Report: Panthers don't want Quinn

NFL_quinn3.jpgSo with the Browns signing free-agent quarterback Jake Delhomme, Cleveland apparently will now try to move quarterback Brady Quinn.

They shouldn’t call the team that made Delhomme a free agent.

According to Charles Chandler of the Charlotte Observer, the Panthers have shown no interest in acquiring Quinn, a 2007 first-round draft pick who has to date been a bust for the Browns.

Chandler points to Quinn’s “hefty contract” as one of the factors that might keep teams from trading for him.  Actually, Quinn’s inability to unlock escalators tied to playing time make the contract anything but “hefty.”

Per NFLPA records, he’s signed for two more years, at salaries of $700,000 and $700,000.  And while he can trigger a $5.9 million escalator for 2011, he needs to take at least 70 percent of the snaps in 2010 to make it happen. 

Given his failure to hit any of the past play-time triggers, it’s not a bad deal at all.  If Quinn plays enough this year to activate the escalator, it will mean that he’s finally playing better than he has in any of his first three seasons.

Thus, if teams are shying away from Quinn, it’s likely for reasons other than his contract.

All that said, we still think that a reunion with Charlie Weis in Kansas City remains one of the few possible destinations for Quinn.  Our guess is that, either way, the Browns will squat on him for now as a low-priced third-stringer, and that if they don’t get something for him in trade before the draft perhaps they’ll cut him loose so his presence won’t undermine the on-field portion of the offseason program.

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  1. I just want to see this kid stay somewhere and play for one or two years to get an honest assessment on him. What a mess that whole situation was over there. Between him and Anderson they didn’t know what the hell they were doing.

  2. I think “less than squat” is more appropriate. He’s shown he has a rag arm and is a dump off artist. The Browns might get a 7th rounder or a used Tim Couch jock strap for him.

  3. With a name like Brady Quinn he could get a job on Wednesday (St. Patrick’s Day) pouring green dye into kegs of beer.

  4. Wow so the Panthers don’t want Brady Quinn. n a related story, 99% of all men say they prefer NOT to be kicked in the nuts.

  5. Why are they trying to get rid of Quinn?
    They arent going to get good value for him, and he still has upside.
    I think keeping him around would be a much better decision than letting him go to try and use Seneca Wallace and Jake Dellhomme..unless they are gonna try to draft a QB in the first round this season.

  6. I hope other young players look back at the way BQ handled his rookie contract situation, and how it ultimately turned out for him, and learn from his experience.
    He held out as a rookie because he thought he was worth more money than his draft slot. To get the money he thought he deserved, he eventually had to sign a contract laden with playing time and performance based incentives.
    He effectively priced himself out of playing time because let’s face it, no one is going to pay you to see what you can do if they don’t have to.
    Now, he’s labeled a bust without having even amassed a full season’s worth of games as a starter. Had he taken a lower dollar deal with a little more guaranteed money and a little less incentives, there’s no doubt he would have been given much more playing time, especially this past season when he was benched after the 2nd game for the sole purpose of keeping him from hitting his playing time escalators.
    It might not have made a difference, he might still have been a bust, but at least he would have been given a full opportunity to show what he can do.

  7. So the Browns went from having two potential starters, to having two old guys who we know currently don’t have the ability to start. Really is it better now without Derek Anderson and Brady Quinn but you have Senaca Wallace and Jake Delhomme? If the Browns are not preparing to draft a QB, then Holmgren and Heckert have lost it. I can see a veteren presence on this team is needed if the Browns want to groom a young guy.

  8. Finally a lucid, fluent screed on Quinn and his relationship to the NFL as a fairly valued quarterback commodity. Somebody please rack Florio.

