New city won't change Peppers' inner circle

New Chicago Bears defensive end Julius Peppers was born and raised in North Carolina, went to college at North Carolina and, until signing with the Bears last week, spent his entire NFL career with the Carolina Panthers.

But he says a new city won’t change the people he surrounds himself with.

In a profile of Peppers in the Chicago Sun-Times, Sean Jensen writes that Peppers’ inner circle — which includes his mother, a high school coach and a college academic adviser — hasn’t much changed for his entire football career, and won’t much change despite the change in Peppers’ surroundings.

”You’ve got to control the environment you are surrounded by,” Peppers said. ”Sometimes, when you’re in a position as a professional athlete, you attract clutter, and it’s hard to see through that and see through peoples’ motives. So if you keep the people you know and trust, most of the time, then you don’t have to worry about that.”

Peppers says that leaving North Carolina for Chicago was a tough step, but a step he’s ready for.

”It was tough to leave the home team,” Peppers said. ”But as a person and as a player, I felt it was time for a new start.”

Part of what makes that new start easier is having the same people around him.

10 responses to “New city won't change Peppers' inner circle

  1. Smart man. Now, every player who goes to clubs with gang members, whores, goldiggers, and other unsavory people should take notice. Sweat paints and guns belong at home!

  2. Michael David Smith you owe my employer money for the time I wasted reading this post a non story!

  3. I just got a bunch of respect for Peppers. I didn’t know this about him. I never disliked him and felt the same about his play on the field as most. Great a third of the time, average a third and non-existent the rest. This tells me that we aren’t ever going to hear about him going broke from bringing in the wrong people. It isn’t that kept the same people but they seem to be of great quality. So man other players could learn from this.

  4. “Part of what makes that new start easier is having the same people around him.”
    …oh and a multi-million dollar contract

  5. Are these the morons that tell him “great job” on these games–and one time an entire season–when he doesn’t even try to play hard?
    Good luck, Bears. Goodbye, Lovie.

  6. It would be hard to get me to leave my hometown for 40 million……..wait, you could tell me that I would be Suge Knight’s cellmate in San Quentin for two years and i would do it.

  7. haha to what golden god said, Hosstyle in tampa why did you post that exact same comment right after

  8. I just hope people KEEP proclaiming that Peppers has a sporadic/inconsistent level of motivation–I think the more he hears it, the more likely he is to wreak havoc at a high level.

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