49ers trade Shaun Hill to Lions

The Detroit Lions have a new backup quarterback, acquiring Shaun Hill in a trade with the San Francisco 49ers.

Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee reports that the 49ers sent Hill to the Lions for a seventh-round draft pick in 2011.

For the Lions, that’s a small price to play for a quarterback who provides some insurance and should be a good veteran presence for starter Matthew Stafford. Lions offensive coordinator Scott Linehan previously worked with Hill in Minnesota when Hill was on the Vikings’ roster.

For the 49ers, a 2011 seventh-round pick is better than nothing, considering that it became obvious Hill was on the way out when they signed David Carr.

Hill has won 10 games in 16 starts for the 49ers over the last three years. The Lions have won nine games, total, over the last three years.

40 responses to “49ers trade Shaun Hill to Lions

  1. That is outstanding. We got something for nothing. I know a lot of 49ers fans liked Hill but he really wasn’t very good. And most importantly we won’t lose Nate Davis.

  2. If Shaun Hill had Matthew Stafford’s arm, he’d be great. Then again, if I had Matthew Stafford’s arm, I’d probably be OK myself, and I’d be working on a deal to be a 2nd QB and not sitting @ my computer talking about a 2nd QB.

  3. Great signing. I always thought Shaun deserved a shot at starting or back-up here with the Vikes. All he does is produce.

  4. a 7th rounder? The same as Seneca Wallace went for? Wow, I remember when Rick Mirer went for a 1st rounder!

  5. another good move by the lions this offseason great price for the value of a solid backup byeee big pepper

  6. Good for Hill. Stafford is gonna get injured and Hill will win some games and start a controversy.

  7. Shaun was a good guy and a professional, but he will never be a starting QB…Nate Davis is the future!

  8. Niners can put Carr in there to watch him become the first place in qb sacks.
    It will only take him one season to be #1 sacked qb.
    the fat dumbass

  9. Ok… Hill didn’t win squat. He was carried by the defense against some really bad teams, or in the case of the Bucs in 2007, the second-string players.

  10. He’s got starting experience and can throw alittle bit…
    He’s probably better then Stanton and Culpepper…
    That’s not saying much but he’s a better back-up option then we had behind Stafford…

  11. Good for the Lions.. I honestly don’t know if Carr is an upgrade for the Niners, I haven’t seen him play much.
    Hill won’t win you many games, but he won’t lose any for you either..

  12. I like the moves the Lions are making because after Stafford there is a big drop off in talent. Welcome Shaun and please teach Stafford some patience!

  13. @BrooklynNiner19
    You’re a joke. The niners are a joke. You guys replaced a guy who knows how to win in Hill and replace him with a proven bust.
    *#1 David Carr = bust

  14. I think this is great for the Niners. I agree with “this class sucks”. I was one of those Niner fans that didn’t buy into the Hill hoopla. At best he’s a backup. I like our drafting of Davis. Finally, I hate to break it to you folks, but those 10 wins should go more to the Defense not Hill.

  15. A good deal for the Lions. I would rather see the scrappy Hill giving the Lions a chance instead of crappy Culpepper fumbling and throwing INTs all over the place.

  16. another great move for the lions this offseason, improving the roster, while giving up little.

  17. Hey it’s raidresnation everyone! The guy who f*cked up the spelling of his own username!

  18. Hey its Merton Shanks…..
    Hey can you still do the funky chicken???
    I am sure you are wearing your pink 49ers Shanks jersey …..
    Now time to go polish your Gavin Newsome photo.
    Stay out of Oakland with your Pinkie 49er jerseys.
    Nancy Pelosi loves the Pink 49ers………

  19. @raidersnation
    I do not understand your motivation for constantly insulting the 49ers or trying to upset 49ers fans. Is it that you are jealous of the 5 Super Bowls we have? Or the fact that San Francisco is a way better city than Oakland? Well have fun supporting the most poorly run team in all of sports.

  20. @raidersnation
    I do not understand your motivation for constantly insulting the 49ers or trying to upset 49ers fans. Is it that you are jealous of the 5 Super Bowls we have? Or the fact that San Francisco is a way better city than Oakland? Well have fun supporting the most poorly run team in all of sports.
    Keep living in the past. You won 5 SB’S decades ago.
    Mafia man is not your owner anymore. The Yorks are your Masters.
    And your team has missed the playoffs just a much as our franchise.
    You guys have a dump of a Stadium. Now you want to bring your bad fruits over to our venue.
    Keep your Pink Jerseys in Frisco –in that toliet called Candledump.
    Move your team South.
    Los Angeles 49ers—coming soon!

  21. Hey I was pretty close in predicting this trade, I got the compensation right but got the acquiring team wrong, back on March 12th:
    jlbay says:
    March 12, 2010 11:20 AM
    “It’s hard to see why any team would trade for Hill when it’s obvious that he’ll be available for nothing once the 49ers release him”
    Hmmmmm . . . maybe a team would like to make sure they get him without getting into a FA bidding war . . . seems pretty logical . . . especially given the fact that you won’t have to give up very much . . . under the presumption that the 49ers will take what they can get since they will most likely cut him if no one trades for him.
    A 7th rounder in 2011 seems reasonable and cheap enough that Cleveland should be able to get this done.

  22. @GoLions
    I’d be surprised if they address the O-Line this year. That might have to wait one more year. But I hope I’m wrong.
    Shaun Hill will find that he’ll be very happy with his role as the #2 in Detroit…backup QB is the most loved position on the Lions when they aren’t doing well…which is, uhm…all the time.
    Get some local deals doing some commercials, Shaun.

  23. @raidersnation
    Yeah making fun of the 49ers ownership, I really have no comeback to that. If you have been following the LA story at all you would know that it sounds like no team is going to be moving to LA not the 49ers, not the Vikings, not the Jaguars. I don’t understand why you insist on insulting the 49ers, is it jealousy? I have been a 49er fan my entire life and never felt a dislike of the Raiders. I wouldn’t root against him in the playoffs or in general, but for some reason the Raider’s fans are always trying to put down the 49ers.

  24. Last year, Shaun won 3 games without Frank Gore ( on the injury list ) and without Crabtree. Both of them are the main 49 ers offensive threats for Alex Smith . Now Shaun is gone, he does not need any of them . Will the 49ers go to the playoff ? I am not sure .

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