  9. I think it’s really interesting that Mike Holmgren has basically refused to even watch tape of Quinn, let alone wait to see what he can do in training camp. I don’t think Quinn is anyone’s savior, but he might be serviceable as a stop gap for someone. He hasn’t gotten a chance to work with a decent supporting cast and injuries the last two years have prevented him from giving anyone a look at him over an extended period of time.
    Overall, I think the Browns new regime is on the right track by bringing in some good clubhouse guys, but only time will tell. They are a mess and it will take 2-3 years of moves like the ones they’ve made mixed in with some good drafts to remove the stink that was brought in with Carmen Policy.

  10. That news sucks…. I was hoping for a Quinn + 5th for Richard Marshall, rather than signing his tender

  11. i dont see how some of these bottom dweller teams that dont have a qb,wont just take a chance on a first round pick that played in a crappy town for a crappy team managed by crappy managers,kinda like the raider affect,as soon as they leave they become pro bowlers

  12. quinn will be given a chance by Holmgrem to be the starter in that g-d forsaken city of clevelan
    I love referencing the big man in my blogs

  13. I’m surprised he doesn’t want to go to San Fran. I heard he has a huge fan base there among men…….

  14. I can pull out a lot of articles when no one wanted Drew Brees too. When Quinn goes somewhere and gets a fair shot in an offense that fits him (Kansas City, Buffalo) the Browns will be exposed as a bigger joke of a franchise than they are now. . . if that’s possible.

  15. The Browns should trade Brady Quinn to the Steelers for Ben Meatheadsberger and a late round pick. Perfect time to do it. It’d be an AFC North extravaganzo twice next season.

  16. I’m not from Cleveland but the more posters I read (like Devil and Ravenmuscle) that dis that city, the bigger a Browns fan I become.
    I couldn’t imagine cheering for any other team.
    GO BROWNS!!!

  17. Say what you want that Carolina does not want him, but Quinn had a good relationship with the current QB coach in Carolina (who was the same QB coach in Cleveland when Quinn came into the NFL) Rip Scherer…That might be a match again..

  18. You better hope Holmgrem has the same success developing a QB in Cleveland like he did in Green Bay with Favre when he was young otherwise you will be starting over every 2 years. We are spoiled here with going from Favre to Rodgers. Somebody can evaluate talent here or its jusr luck.

  19. As horrible as Delhomme has been the last couple years, he’s an improvement over Brady Quinn.
    Sad… but true.

  20. I wouldn’t mind the Vikings taking a flier on him. Let him sit behind Favre for this year and then let Quinn and Jackson battle it out the following year.

  21. The Devil says:
    March 14, 2010 11:51 AM
    quinn will be given a chance by Holmgrem to be the starter in that g-d forsaken city of clevelan
    I love referencing the big man in my blogs
    Then learn how to spell his name.

  22. AJ Hawk for Brady Quinn straight up.
    Hawk is a bust as a number 5 overall. He did play better after his benching last year but he is still not the impact guy GB needed from a 5 spot.
    Still,maybe a change of scenery and a return to Ohio will spark him. The Browns need players everywhere and maybe they can get him to make plays.
    Plus,GB is going to lose for nothing since his contract is up after the year and he has not earned an extension.
    As for Quinn….Quinn needs coaching and a release from the pressure and few are better w/ the QB than McCarthy. No,Quinn would have no chance to start but he would get the teaching he needs and a chance to work with talent that could improve his stock.
    GB can showcase him in August and then flip him next spring for a pick like they’v done with Hassebeck and Brunell in years past.
    And,GB has no other QB. Flynn is a gritty guy who might make for a decent long term 3rd string backup but if AR were to get hurt GB needs a guy who can actually play. Quinn w/ coaching and Greg Jennigs might show some stuff.
    It won’t happen though because after Justin Harrell Ted can’t afford to admit he blew a top 5 pick and for some reason Ted thinks Flynn can win games if AR gets hurt.

  23. charles chandler is clearly uninformed and uneducated about salary cap ramifications and contract details.
    this is one more reason why folks refrain from buying the likes of the charlotte observer.
    writing inaccurate supposition charles isnt really very journalistic at all.
    this wouldnt be his 1st offense either.
    the Observer almost worth buying for the fishwrapping but better served as bird cage lining.

