Dolphins name new director of player development

The Miami Dolphins have announced that Kaleb Thornhill has been named the team’s new Director of Player Development.

Ordinarily, we’d mention such a development in the one-liners only; given, however, recent off-field issues involving multiple Dolphins players and the temptations and distractions inherent to the Miami lifestyle, we believe that the job is far more important for this franchise than it is for most others.

Thornhill previously worked for the Lions, who despite being bad on the field have been fairly good off it.  And the former NCAA middle linebacker knows a thing or two about being around players who find trouble, or vice-versa — he spent three years at middle linebacker at Michigan State, which has contributed more than a few problem children to the NFL.

The four-time All-Academic Big Ten Selection served as team captain in 2007, and he received Michigan State’s Potsy Ross Scholar/Athlete Award in 2007.  He has a Bachelor’s Degree in human resources and a Master’s in kinesiology, with an concentration in sports administration.

14 responses to “Dolphins name new director of player development

  1. Hmmm… Does this mean we’re looking hard at Dez Bryant or Brandon Marshall? Either way, it’s a good move because from what I understand no NFL city holds more temptations than Miami.

  2. recent off-field issues???
    wow there were 3 in the last 2 years
    and Starks was dropped because the cop as a jerkoff so 2 in 2 years
    you are just jealouse cause when the police is called to family Florios house for domestic violence it is because your wife beats the shit out of YOU

  3. no income tax & all you can eat sobe hoes buffet
    no wonder everybody wants to play for the FINS lately lol
    lets bring in Marshall, get him a 350 pound wifey and problems solved – he wont beat her

  4. Sounds like dez bryant or brandon marshall is on parcells radar!!! Theres no doubt we need a NT and a Free Saefty, however Parcells can’t say we could beat the jets corners (revis and cromartie) with hartline and devone! Ginn certainly isnt the answer

  5. “nflis4me says:
    March 12, 2010 11:13 AM
    Maybe the Miami Heat could borrow this guy for a few weeks.

    As long as Pat Riley is running things, they will continue to draft poorly. He needs to draft players that fit the scheme and not players that may be good, but aren’t because they are playing in a system that doesn’t take advantage of their skills.
    A great coach, but terrible GM/VP.

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