Report: L.T. is poised to become a J-E-T

With free-agent running back LaDainian Tomlinson pondering his options after meeting with the Vikings and the Jets last week, Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune reports that the signs a pointing to L.T. heading to New York.

Acee, who stops short of reporting that it definitely will happen, cites three sources who believe it will.  One source said that it’s a “done deal.”

Another source told Acee that a decision has not officially been made.

Stay tuned. 

46 responses to “Report: L.T. is poised to become a J-E-T

  1. If this is true and I were a Jets fan, it would only make me more pissed off the team released Thomas Jones for an even more broke-down LT.

  2. It is the right choice for many reasons.
    Keep building your stats Mr. Tomlinson.
    I hope your most productive game this season is against the vikings.

  3. Somewhere Packer fans are rejoicing with a false sense of hope. Vikings don’t need LT to deal the Packers another 2 losses but they sure will take this as a sign that they can win. In short, this was a mean article for the Packers hahaha.

  4. Great! I hope Wilfork breaks LT’s mouth so he cant talk about his own greatness anymore.

  5. Quick Viking fans, buy your LT jerseys before they are sent over to Africa to be disposed of in the same manner as the 19-0 Patriot tee shirts.

  6. I knew his choice would be an indicator of what type of person LT is.
    And the type of person he is, is someone that would rather have cash, and play in a similar system, with a better o-line for rushing, than win a Super Bowl and have to actually put forth effort.
    And the Jets have thrown all stability out the window by dumping TJ, and paying more for a player who will be AS good as Jones at best. Shonn still has too little experience to put everything on him. They should’ve re-signed Jones.
    I guess we’ll know for sure in the next 24 hours, but if LT is a Jet, than we can still get Westbrook or Willie Parker or somebody.

  7. Crap, I’d rather see him go to Minnesota. But maybe it works out better for them and they take a kid in the 3rd/4th round. Or possibly Ian Johnson (who I think is still on the practice squad, but I could be wrong) gets a shot at being the #2. It’ll depend on his pass blocking/blitz pickup ability, amongst other things.

  8. Tomlinson: “Hello, Brett??? You coming back this year???”
    The Favre: “Ahhh, probably not, my butt still hurts from the thrashing I took in the Saints game.”
    Tomlinson:” Ya, I hear ya, that was UGLY the way you got abused in that game.Well, I guess I’m off to New York then, see ya on the golf course!!!”

  9. As a Viking fan I hope the reports are true, not a good fit for our system and we don’t need a pouting baby taking rushes from AP. Harvin and Albert Young can do what Taylor did. There will be other backs to pick up with out the big price tag.

  10. What better team to go to than the one that knocked your team out of the playoffs and might have a chance to do so again?
    Both Vikings and Jets have behemoth O-Lines, I’d say revenge might be a motivating factor.

  11. Makes sense, who’d want to back up Adrian Peterson when you could possibly win the job against a second year player.

  12. As a Vikes fan, I hope this report is correct, as L.T. is about to evoke memories of the following:
    O.J. Simpson as a 49er
    Franco Harris as a Seahawk
    Emmitt Smith as a Cardinal
    Shaun Alexander as a Redskin.

  13. @generalbo – no Vikings fans are jumping off the so-called bandwagon because LT may go to the Jets…who cares…LT is a name at this point in his career…that’s it.
    It wouldn’t surprise me to see Childress sign Westbrook instead.

  14. Everyone on here seem to forget Leon Washington is still a Jet. LT would be behind Leon and Greene on the totem pole.

  15. GOOD! Ladanian is the equivilent of TJ Houshmanzadah! He’d rather play where he would rather live which is NY over MN. Hey if you don’t live here I’ll tell ya MN isn’t glamorous but it doesnt have half the a-holes that NY has. And any shmuck who thinks the Jets have a better chance of making the Super Bowl than the Vikes has been smoking something strong. Have fun getting limited handoffs from a sophmore slumping Sanchez while Shonne shines. LT? Washed up! YPC is the #1 stat for a RB and his stinks like the East River!

  16. “In short, this was a mean article for the Packers hahaha.”
    … types Contra, as he squints at his keyboard through his tears.

  17. man i thought l.t wanted to go to a winner da jets cnt even beat da dolphins wat makes him think da jets r goin to have da same luck they had last year lost mad respect 4 yu l.t make da right choice nd go to da vikes where yu guys accutaly hav a chance 2 make da playoffs lol com on son lets c how far yu get diz year dumbass jets…how do yu let go da leagues leading rusher 4 old ass l.t good luck 2 da both of yall

  18. @ stetai
    “the type of person he is, is someone that would rather have cash, and play in a similar system, with a better o-line for rushing, than win a Super Bowl and have to actually put forth effort.”
    You’re like a woman scorned you little bitch!
    And you write as if the Jets didn’t make it as far as the Vikes last year… what’s with that? How are your Vikes any better than the Jets from ’09?
    And what makes you so sure Favre is even coming back? If he doesn’t, your precious Vikes are in deep trouble!
    Also, I’m not quite capturing your logic that LT’s a bad person b/c he wants to go to team that will pay him, that has a similar system, and has a better O-line? Are you stupid?

  19. Revenge a factor? LT was the highest paid RB in the league for years. He got $5M last year for not playing a whole season for the 3rd year in a row and 700+ yards. Under his restructured deal SD would have to pay him more this year so they had no choice.
    It would have been nice to see him retire in SD but you know his agent would advise him against restructuring again to allow it.

