts sign Adam Terry to one-year deal

The Indianapolis Colts have picked up a free agent offensive lineman.

A league source tells PFT that the Colts have reached an agreement on a one-year contract with Adam Terry.

Terry, a restricted free agent who wasn’t tendered by the Ravens, visited the Colts this week.

Terry started 18 games for the Ravens from 2006 to 2008. He didn’t see the field at all in 2009 after suffering a knee injury in training camp.

6 responses to “Colts sign Adam Terry to one-year deal

  1. Turnstyle Terry ? Good luck, better hope he isn’t protecting Peyton’s blind side or you might have a dead quarterback on your hands.
    Terry is a bust who has a hard time staying healthy. There’s a reason the Ravens didn’t tender him…

  2. when he’s on he can be effective, but he’s incredibly inconsistent and when he’s bad boy is he bad

  3. Given his youth and injury history, I’d say Terry was a good pickup from a team stacked at tackle. I think any Colts fan will tell you that he’s an upgrade from Tony Ugoh, at least right now. Of course the plan is to move Charlie Johnson inside to LG and get a new LT, but the Colts draft will determine that.

  4. “if healthy this is a very good pick up for the colts!”
    So what you’re saying is this is a ridiculously TERRIBLE pick up for the colts! 😉
    Adam Terry can’t stay healthy and gargles my balls when he is.

  5. I hate seeing players go for initially nothing (possibly will be considered for 2011 draft compensation depending on how the rest of FA plays out). They could have tendered him (would have been 2nd round tender) and shopped him around and possibly received, say, a 2011 6th rd pick from the Colts. If no team wanted to do a trade, then they could just cut him (I believe tenders are not guaranteed, I could be wrong). It’s not a huge deal, but a possible 2011 6th rd pick (pure speculation) would be better than no compensation at all. If the tender is guaranteed, then my stance changes completely.

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