Jake Delhomme wants to start

As free agent quarterback Jake Delhomme takes his tour of teams interested in offering him a contract, he’s hoping to find one team that will offer him a starting job.

Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports, citing a league source, that Delhomme, who spent Thursday with the Browns, would love to sign with Cleveland if he has a chance to start. But if he’s going to be standing on the sidelines holding a clipboard, the Louisiana native would probably rather be in New Orleans, where he could be near his family and possibly hold a clipboard during the Super Bowl.

It’s not clear what the Browns told Delhomme about his chances of starting in Cleveland, but it’s certainly conceivable that he could beat out Seneca Wallace and/or Brady Quinn in a training camp competition. It’s inconceivable that he could start in New Orleans as long as Drew Brees is healthy.

Delhomme is heading to New Orleans today, and there are indications that the Saints will offer him a contract. But the Saints can’t offer him an opportunity to start. The Browns can.

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  1. (New Orleans Staff): “Jake, We’d like to offer you a starting job. We’re not really satisified with a Super Bowl and thousands of touchdown passes, so we’re thinking more interceptions and a chance for the other team to stay in the game. How does this sound to you?”…..LOL Duh, starting please!

  2. He wants to start… geez, wasn’t he there when he completely fell apart the past few seasons?
    (Note to self: I should probably watch out for karma or he could end up wearing the red helmet with the blue buffalo on it next year.)
    You’re the greatest, Jake. The greatest.

  3. You know what the say…WANT in 1 hand …$hit in the other…and SEE which one fills up 1st!

  4. As a Bills fan, I think Buffalo should have Delhomme in for a visit, but apparently we are all set at QB with Edwards, Fitzpatrick, and Brohm. No need for improvement or experience here. These guys will get the job done for sure…
    Delhomme may have had a pretty bad last year or two, but sadly he would likely still be an upgrade over the pile of QB crap currently residing at One Bills Drive.

  5. hey, why not? We just got rid of one interception machine (Anderson), we need one that can throw the INT even better! I’d be interested to see the number of Pick-6’s versus offensive TDs since ’99.

  6. If Cleveland can protect this guy he would be a steady starter for a year at most two. Seneca will be Homgrens QB of the future. Quinn is gone. Cleveland drafts a 3 round or later QB.

  7. Please sign with the Saints Mr. Delhomme!! We here in Cleveland just got rid of a tall, strong armed QB that threw too many picks – we really don’t need another one that is 10 years older. As much as your veteran leadership would help, your turnovers would kill a team that can’t afford to turn the ball over. Go home to New Orleans and enjoy the game from the bench…..

  8. Jake,
    Accept your role. You are now a back-up QB in the NFL. At your press conference following your release you said you were willing to accept your role as a backup QB with Carolina if that was what was in the cards. Why not accept the same with the Saints?
    Brees and the Saints need a proven veteran QB as a backup QB. Why not sign with New Orleans, re-establish your contacts in Louisiana, continue to collect the money that the Panthers owe you and possibly get a Super Bowl ring? You may even get a chance to play in some games and can show you still have something left in the tank for a possible starting job run in 2011.
    Rest up, get healthy and learn from one of the best offensive minds in football. That sounds much better than getting killed while playing on a bad team. Haven’t you gotten enough of that the last few years?

  9. Seneca is over 30 already. If QB of the future onliy entails the next 3-4 years then yeah i guess so. I think the Browns will probably have a bad enough record that if the Rams take Bradford this year, the Browns will end up with Locker next year.

  10. How can seneca be the QB of the future when he’s been in the league 7 years already….wouldn’t the “3rd round draft pick” be the QB of the future?

  11. @emmac13…i guess u didnt watch last season??
    trust me..i live in Charlotte..this guy has been deteriorating for the last couple years and last year was the nail in the nfl coffin! good riddance!

  12. To you guys thinking Seneca Wallace can’t be a decent QB because of his age, may I point out a few guys….
    Namely, Kurt Warner, Rich Gannon, Jeff Garcia and Trent Green.
    They were 28, 34, 30, and 31 when they had their first seasons as full time starters in the NFL. Hell, even Elvis Grbac was 29 and 30 when he put up a couple good seasons in KC in his first experience.
    Oh. Also Steve Young. 31 the first time he started 16 games.
    Granted, aside from Steve Young, all of those guys only put up 3 to 5 good seasons for the teams that gave them a shot, but still….that’s a lot of time to develop a QB.

  13. SF Saints Fan says:
    March 12, 2010 9:30 AM
    Accept your role. You are now a back-up QB in the NFL. At your press conference following your release you said you were willing to accept your role as a backup QB with Carolina if that was what was in the cards. Why not accept the same with the Saints?
    If someone will give him a chance to start why would he or any other competitor not have that as his first choice? If no team is willing to do that, then your statement makes sense.

  14. emmac13
    Now there’s a plan, start Jake Delhomme for next year and possibly in 2011 . . . so he can have a shot at setting the all-time interception record before his career is over (oh by the way he lost his starting job to Matt Moore and Carolina thought it was better to pay him $12M not to play for them, rather than hold a clipboard this coming season.
    Plan on Seneca Wallace, who will be 30 by the start of this season, a journey-man 7 year career back up, as your QB of the future . . . but not until a year or two from now, when he will be 31 or 32.
    And invest all of a 3rd round selection for a rookie QB . . . for what? Another career backup. The Browns need to draft a QB in the first two rounds of this draft . . . IMO this draft has a lot of depth in every position but QB . . . so if a team is going to wait until the third round to draft a QB they might as well trade that pick and pick up an undrafted FA QB.

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