Jimmy Kennedy wants to start

JimmyKennedy.jpgSeven years ago, Jimmy Kennedy was a supposedly can’t-miss defensive tackle prospect who slid to No. 12 on draft day and who thereafter became, for the most part, a bust.

He eventually started 16 games in St. Louis, during his final season there.  In three seasons since then, he has started once.

Now, Kennedy wants a full-time starting gig — and he’s looking for just that with the Bills, according to Mark Gaughn of the Buffalo News.

Of course,” Kennedy said of his desire to climb to the top of the depth chart.  “That’s basically asking me, am I
satisfied with my career.  I’m trying to go out there and get better.  Am I satisfied with what
I did last year?  No. . . .  I’m thinking it’s just a start.”

Last year, in his first full season with the Vikings, he was a more-than-competent backup.  But starting isn’t an option in Minnesota, giving the presence of Pat and Kevin Williams.

With the Bills contemplating a move to the 3-4 defense, it’s unclear whether the 6’5″, 320-pound Kennedy would man the nose or slide to defensive end.  Either way, he’d have fewer opportunities to put quarterbacks on their butts as part of a three-man line, since the primary goal would be to tie up blockers so that the linebackers can grab the stats.

Whether Kennedy lands in Buffalo remains to be seen.  Tim Graham of ESPN recently tweeted that Kennedy left town without signing a contract.

Maybe Kennedy realizes that, if he won’t be a sure-fire starter in Buffalo, he’s better off waiting for a shot in Minnesota — especially with Pat Williams inching toward 40 and both of the starters possibly facing a four-game suspension to start the 2010 season.

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  1. Go back to MN this will be Pats last year. Then you can step in as a starter next year.

  2. Kennedy had his shot to start and he blew it. I think he should be happy to be a backup and get paid.

  3. Hopefully Kennedy has enough motivation to become a full time NT. Buffalo needs one, especialy after blowing the 8th overall pick a few years ago picking Donte Whitner and not selecting Haloti Ngata… come on Buffalo!!

  4. If you’ve watched Kennedy with the Vike you can see why he was selected so high.
    Wouldn’t hesitate to keep Kennedy over Pat Williams because Jimmy’s a better pass rush. Different players. Kennedy has greater similarities to Kevin Williams although a bit stiffer. Great range though
    Saying that, why is he in Buffalo talking to 3-4 Bill? Kennedy might be best fit in a replacement role playing 3rd down and 10 to 15 snaps a game. Sure he wants starter money but is he a run stuffer? Better against the pass

  5. Would love to have in back in Minnie — played well. Pat seems to be wearing out, and also, he is just old…

  6. The Bills need a good NT, not a DE. They already have Marcus Stroud, Spencer Johnson, John McCargo and Kyle Williams for DE. Regarding Williams, the Bills say they want to use him at NT, but he is much better suited for DE in the 3/4.

  7. Well, if the greedy bastige could find it within himself to wait ONE MORE YEAR, Fat Pat will probably retire, and he could have a chance to be a starter on the best D-line in pro football. Instead of going to the BILLS…. freakin ridiculous.

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