  20. The only thing this article proves is that Packer fans have no life.
    Let Pack fans keep rejoicing over the signing of two shitty tackles that anchor their horrible o-line.
    Will be fun to see Ray and Jared cut loose on Karen again this year. Should we set the over-under at 10 sacks for the 2 games?

  21. IF the Jets make the playoffs LT will be no where to be seen as usual. Poor Jets fans, always getting the hand-me-downs. They should have kept Jones. Idiots….

  22. Only relevance this has to 99.9% of the football world is that Shonn Greene’s fantasy stock will nosedive. L.T. is done and will only take away from the production that Greene should have in 2010.

  23. Only idiot Jet fans would be excited about getting LT.
    So the Jets front office dumps a back that had over 1400 yds and is trying to sign a back that about half that. Yeah thats smart business…par for the course if your the Jets I guess.

  24. Evpimp says:
    March 14, 2010 2:44 PM
    Haha Jets why would you let T-Jones go for LT?? I mean really???
    Yeah…that move still hurts. Difference is a $3 mil bonus and TJ’s lack of ability as a reciever.
    Dexter Morgan says:
    March 14, 2010 2:45 PM
    Everyone on here seem to forget Leon Washington is still a Jet. LT would be behind Leon and Greene on the totem pole.
    How is that a bad thing?

  25. LT sure has decreased in ability over the past couple of days. Two days ago Viking fans were telling us what a great prospect he was for their team and how his signing would make the Vikings invincible. Today the same fans are telling us how washed up he is and how he’s become a complaining diva. How did Tomlinson go downhill so fast?

  26. What’s up with the jets? They cut T. Jones in order to save 3 mill, yet now they need to sign a guy to replace him? Nice move Jets, get rid of a good backer and replace him with a burned out one (LT), all for your precious 3 mill, which will all likely go to LT if you sign him anyway. Poor management.

  27. TJ: Thumping North South runner, short yardage guy, locker room guy
    LT: Can hit the outside, can hit the inside, can catch, a vet guy to help with Greene, good in open field.
    In his prime he was 10 times better than everyone out there. He may have lost a lot of that, but that still makes him better than a lot of guys. If you add in the Jets o-line, and he can be pretty damn good.

  28. Why is this a big deal? There is a reason the Chargers released him, he is not productive anymore…..his tires are running flat, just like every other 30 something back. He had some great years and was one of the best. Key words being “had” and “was”. Those are past tense. Just look at the stats….he has consistantly gotten less and less yardage per carry. Not to mention, the Chargers actually could throw it, so teams did not even have to load the box to stop him. Thomas Jones was a MUCH more productive back than LT last year, so quit getting your panties in a wad JETs fans…..he will be injured by mid-season, and average 3 yards per carry….again….you are getting another teams trash.

  29. JimmySmith,
    The 19-0 shirts were on the same boat as the 2007 GB NFC Champion shirts when the current QB of the Vikings did what he does best, throw the pick.

  30. What the hell are you thinking LT?? You have a chance at a championship in Minnesota…but you just couldn’t put your ego aside and play second fiddle to Adrian Peterson, could you?
    The only reason he is signing in NY is because he thinks he can beat out Greene and Washington for the starting job…which he won’t.

  31. this is probly true because it sounds like somthing the jets would do and that is give up a good promising back like jones and pick up a basicly over the hill (or at best really declining) back like l.t. but it’s all good to me it’ll just help us fins sweep them this year AGAIN

  32. What? STOP THE PRESSES! What do you mean he doesn’t want to play for the Vikings? Doesn’t he realize that BRETT FAVRE PLAYS FOR THE VIKINGS? I think the reasons he gave for going elsewhere included; terrible team chemistry, poor management, the coach is an idiot, the city is too small and devoid of culture, the fans are too fat, everyone on the team is overpaid, the talent on the team is overrated, the fans wear stupid looking braids and horns on their heads, the uniforms are stupid looking, the fans can’t spell and they are all homosexuals, the stadium sucks, Minnesota is in the middle of nowhere, ice fishing is more popular than school or church (so is hockey,) every female fan is a cow and toothless, the kids think a Lombardi trophy is the name of a taxidermist, etc., etc., etc. I would write more reason but these are the only ones I could find to copy from previous Viking “fan” comments….you know, the “original” stuff.

  33. NO TJ draft Percy, No LT draft a RB. I live in SD and LT has lost it, 3.3 ypc wasnt because hes a little slower, he doesnt break tackles anymore. In fact I didnt see him shed one tackler the entire year. Who played better the last couple seasons, aging RB’s or RB’s taken on the first day. Vikings are a very smart organization and will go much farther than the Jets

  34. I love how all the same Vikes fans that were drooling over the AP/LT combo are now crowing about how hes the Jets problem now and thank god they avoided him.
    Oh and CHADO,
    Based on how you spell I realize this might be tough for you to read, but just remember I told ya so when the Jets beat the Fins both times this year. Both of your wins were complete flukes last year, especially the 2nd one. They will be harshly avenged this season, mark that down.

  35. it’s funny because LT says that he couldn’t play on a team where someone talks about their contract just minutes prior to stepping on the field before a playoff game (ehem….Cromartie…ehem) and now they’re both Jets.

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