Cornwell takes steps to prove that he's not the StarCaps leak

As league insiders continue to ponder the identity of the folk(s) who leaked the names of the men who testified positive for the banned substance that secretly had been placed into StarCaps, lawyer David Cornwell has responded to the suggestion by lawyer Peter Ginsberg that Cornwell leaked the information to Josina Anderson of FOX 31 in Denver and Jay Glazer of FOX with an intriguing — and wise — gesture.

Cornwell is authorizing the reporters to disclose him as their source, if he is their source.  (Glazer has said that he will not disclose his source, and that he instead will go to jail before ever disclosing any of his sources.)

“Anderson and Glazer are
hereby released from any duty of confidentiality to me and may disclose their
source,” Cornwell said in an e-mail sent to PFT.  “If I am the source, I will refund my StarCaps fees and donate an
equivalent amount to the NFLPA for use as it sees fit.  If I am not the source,
then I invite Peter to voluntarily extend the bankruptcy court’s suspension and
agree not to accept any sports related cases for three years.”

Cornwell represented three Saints players who tested positive for Bumetanide, the banned substance in StarCaps.

That last portion refers to a five-year suspension imposed on Ginsberg in portions of Florida, after the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit found that Ginsberg “improperly tried to have a judge ousted from a case,” and that he engaged in “‘egregious'” conduct, including “overzealous litigation tactics and factual inaccuracies.”

Based on Cornwell’s response, it appears that the suggestion that he was the source is a fairly significant factual inaccuracy.