Bucs will decide on Michael Clayton after training camp

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers chose Michael Clayton in the first round of the 2004 NFL draft, and for one season it looked like a brilliant move: As a rookie he had 80 catches for 1,193 yards and seven touchdowns.

But Clayton has never been close to that player since then, and there was talk this week that the Bucs could be just days away from releasing him after six years with the franchise.

However, Rick Stroud of the St. Petersburg Times reports that the Bucs do not plan to make any decision on Clayton for several months, until they’re finalizing their 53-man roster after training camp.

Although there was a story making the rounds that the Bucs owed Clayton a $1 million payment on March 15 and wanted to make a decision before then, Stroud reports that the payment is guaranteed whether Clayton is on the roster or not.

It is true, however, that the Bucs could cut Clayton this year, even though they signed him to a five-year, $24-million contract, with $10 million guaranteed, last year. Coming off a season in which he caught just 16 passes, there’s a good chance that Clayton could be looking for work. But if he is, he’ll be looking for work in August, not March.

11 responses to “Bucs will decide on Michael Clayton after training camp

  1. If the Bucs wanna delay the inevitible. There’s a reason that here in the bay we call him “skillet”.

  2. Who was throwing him the ball?
    Same story about Roddy White here on this site before Matt Ryan came to Atlanta.

  3. That was the worst signing in Buccaneer history. Why did this moron think that Gruden benched him and then let him walk in FA? Radio is an idiot and the worst HC in the NFL.

  4. Well, he’ll definitely make the team. Clayton’s been having hall of fame type training camps for the last 6 seasons.

  5. Boy, did David Smith drop the ball on this one. By not mentioning the Vikes, Packers, Steelers, or Cowboys, you took a potential 75 comment posting and turned it into a 5 comment posting.
    That ain’t payin the bills, big guy.

  6. I agreed with re-signing his last year, but not to that insane contract. Was there really anyone else fighting for last year? Jeez.

  7. To answer who was throwing him the ball, well he had Brad Johnson for a few games, Brian Greise, Jeff Garcia, Josh Freeman.
    It wasn’t who was throwing him the ball. When the ball its you square in the numbers, or square in the hands, time after time, and you drop more than you catch, you suck.
    Everyone keeps saying he is the best “blocking receiver” (oxymoron?) in the league, i suppose thats how he keeps his job

  8. How does a guy have such a great rookie season, when he doesn’t know what he’s doing, then follow that up with multiple crappy seasons when he should be a smarter player?
    I still have my Clayton jersey though…way, way, way in the back of the closet.

  9. cuz he’s a slacker thats how he has a good rookie season then nothing. he got paid so he’s done now. thats why bucs brought in the fellow from eagles with similar numbers 2 TDs in the last two years. Oh ya and the back up linebacker with chronic concusion problems from Oakland! Oh Boy that will move us up a peg. they would be better off hiring a cub scout den to fill our empty positions! LOL

  10. Slap 30 more pounds on him and make him a good tight end .
    He loves to block, cant wait to crackback.
    He loves the short catch, and cant bring down the long one.
    OK burst speed, but cant run away from anyone.
    Cut his salary by a Third, and make him play special teams.

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