Shanahan guarantees Portis will attend voluntary workouts

The Washington Redskins’ off-season conditioning program begins Monday, and head coach Mike Shanahan says he’s certain that running back Clinton Portis will take part in the voluntary workouts.

“Oh, I guarantee you Clinton will be there,” Shanahan said Thursday, per the Washington Post. “I know Clinton too well. He’ll be there and kick off the offseason on the right note. I want my leaders to be there, and hopefully we’ll have 100 percent participation and if not, I’ll be disappointed.”

Portis had an injury-plagued 2009 season in which he played only eight games and ran for only 494 yards, and there was speculation that he could have been playing his final season in Washington. But the combination of his contract — which guarantees him $6.43 million whether he plays or not — and his personal relationship with Shanahan make him, in Shanahan’s words, “our running back.”

Shanahan also said that he’d like for Larry Johnson to be his backup running back.

“Obviously I’ve watched him from afar for years,” Shanahan said of Johnson. “I coached Larry in the Pro Bowl. I like Larry. I’m a big fan of his.”

21 responses to “Shanahan guarantees Portis will attend voluntary workouts

  1. “When” the Skins sign LJ, you can bet your a$$ CP will be there… working hard to keep his starting spot on the roster. For all the baggage LJ brings, if he comes, the guy can still line up and play.

  2. Gee, with a one-two combo like Portis and Larry Johnson how can you go wrong?
    That could be an interesting locker room.
    By the way Clinton, did you here that Larry said you were OK—as far as gay, f*g types go.

  3. sounds like shanahan is not playing portis’s little games with portis like jim zorn and portis did last year?

  4. That sounds like a spry, fast 1-2 punch, Portis and L.J. Maybe they can sign Edge to be the their 3rd back.

    FINALLY, somebody that can get his players to actually do their job…no more acting medium!
    GO SKINS!!

  6. I like the idea of LJ pushing CP for the starting spot. It’s good for the team and good for CP too. I hope the system can still turn bums to decent backs. Not that these two are bums but they are decent backs who could become stars. I hope they keep Campbell and move his launch point, get him out on the move instead of waiting in the shark tank of a pocket.

  7. Joe Gibbs treated Portis like he treated Riggins, figuring if you let the goofball out during the week, you get the warhorse on Sundays. It worked for a little while.
    Unfortunately, Portis is no Riggins. Portis did not set his state’s record in the 100. He never considered himself more of a Hog than a Cane. His “treatment for injury” (better known as skipping practice) never included days of traction before games.
    When Zorn brought his wide-eyed, innocent approach to the team, Portis took advantage – skipping training, whining about preseason snaps, putting on a petulant diva act. It’s over now.
    But, he did recognize the worst tendencies of the Danny, and so he stands to make $6.5m whether he plays or not.
    Now Shanahan must demonstrate firmly that Portis is a member of the team, not the front office. He must demand 100% participation by Portis. If he doesn’t get it, he needs to lead the team by cutting Portis.
    A big question for any immediate improvement in the Redskins offense will by whether Shanahan can get Portis to run hard, to return to some of the fiercest pass protection by any back and to let his quirkiness add to the team, not subtract.
    Good luck, Shanahan. Let’s get our $6.5m worth. Hail!

  8. The overpaid prima donna who sits out of preseason, doesn’t practice, criticizes his quarterback and fullback, and is out of shape is doing something he should already be doing anyway? Great.

  9. What? No comment from the resident moron and ‘Skins basher (aka: boysroll)? I guess he took my advice and scheduled some much needed psychotherapy.

  10. “Oh, I guarantee you Clinton will be there,” Shanahan said Thursday.”
    “If not, I’ll be disappointed.”
    Translation: “His ass will be looking for a new job”

  11. don’t blame zorn as he had no control b/c portis’s cuddle buddy (little danny boy) trumped zorn’s authority!

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