Larry Foote to visit Steelers Monday

A day after a report that free agent linebacker Larry Foote considered the Cardinals his first choice, another report suggests that Foote could be just a couple days away from signing with the Steelers.

Gerry Dulac of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that Foote will visit Steelers headquarters on Monday and, pending a physical, could reach an agreement to re-join the team that day.

Foote played for the Steelers from 2002 to 2008 and played for the Lions last year. In addition to visiting the Cardinals, he also paid a visit this week to the Redskins.

Although Foote started every game for five straight seasons with the Steelers, Dulac reports that Foote would be a backup if he returns to Pittsburgh.

12 responses to “Larry Foote to visit Steelers Monday

  1. Clearly didn’t get a contract offer with the Cardinals. Going back to Pittsburgh as a backup has got to sting.

  2. In any case, it would be good to have Larry back on the team. He may not start buy he will still play. He will be involved in the defensive scheme.

  3. In a related report, the Stoolers’ QB will be legally changing his name to Ben Head.

  4. “Macadamia says:
    March 12, 2010 9:46 PM
    In a related report, the Stoolers’ QB will be legally changing his name to Ben Head”
    ROFL!!! That was hilarious dude! Got any more? Ben Head. lol! Ben Head! I just shit myself.
    (note sarcasm)

  5. Wow! Is Tomlinson going to bring the Bus back next. I guess he figures if he reassembles the 06 Superbowl team they can win it again. First Randle El now Foote LOL!

  6. I was sitting here racking my brain on why or how Tomlinson would bring back the Bus and then I realized that people have no idea who Omar Epps is.

  7. I love the morons who try to be funny but actually know nothing about what they are trying to talk about. “Tomlinson going to bring the bus back” HAHAHAHAHA Last I checked Tomlinson was meeting with the Jets, and TOMLIN was coaching the Steelers. But I guess thats easy to get confused for someone who NEVER watches football.

  8. So Gabrielsdad237, things got pretty wild last night, huh? That’s some hangover you’re nursing.
    Steelers didn’t make the playoffs in 06. Tomlinson is an aging RB in a Darth Vader visor currently making a limo tour of teams in search of a backup job. Mike Tomlin has won more Super Bowls in the last four years than Bill Cowher. And Randle El wasn’t with the Steelers when they last hoisted the Lombardi.
    I was a lot happier to welcome back Larry before he said he’d rather be in Arizona. Now I’m not sure how effective he’ll be with that foot in his mouth.

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