Jerry Jones will present Emmitt Smith at Hall of Fame

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones will introduce former Cowboys running back Emmitt Smith at the Pro Football Hall of Fame enshrinement ceremony in August.

Smith confirmed the news on his verified Twitter account.

“Been getting lots of questions bout who will present me at the hof this August & I have made my decision,” Smith tweeted. “Im real honored to have this person intro me cuz hes done so much for me in my career . . . I asked Mr Jones & he accepted.”

Former Cowboys wide receiver Michael Irvin also selected Jones to be his presenter when Irvin was inducted in 2007. Jones gave a great introduction that was followed be a phenomenal speech by Irvin.

Dallas will play Cincinnati in the Hall of Fame Game during enshrinement weekend, so the Cowboys will have plenty of personnel on hand to honor Smith. The Washington Redskins will also be well represented, with Russ Grimm being inducted. Perhaps Smith and Daniel Snyder can exchange pleasantries again.

44 responses to “Jerry Jones will present Emmitt Smith at Hall of Fame

  1. I thought the emcee of Dancing With the Stars would be a better choice than Orange Jerruh.

  2. I hear Vox will be there handing out flyers for the huge event entitled “Bingo Night at Cowboys Stadium” hosted by Jerry this coming summer.

  3. Emmitt was so overrated. Kevin Faulk would have looked like a Pro Bowler behind that Dallas line with Erik Williams and Larry Allen.
    Barry Sanders was BY FAR the best back of that era.

  4. Irvin’s speech at his HOF induction was absolutely amazing.
    I highly doubt Emmitt’s will even be close…

  5. “Emmitt was so overrated. Kevin Faulk would have looked like a Pro Bowler behind that Dallas line with Erik Williams and Larry Allen.”
    Emmitt had 937 yards and 11 TDs as a rookie without either of them. Before Larry Allen got there, Emmitt already had 5,699 yards and 50 TDs in four seasons. I won’t even talk about the 189 receptions he had by that time.
    In 11 seasons, Kevin Faulk has not been able to come close to what Emmitt Smith accomplished in his first four seasons so you need to leave that scrub out of any future conversations about Emmitt Smith.

  6. I hear that some other scrub has latched onto my name to try to get famous the easy way. That’s what, like a half a dozen guys that have decided to use my name?

  7. Cue all the Boys’ haters soiling their whitey tighties in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 …

  8. I’ve seen a rough draft of Emmitt’s speech. Here’s the opening line:
    “When I plays football, everyone respect my wills and my strong.”
    Skins fans will outnumber Cowboy fans 10-1.

  9. Emmits induction speech will be the polar opposite of Michael Irvins.
    HOF Induction Live Chat anyone?

  10. GoCaps8 says:
    March 12, 2010 11:20 AM
    Emmitt was so overrated. Kevin Faulk would have looked like a Pro Bowler behind that Dallas line with Erik Williams and Larry Allen.
    Barry Sanders was BY FAR the best back of that era.
    HAHAHA says the Washington fan. Why don’t you do some research on Emmits stats, in coorespondence with the line he had then talk to me. Maybe then we can put this whole, “it was just his line” arguement to rest. No player had more heart than Emmitt, and that goes especially for Barry “hey my team blows so i’ll just quit” Sanders

  11. Leather face? Troy Aikman had Norv Turner introduce him. If you really wanna talk leather.

  12. All the hate and snide comments are great, but I doubt Mr. Jones or Mr. Smith can hear you from atop their huge piles of money, broken records, Superbowl trophys or rings, and other various accolades.
    People who hate without logic are usually just jealous. The Dallas Cowboys provide a shining example of this.

  13. @GoCaps8 — Right on Brotha. Barry Sanders was 10x the back Emmitt could have hoped to be.
    Hail to the Redskins.

  14. For Gocaps8
    You are a moron. Appearently you never watched a Cowboys game in the ’90’s. Yes they had a very good line, but I challenge you to watch as many game reels you can find of Emmitt and count how many yards he created on his own after the p.o.c.
    He definitely deserves to be in the hall of fame. . .

  15. First of all, Sanders was the better back once he got past the line of scrimmage but let’s not forget that HE and not his OL was responsible for a lot of his losses because he wouldn’t accept plowing ahead and getting a yard or two or even a small loss. He could make something out of nothing and some of his most spectacular runs came when it looked like he was done but but he could put his team in worse position by circling around and finally getting caught.
    On the other hand, Smith would try a cut back and if that didn’t work, he’d try his best to minimize the loss. A lot of people give that OL more credit than it deserves sometimes because all Smith needed was a little hole and he was gone. He didn’t try to do anything spectacular and it was his excellent vision that allowed him to see holes were others would miss and he had a great sense of timing that allowed his blockers to get into position before he would make his move. A lot of backs ran behind that OL but NONE of them did as well as he did (The performance of the running game during the two games that he missed because of his holdout in 1993 caused Haley to throw his helmet in the locker room and openly call for Jones to settle it and he did).
    Smith deserves to be in the Hall and it seems like his biggest critics are the ones whose teams got run over by him on a regular basis.

