Titans re-sign Rod Hood

Free agent cornerback Rod Hood is staying in Tennessee.

Terry McCormick
of the Nashville City Paper is reporting that the Titans have agreed to terms with Hood on a new contract, although terms of the contract were not disclosed.

Hood was signed by the Titans in October of last year and made an immediate impact, entering the starting lineup in November and intercepting passes in three straight games, returning one for a touchdown against the Buffalo Bills.

Hood had a strange year in 2009. He was cut by the Cardinals in late April, signed with the Browns on May 26, released by the Browns on August 31, signed by the Bears the next day and then released by the Bears three days after that.

But he fit in well with the Titans, and in 2010 he’ll compete with second-year players Ryan Mouton and Jason McCourty for a starting job opposite Cortland Finnegan.

12 responses to “Titans re-sign Rod Hood

  1. It’s funny that we can sign crappy free agents like this and have a decent season and sell out every game, but the Jags sign some of the top free agents and they can’t sell out a high school football field.

  2. He will be the starter. The only thing that kept him from starting over Harper last season was Fischer’s boner for over-the-hill vets.

  3. Rod Hood’s a good player. When he was on the Eagles he was like the “secret weapon” because he played at as well as a starter even though he didn’t start. Things didn’t work out well for him at first after he left, so I’m glad to see he caught on with another team and is sticking around.

  4. wooo…..we’re saved…..
    Hood sucks. He gets a pick on a tipped ball, another when the WR slams into the ref and then another when he’s behind the WR and the ball goes through the guy’s hands so now guys that don’t really pay that much attention marvel at his “skill.”
    He won’t start next year and if he does, we’ll regret it massively. He’s just a cheap vet to bring back w/ little draw back.
    Harper was better before his injury than Hood and thus started… that’s just not saying much b/c Harper is horrible too.
    If the Titans are planning on playing more man and blitzing more as I suspect, they better find a corner better than Rod Hood.

  5. I love this signing! I hear that it’s just for 1yr though…wish it was for much longer than that. Why Harper was put back in after Hood’s 3 INT’s…I will never know. If it’s not broke then don’t fix it! lol. Hood has always been at the ‘right place at the right time’ on the field, which is great & is gonna make this signing great for us!

  6. What’d he get, $50 a game? He couldn’t make the Browns or Bears last year.

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