Report: Haynesworth will show up for the start of offseason workouts

Albert-Haynesworth.jpgDespite speculation that Redskins defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth could skip the voluntary portion of the offseason program to voice his supposed displeasure with the shift from a 4-3 scheme to a 3-4 attack, Jason Reid of the Washington Post reports that Haynesworth will show up.

Reid cites multiple sources in support of the news that Haynesworth will indeed attend.

Defensive coordinator Jim Haslett reportedly plans to line Haynesworth up both at nose tackle and defensive end.

Coach Mike Shanahan recently said that he “wants [his] leaders” to participate, a statement that technically violates the rules of the offseason workout program.  In past seasons, the NFLPA typically looked the other way regarding such comments; given the open hostility between the league and the union, there’s a chance that such comments will be challenged moving forward.

If so, the union won’t have to stray far from its D.C. headquarters to point the first finger.

38 responses to “Report: Haynesworth will show up for the start of offseason workouts

  1. “Coach Mike Shanahan recently said that he “wants [his] leaders” to participate.”
    Fat Albert a leader?
    All the man does is piss and moan!

  2. How nice of him. I assume he’ll only be able to show up for 2 days a week just like he only plays a couple downs a series.

  3. Would hate to see someone who makes millions of dollars a year have to put in any extra work. That just wouldn’t be good.

  4. Reporters ask questions.. So Shanahan answered the question and now you say he violated a rule…CHILD PLEASE!

  5. The only way they’ll get that fat ass to do anything is to put a bucket of KFC fried chicken at every workout station in the weight room or next to every exercise machine.

  6. It was less than two years ago when Albert Haynesworth was the LEADING candidate for an unprecedented league MVP award.
    He’ll be a year more familiar with DC.

  7. this whole org is the biggest joke in the league. it is an embarassment to the league to even talk about the 4skin org as they are a bunch of overpaid underachievers and will finish last evey yr. SAme old 4skins…i GIVE SHANNY AND CO. 2 YRS AND HE IS CANNED…LMAO.

  8. you and jason reid… how is this news worthy? Why dont you just tell us who is NOT showing up?

  9. All you haters out there are going to be shown the power of Mike Shanahan. The Skins are going to be so dominant it is almost unfair.

  10. Good thing Haynesworth is gonna show up. Hopefully he will be ready for the season.

  11. for a 100 Million you better haul your fat ass out of micky d’s and get to work
    Your not the boss your a employee you get paid now drag your fat ass to work

  12. @boysroll
    Seriously….. What has dallass done? Won a playoff game. Congrats. I think you all are still the only team in the NFC East modern era to 1-15. I would just keep your yap shut. No promise land for you and jerry’s toupe.
    That is just some ignorant sh*t to say. I hope baltimore sucks worse than the cowboys. Bunch purple wearing fagg*ts.

  13. If Shanny can get Fat Albert motivated and in shape, watch out! He got away with murder under Zorn last year and constantly acted “hurt” to get to the sideline to rest. It seemed like every game he’d pull this garbage. I’m sure he knows the new sheriff won’t put up with his antics.
    Who knows what a focused and in shape Portis and Haynesworth could mean to this team.

  14. Hey Hey Hey….Albert already got paid!!! No need for him to bust it anymore. The Titans got the best out of Albert his final year in Tennessee. It was brilliant giving him all those performance incentives knowing he was playing for a BIG contract.

  15. I wonder how many of those here commenting on Albert’s weight are actual fat asses themselves. At least half, I would imagine. What’s up wit that? HTTR

  16. But the head of this kettle of fish is still a pipsqueak named Danny. Don’t worry though this time next year (season ticker renewal season) Danny will be telling you he’s learned his lessons and they’ll contend. And the most gullible group of people this side of the Vatican will happily renew.

  17. @DieHardSkinsFan21
    Baltimore will be 20x better than the Deadskins. All your players are overpaid lazy losers with a ton of potential but no heart. And it’s signing these kinds of players that makes the Deadskins such a joke. Spend a ton of money and still fail miserably

  18. The fact that he was running his mouth about “boycotting” offseason workouts one year after getting a 100 million dollar contract tells you everything you would ever need to know about this colossal turd.