  16. That’s super to hear. The Jones/Smith moment has claimed this year’s HOF @$$hole moment.

  17. Hey, can y’all start posting comments that don’t suck so much? Try setting your POSTING switch to BLOW every once in a while because who knows, you might actually have to post something that doesn’t suck some day.

  18. Yes, Kevin from Philly, but instead of Steroids Jerry’s drug of choice is Botox.

  19. This should be a laughable speech, at best! I hope he touches up the Just For Men beard a little.

  20. God Bless You Vox. Maybe Jerry can host a religious retreat in his new stadium. It would be fitting since he left the roof off so that God can shine down on the field. How to you feel about that Vox? You shouldn’t have a bad thing to say about God now!

  21. 1) jerry will talk more about himself than the inductee
    2) i would love to hear what a conversation between emmit smith and patrick ewing would sound like

  22. “Yes, Kevin from Philly, but instead of Steroids Jerry’s drug of choice is Botox.”
    Andy Reid’s sons’ choice of drugs is heroin, but only after it’s spent several hours simmering inside somebody’s ass. Andy himself has a lot of favorite drugs in the ol’ Reid Drug Emporium.

  23. “God Bless You Vox. Maybe Jerry can host a religious retreat in his new stadium. It would be fitting since he left the roof off”
    He didn’t leave the roof off. It’s a retractable roof. Stick to making up unimaginative names.

  24. “When are they going to start selling Cowboy prayer rugs?”
    Same day they start selling Raiders crying towels.

  25. “Is he going in as an Arizona Cardinal?”
    You don’t go into the HoF as a member of a certain team.

  26. Barry Sanders?
    There are some very important things to remember when you talk about Barry Sanders. First of which is that he sucked in short yardage situations. Not one but two different coaching regimes figured they had better options than Barry Sanders in short yardage situations.
    Second is the offense in which he played most of his career. He played in a run and shoot offense, with four wide receivers running patterns on almost every play. Since you’re only allowed to have 11 players on the field at a give time, simple math will tell you that Barry Sanders very rarely faced more than 7 defenders “in the box”. And that was if defenses tried to cover all four receivers with four defensive backs. Very rare. In fact defenses routinely employed a nickel back against the R&S, which means that Sanders usually faced 6 defenders “in the box”.
    Third is his desire to be a one-man highlight reel. Dancing around looking for a TD on every play will make a great highlight reel, but running north and south and taking what’s there wins championships.
    Count the rings, bitches.
    Fourth is the fact that Barry Sanders screwed every teammate and fan by quitting the way he did. He told the team jack, let the word out via his local newspaper. Made sure to wait until after the draft to make sure he hurt the team as much as possible, and by extension to hurt his teammates and fans as much as possible.
    That alone makes him one of the biggest shitbags in NFL history.
    Fifth is the fact that he tried to keep money that wasn’t rightfully his. Just two years earlier Sanders willingly signed a 6 year contract that included an $11 million signing bonus. When he quit, he had no intention of paying any of it back and forced the Lions to take him to court. When he was ordered to repay by the court, he pissed it out in small payments.

  27. Another disappointing Vox editorial. I can’t wait to see his boys follow suit this season. From one loser to another! God Bless You Vox! Remember, Jesus is your friend.

  28. Vox schools all you losers and all you can do is come up with gay screen names and then call him obsessed.
    By the way…. Jesus is fictitious.

  29. Yeah Jared, your his number 1 student. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!

  30. To All Those Who Bag On Emmitt;
    I will gladly accept your premise that Emmitt was vastly overrated and only bested Barry Sanders by TWO MILES because of his dominant line just as soon as you start calling for the immeadiate induction of all the members of the ‘Boys Oline in the 90’s. After all, if the Oline was solely responsible for the 18,000 yards as many have suggested, then it seems appropriate they should be in.

  31. “Vox schools all you losers and all you can do is come up with gay screen names”
    Notice that they don’t attack the message, though. And when they try they end up looking stupid, uninformed, or both. Most of them have terrible educations. An example:
    “your his number 1 student”
    Gotta be another bitter 0-3gles lowbrow.

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