  24. AJ Hawk for Brady Quinn straight up
    that deal is bad for the Packers, trade a potential starter for a backup who may NEVER see the field??? As for Quinn, i will give you ideas for teams, people say Kansas City, i think if he goes there, then the Chiefs are morons, Cassel is good, surround him with talent please, but in all honesty teams that should look at him. Arizona (in case Leinart isn’t good), Seattle (maybe Carroll can make him great), Washington (if they pass on qbs in this draft) and Denver (in case Orton gets hurt, they have a backup and i think Quinn will do well in Denver).

  25. Keep him at that price at least til draft day.
    Seneca becomes a wild cat guy and part-time WR with Cribbs get a few more carries as a RB. Quinn is technically the second stringer but inactive, but would become the guy if Delhomme goes down. Seneca remains the jack of all trades wildcard (master of none).

  26. Can you please write another dozen or so articles on other teams that don’t want a particular player?
    They fill my head with knowledge!!

  27. He had club hands Braylon Edwards to throw to in 2008 and had even less last year. The Browns doomed him and themselves by not having a credible passing attack so teams just had to line up to stuff the run.
    Playing in crisis situations or in front of disgusted fans isn’t going to help a rookie.
    Interestingly when he was drafted he was viewed by all as a steal after sliding to the bottom of the 1st. Can’t judge him from this body of work

  28. Quinn hasn’t SHOWN anything! Therefore, to label him a bust is entirely unjustified. Playing for a crappy team, it’s really hard to judge anything on the guy, good or bad, when he WAS in. Is he jittery ’cause his line was weak? Did he have to do things differently because the team had a washed up RB they had to try and use? Were any of his bad judgments on offense the result of, possibly, another member of the offense not doing his job(routes run wrong, missed blocking assignments)? Remember, for most of the year, he had an awful supporting cast. Or maybe they should keep him in and let him get beaten to a pulp like Tim Couch or David Carr. Then when he’s too punch drunk to handoff without a screw up, everyone wants to then say, “well, he never had “it” anyway.” He had stellar numbers in college, has shown he has half a brain, and been a team player. Here’s hoping he gets a real chance somewhere to either show or not show what he’s got. If he gets that chance, and he blows it, fine. I’ll be the first guy to call him a bust.

  29. I always though Quinn didn’t get his escalaters because he ends every season on IR. The guy barely plays because when he does he hurts himself. Browns can’t be blamed for that. Especially since both injuries were self inflicted. Only reason Derek Anderson got playing time in 07 is because Quinn held out. Quinn buried his own career, not the Browns.

  30. I hate when people say Quinn had no one to throw to. He always had someone to throw to, he just never did it.
    The difference between Anderson and Quinn was that the Browns were always one throw away from a score with Anderson. Edwards and Massaquoi always looked like elite recievers when Anderson was in (and when Edwards actually made the catches). Quinn on the otherhand only utilized his less then steller tight end and running backs. Unfortunately for most of the season that was Robert Royal and Jamal Lewis. Once they were replaced by Harrison and Moore, the Browns actually looked like an NFL team and Quinn got hurt again. Quinn still plays like this is Notre Dame dink and dunk football when he plays for a team who’s threats are always deep. Browns can’t be blamed for that either. Quinns only good game in 09 was the one game he actually played downfield ball which was to the Lions and that ended after the 1st quarter of the game and the Browns lost.

  31. I agree with OntBoltFan…..Quinn has had a horrible team around him. Do they have a WR that can catch 85-100 a year and/or gain 1000 yards in a season? Mohamed Massaquoi was their best WR last year with 34 REC for 624 yards and their 2nd REC leader was a RB. Third was Mike Furry with 23 REC for 170 yards, a part time FS.
    Give Brady Quinn a second chance in Cleveland or a fresh start in, let’s see, St. Louis or Seattle. NFC West should be up for grabs until a team can break out of the 7-9 pack.

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