Redskins reach agreement with Larry Johnson

The Washington Redskins have picked up a running back — and made their biggest move since free agency started.

Adam Schefter of ESPN is reporting that the Redskins reached an agreement on a three-year deal with running back Larry Johnson.

Johnson had been scheduled to visit the Oakland Raiders, but he’ll now cancel that trip and head to Washington, where he’ll serve as the backup to Clinton Portis.

Johnson was cut by the Chiefs in the midst of a horrible season in 2009, but he was picked up by the Bengals and played respectably in Cincinnati, carrying 46 times for 204 yards, a 4.4 yards per carry average.

UPDATE: A league source tells PFT’s Mike Florio that Johnson can earn up to $12 million over three years.

43 responses to “Redskins reach agreement with Larry Johnson

  1. I don’t think he’ll be backing up Portis…. Portis might well be looking for a new team in the next couple days. Portis and Shanahan don’t have the best relationship dating back to the Denver days.

  2. Happy to see this move and much needed. LJ still runs hard 12 – 15 carries per back will keep them both healthy.

  3. he won’t be backing portis up for long! bet portis’ attitude gets better real fast! bye, bye clinton…….

  4. Good pickup especially since the Shanahan’s will incorporate the cut blocking on their run game.

  5. I don’t think Clint Portis will be with the Redskins this season. Shanahan is setting up saying goodbye.

  6. Larry Johnson still has it. Don’t let his off and on field troubles in KC fool you. I’m not very familiar with Washington’s O-Line, but if the line can open up holes and block well for him he will give you nice runs. Watch some of his film from Cincy. He had limited carries in Cincy, but just about every time he ran it he looked good. He had a 100+ yard game for us when Ced was hurt.

  7. That is a nice pickup for Washington. LJ played well and was a good citizen in Cincinnati last year. I hoped he could have stayed with the Bengals, but there was no room in that backfield. If Ced gets hurt, I’ll sure wish they could have found a way to keep LJ around, though.

  8. Now all the women in bars in the DC area will show up at clubs wearing either a welder’s mask or some sort of face guard….

  9. I’m so glad the skins are adding character players to their roster. This guy will be great in the locker room, wonder how long it will take before Sellers ends up throwing him into a wall too….

  10. Nice going Shanny. Now you have the two biggest douches in the NFL in the same backfield!!
    Wow!! How do you do it??

  11. When Portis and/or LJ go public about their dissatisfaction with the amount of carries they are getting or the direction of the team hilarity will ensue. This move is going haunt them.

  12. I hope the agreement they reached was for Larry to keep his hands off the ladies. This guy is a talented back but its only a matter of time before he goes “all Rae Carruth” on us.

  13. As a Skins fan this is horrible news. Clinton Portis and Larry Johnson on the same team? Its gonna be the NFL version of “Dumb and Dumber” considering both of them have a history of foot in mouth disease.
    I will say though Johnson does seem to have command of basic English so maybe he can help Portis in that department. I won’t be holding my breath though.

  14. Shanahan, who had 1,000 yd seasons from guys like Olandis Gary, Mike Anderson and Tatum Bell, now has Portis and LJ? Lets draft Okung and some more lineman and do this thing!

  15. this actually could be great for the redskins. a dependable backup who could push portis to work hard knowing he has to look over his shoulder for the first time in a long time.

  16. thats about the only move the skins shhould do in free agency,not too bad of a signing,the only thing else outside of the draft i think they should do is get in contact with baltimore and work on getting thier left tackle in shape by trading for gaither,dont matter how many pro bowl rbs you have on a team,without the front line,mine as well have zero backs back there,i will say tho,this is the quitest they have been in awhile and just might be thier most productive

  17. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!!??!!?!?!?!
    Larry Johnson and Clinton Portis in the same lockeroom????? on man!
    but on the other hand if it works out and they both play like before….DAMN!!
    I dont know man, im 50/50 on this one!

  18. I guess that is how Shanahan is guaranteeing Portis to be there. If he isn’t, he might be Johnson’s backup.

  19. With Portis having some serious concussion issues, we are probably going to see LJ carrying the rock a significant amount of times for he Skins.
    It’s a good move for them.

  20. The two headed monster- LJ and CP
    That is what the NFL is about these days. Gotta have two backs. With shanny and his o-line, rb coach in town LJ could be a beast with the Skins.

  21. Leaving Kansas City is not necessarily the worst that can happen. Johnson went to Cincinnati and contributed last year. He’s the big, tough runner that the Redskins haven’t had in a while. A guy that can wear down a defense. But will the Redskins draft a quarterback or a tackle since their starting left tackle, Chris Samuels has retired. That’s why Shanahan gets the big payday.

  22. Dysfunction Junction, what’s your function?
    Bad mouthing teamates, coaches and oowwnners.
    Dysfunction Junction, how’s that function?
    Got three favorite words, that get most of my job done.
    Dysfunction Junction, what’s their function?
    I got “me”, “myself “, and “I”,
    They’ll sink the skins, like my other teams.
    My apologies to anyone who doesn’t get this because they are too young to remember Schoolhouse Rock.

  23. DieHardSkinsFan21 says:
    March 12, 2010 6:54 PM
    Shanahan said he wanted him. I trust what Shanny is doing.
    And well you should- this, after all, is the genius who drafted Maurice Clarett in the third round.
    No reason to doubt a coach who won one playoff game in his last 10 years on the sidelines.
    The skins will be fine as soon as John Elway and Terrell Davis sign.

  24. He said he wanted to be a Steeler, but it never worked out. Then again, one women hater is enough for us. I have a hard time believeing that Mendenhall can hold it down for us. Hes super talented but makes to many mistakes.

  25. Well Larry has no heart and he is a huge baby. All the women in DC should becareful he likes to smack the girls around. For those who talk about the o-line in KC being the reason he didn’t do well, please explain J. Charles success when he took over. I backed LJ for along time here in KC but he proved me wrong every time. He is lazy and has no heart and he will be a cancer in the locker room in DC

  26. No one even pretended to have interest in this guy and the Redskins go out and give him $12 million. This is easily one of the worst run organizations in sports. Larry Johnson is a loser and is a shell of what he used to be. They already have one of those types of players on the payroll in Portis. your supposed to get younger at the position not older

  27. @dlmcc0909 : They didn’t give him anything, pay close attention to ALL of the words in the article. It COULD be worth up to 12, probably depending on roster bonuses, etc.

  28. You can forget all the off the field issues, Larry is coming home! He didn’t want to play for KC anymore and now he is back in the area he grew up in! Get ready do see a pretty good backfield with him and Portis. This signing will be a big wake up call to Portis!

  29. “Incentive laden contact”. Novel idea guys, I guess the front office really has changed.
    If only we had thought of that when we signed Fat Albert.

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