PFTV looks at whether it's wise to spend big in 2010 free agency

For our final PFTV segment of the week, we look at the general question of whether it makes sense to spend big money on free agents.

Though activity has been consistent with past seasons in the uncapped year (more on that in a bit), the pool of talent arguably isn’t as deep.

As usual, we’ll shut up before we write everything we’ve already said.

[UPDATE:  Yes, we mentioned during the segment something about Thomas Jones wanting to get paid.  He has been signed since we taped the segment.  So we’re not stupid.  OK, maybe we’re stupid.  The Jones comment simply isn’t proof of it.]


7 responses to “PFTV looks at whether it's wise to spend big in 2010 free agency

  1. WTF????? Almost every day this site is bashing Tampa Bay for not spending money on free agents. Then this article. Give me a break!

  2. When was this recorded? you reference Thomas Jones as “wanting to get that money”. He was signed the other day.

  3. You guys are so inconsistent. You constantly call the Bucs ‘cheap’ for not being more active in free agency. Then, out of the other side of your mouth, you acknowledge that the teams that moved early in free agency overspent for the guys they got. Typical lawyer-speak.
    So, basically the Bucs are cheap because they don’t won’t to throw money away on guys who aren’t worth the money they ended up getting. Great logic!

  4. He just covered this topic in the event Minne-HA HA doesn’t get LDT. Florio was in a pissy mood regarding the queen’s lack of activity in free agency, so he fluffed the topic of “no activity” being the proper approach.
    This was probably canned just before the “visit” to Minnesota was on LDT’s PDA. After reading via that LDT’s meeting went “extremely well” yesterday afternoon and evening, I’d expect to hear of his selection to join the Jets no later than Monday.

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