Seahawks trying to sign Chris Baker

The Seattle Seahawks are trying hard to reel in free agent tight end Chris Baker.

Adam Schefter of ESPN is reporting that Baker is visiting Seattle, and the Seahawks are keeping him in town for a second straight night in an effort to get a deal done.

Baker was released by the Patriots last week after spending 2009 with New England. He played in all 16 regular-season games, starting seven, and caught 14 passes for 142 yards and two touchdowns.

From 2002 to 2008 Baker played for the Jets.

12 responses to “Seahawks trying to sign Chris Baker

  1. ugh what the hell is seattle doing? dont they have carlson? for a team that was supposed to make a splash in fa, they havent done crap.

  2. Seattle,
    Sign the Brandon Marshall tender (#6), then offer a 4th Rder. (if you have one) for Tony Scheffler. Two west coast receivers that would fit nicely up there and need a “players coach.”

  3. As a Jets fan, I watched Baker for a good (6) years… he’s a pretty good blocking TE with decent hands… but his back is often injured and he whines alot.
    I was glad to see him gone from the Jets squad last year… but wish him well on his quest to find a new team.

  4. sweet. the seahawks have done absolutely nothing this offseason, and with Baker, theyll continue to do nothing.

  5. dc-the Hawks have done plenty. They have let other teams overpay for borderline talent that in any other year would barely get a sniff.
    Allen hired a GM and coach that came in saying they wanted to build through the draft, so why is there surprise that they haven’t done anything? Where did you get the idea they were supposed to make a splash in FA? Fan blogs and the PI forum?

  6. John Carlson is the starting TE on the Seahawks.
    Why are they spending money going after dead weight. Wait to start off with that new regime.

  7. I don’t get it either. This is a pretty good draft for tight ends, so if you want a decent blocking tight end, you should be able to get one late, like Nathan Overbay from E. Washington.

  8. VA, I hope your right about wanting to build through the draft.3 picks in the top 40 in a draft this deep is a luxury and they could really improve the o-line and defense. I hope they keep the 3 picks and stay away from QB and rb. Maybe if McCoy is there at 40 but i hope they go o-line def with the 2 1st rounders

  9. with you heisty, give me big uglies with 6 and 14, or even trade down to regain a third. Should be able to address a few needs, especially since Noskill will be breaking heart sin Chicago land.

  10. The lack of attention to D Line and DB help is frustrating, but the Hawks do need a blocking TE. If they can get a veteran instead of using a draft pick the team is better off. Not sure this is the guy, though…
    Anyone that thinks Marshall is worth the #6 pick, given that Okung or Berry will be there… not a chance. Draft picks are a gamble to live up to the hype, but Marshall keeping his stuff together is just as big a risk.
    As for the Seahawks spending two first round picks on the O Line… I would say that is overkill. The only position we need to fill is LT. We have Gibson/Spencer/Sims for LG, Unger for C, Willis at RG, and Lock at RT. We can look at Tony Washington in Rd 5.

  11. i like the idea of trading down to p/u picks…I still hate the thought we haven’t signed 1 free agent yet and the 1st 1 we might sign will be a tight end.Tight end is the least of our needs what’s next signing a linebacker.

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