Salary cap report, if there were a salary cap

[Editor’s note:  Here are the team-by-team salary cap figures, if there were a salary cap in place this year.  The numbers are current, but some contracts from the past couple of days are not yet reflected.]

AFC East

Buffalo Bills:  $98 million.

Miami Dolphins:  $112 million.

New England Patriots:  $112 million.

New York Jets:  $120 million.

AFC North

Baltimore Ravens:  $117 million.

Cincinnati Bengals:  $85 million.

Cleveland Browns:  $101 million.

Pittsburgh Steelers:  $116 million.

AFC South

Houston Texans:  $114 million. 

Indianapolis Colts:  $124 million.

Jacksonville Jaguars:  $81 million.

Tennessee Titans:  $115 million.

AFC West

Denver Broncos:  $105 million.

Kansas City Chiefs:  $79 million.

Oakland Raiders:  $132 million.

San Diego Chargers:  $104 million.

NFC East

Dallas Cowboys:  $153 million.

New York Giants:  $118 million.

Philadelphia Eagles:  $124 million. 

Washington Redskins:  $134 million.

NFC North

Chicago Bears:  $132 million.

Detroit Lions:  $106 million.

Green Bay Packers:  $126 million.

Minnesota Vikings:  $134 million.

NFC South

Atlanta Falcons:  $117 million.

Carolina Panthers:  $104 million.

New Orleans Saints:  $135 million.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers:  $79 million.

NFC West

Arizona Cardinals:  $91 million.

St. Louis Rams:  $92 million.

San Francisco 49ers:  $109 million.

Seattle Seahawks:  $122 million.

15 responses to “Salary cap report, if there were a salary cap

  1. Oakland Raiders $132 mio…. ummmm
    thats just sad – i first wanted to crack a joke but thats really sad. who are they paying besides CB Asomugha and TE Miller???

  2. Crowder: Raiders have top-10 draft pick silly-money going to the 3 Stooges of Offense: Off-the-Marcus, Heyward-Bust, and McFadden (Sorry, don’t have a clever nickname for him)

  3. No the Raiders at 132 mil is not sad. It’s not Al Davis’ fault that Walker, Hall, Jamarcus, got their money and them quit on the team. It’s the trend of football now. With people like Deon saying…”pay the man” These players only thy BEFORE their contract then never show up.
    What’s sad are the teams like the chiefs, bengals, and bills that are too cheap to try. Al least Al Davis is trying.

  4. Wilson to cheap and stupid to do anything with this team. Move it know so he can get some money.

  5. WhoDat_champs says:
    March 14, 2010 5:20 PM
    No the Raiders at 132 mil is not sad. It’s not Al Davis’ fault that Walker, Hall, Jamarcus, got their money and them quit on the team.
    JaMarcus Russell got his money and quit on the team? So…. He quit on the team before he ever played a game for them? That’s not Al Davis’ fault? Sure sounds like it.

  6. Jake- yes tenders count as team salary until a deal is signed. Then the deal is included instead.

  7. huh? So the $104 mil that the Chargers are listed at, includes the ~$15mil in tenders, or not? If so, what do you mean by “yes tenders count as team salary until a deal is signed”? Once they are signed, isn’t that when they count as salary, and not until then?

  8. Does the $135 mil for the Redskins include accelerated cap hits for the 10 guys they cut?
    That salary is crazy high for who we currently have on contract.

  9. Why are these two sides fighting? Does anyone know how much money all this adds up to? The sport is great, but greed may kill it.

  10. Exactly my point.
    it would have been nice to know what the salary cap would have been if in place this year… the ACTUAL number

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