  19. I love how much people rag on Haynesworth for being tired and having to come out so often. The man fights and pushes around over 600 pounds of pro athlete every down when hes in the game. Hes going to get tired, get over it.

  20. @DieHardSkinsFan21
    Dude, seriously, the last game between the ‘skins and Ravens. It was 17 degrees and the ‘skins didn’t have a first down until halftime. Talk about supreme suckage!

  21. Haynesworth has always been prone to injury. He’s also always been a rebel when it comes to “voluntary” things. However, a 6’6″ 350 pound man playing defensive tackle in the NFL is highly likely to be injured from time to time. The production he gives you from the DT position is unheard of. Yes, he only played in 12 games last season but he had 4 sacks. 4 sacks as a DT! That isn’t easy to do. The Redskins also had a rookie LB haul in 11 sacks. Tell me Haynesworth didn’t have something to do with that.

  22. The power of Mike Shanahan?Now, THAT’S funny! More like the ‘power’ of John Elway. Since Elway retired 10 years ago, Shanahan has won ONE playoff game.

  23. # steelerfan9598 says: March 15, 2010 6:35 AM
    The power of Mike Shanahan?Now, THAT’S funny! More like the ‘power’ of John Elway. Since Elway retired 10 years ago, Shanahan has won ONE playoff game.
    And Elway won no Super Bowls without Shanahan or TD.

  24. Haynesworth and Portis deserve to be dealt with hard by Shanahan. If he gets production outta them, they’ll have a good year. If he can, is the question.
    But Shanahan is stuck with them for now due to the contracts. so we’ll see………………..It will be an honest and true indicator of Shanahan’s ability as a coach.
    as long as they beat Dallas, the other part of the season is meaningless…………..

  25. I love all the cowboy haters…as long as they beat dallas i am happy. Ok. Lets go 2-14…what a loser mentality. How about trying to make a playoff run for once!!!! LMAO.
    Here is our attitude….SB BABY OR BUST!!!!!! LMAO.

  26. The only peeps that post on a Redskib article here are coke head Cowgirl fans and Murder rap Raven vans LOL!

  27. “Seriously….. What has dallass done?”
    Won three Super Bowls since the last time the Deadskins sniffed one. Regularly beat the shit out of the Deadskins since Snyder bought the team. Need more?

  28. “And the beginning of the Redskins reign begins…..”
    Just like every off-season. Then the season starts, and Deadskin fans need therapy by the start of October.

  29. “It was less than two years ago when Albert Haynesworth was the LEADING candidate for an unprecedented league MVP award.”
    So if he was the LEADING candidate, why didn’t he win?

  30. Here goes vox and all you raven fans that live in your mother’s basements. To hate a team as much as you all hate the Redskins must take a lot of energy.
    Boysroll and Vox are obviously delusional. When Jerry runs things you end up going one and fifteen. We will see what happens.
    20x’s better? Really?? What constitutes 20x’s better? That is the dumbest comment of the day. Do me a favor have your crack whore mother wake you up when the ships start coming into dundalk hon so you can go score your crack.

  31. If you guys don’t want Haynesworth, we’ll take him here in Detroit!
    You guys have an owner that AT LEAST spends the money and TRIES to win in some way.
    Your organization is NOT the worst in the league, the Lions is!

  32. “Boysroll and Vox are obviously delusional. When Jerry runs things you end up going one and fifteen.”
    Then winning three Super Bowls in the next six years! When Dan Snyder runs things you end up with 7 head coaches in 10 seasons (the Cowboys have had only 7 head coaches in their entire history!) and an overall losing record, not to mention a 6-16 record against the Cowboys!

  33. @DieHardSkinsFan21
    Dumbest comment of the day? How about your blatant homerism talking up the Foreskins like they were a .500 team or something? I’m not even a Ravens fan but it’s obvious they are a real football team unlike that trainwreck they call the Redskins. Do me a favor, hop off Dan Snyder’s junk and wake the hell up. It’s obvious that Danny has been screwing you silly.

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