Jimmy Kennedy returns to Vikings

Jimmy Kennedy wanted to start, but he wanted the best deal possible more.

The Vikings re-signed the defensive tackle Saturday to a two-year contract worth a maximum of $6 million, according to NFL Network’s Jason La Canfora. 

Kennedy will continue his role as a rotational reserve behind Pat and Kevin Williams, and will be available to start should his teammates get suspended to open 2010.  Williams visited Buffalo Friday.

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  1. Viking home game schedule includes:

  2. Good move. I like what I saw of him this season and think he can improve behind the Williams boys. A nice move.

  3. I’ll be like some Vikings fans on Packers stories…….oh my they overpaid a backup. They already have a DT why would they put that much money into 1 position, how stupid, what a terrible GM that doesn’t know what he’s doing.
    So contradictory…..Williams brothers may be suspended and even if they are not good to have depth on the DLine. Packers Jolly could be suspended and even if he’s not good to have depth on DLine. Last time I checked very tough for the 3 or 4 starters to play an entire game and not get tired. Rotating guys in and out keeps everyone fresh.

  4. That’s a good signing for the Vikings. Kennedy played really well coming off the bench last year and gives us good depth in our d-line rotation.
    I would be fine with a first round pick for Edwards. Brian Robison would be just as good at LDE and we could use the pick to shore up the o-line or secondary.

  5. Good re-signing. He’ll probably have a chance to start next year, if Fat Pat decides to retire after this season.

  6. Very nice getting Kennedy back. And $6M over two years, while Ray Edwards got tendered at $2.5M for one year. A backup is getting more than Edwards. Wonder how Edwards looks right about now? I’m guessing something like Jefferson from Fast Times at Ridgemont High when he found his Mustang totaled. Anybody smell an interview quote or a blog or a @!#$ tweet coming soon?

  7. http://www.vikingsfanshop.com/cart.php?m=product_list&c=159
    Weird, Outside of that Tomlinson jersey, they are still selling Sharper jerseys. I wonder if the Vikes have had any talks about bringing him back? The Saints are gambling that nobody else will sign him so they can bring him back at a discount rate. This is pretty much a do or die year with Favre and if LT is in the fold as well, Sharper might want to be a part of it.

  8. Very good signing by the Purple. There is no doubt the Vikes will use Kennedy more this year because Fat Pat will need to rest as he is aging and is facing that possible bs suspension by the league. It baffles me how many other players tested positive for bumitide (in Star Caps) and didn’t get suspended, yet Keivn and Pat are the first two to get suspensions.

  9. Smart move. True Vikes fans know this guy brought it every play he was in last year. Lets hope his motor keeps running hot, if it does he clearly has the potential to be a starter and a special player.

  10. MNmav, Edwards has been tendered at $2.5M. My understanding of the restricted free agent rules is that if Edwards does not sign his tender by December 1st, then he’s ineligible to play in 2010. If he doesn’t get offered a better deal by another team, then Edwards will make $2.5M in 2010 or he will make nothing.

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