Tomlinson picks the Jets

LaDainian Tomlinson has made his decision. He’s going to be a New York Jet.

Adam Schefter of ESPN is reporting that Tomlinson and the Jets reached an agreement today on a two-year contract.

Tomlinson’s decision, which had been expected for the last couple of days, comes after he considered the Minnesota Vikings, where he visited on Thursday. On Friday he visited the Jets and on Saturday he flew home to San Diego to spend some time thinking before making up his mind.

Tomlinson will join a backfield that also includes running back Shonn Greene, who’s coming off a strong rookie season with the Jets in 2009. During the regular season Greene carried 108 times for 540 yards, and in three playoff games he had 54 carries for 304 yards.

The question now is whether Tomlinson, who will turn 31 in June, has enough left to contribute to a Jets team that’s coming off a loss in the AFC Championship Game and has Super Bowl aspirations. In 2009 Tomlinson had a career-low 730 rushing yards and a career-low 3.3 yards a carry.

154 responses to “Tomlinson picks the Jets

  1. as a dolphins fan this is the best news I could have heard. LT has nothing in the tank and they’ll probably get rid of leon washington now. Thomas jones had ten times the season LT had last year.

  2. Hmm…so he would rather play second fiddle to a 2nd year player then AP (maybe the best, or 2nd best back in the league after Chris Johnson).
    Fitting though since the JETS are the ones that knocked L.T. out of the playoffs last season.

  3. From Thomas Jones who tries his guts out to this washed up “protect myself standing on the sidelines” what a joke the Jets will be.

  4. YAAHH HOO! TJ will see it’s the line not him. LT will see another 1,ooo yard 10+ touchdown season. Waah Waah Minnesota! Like you had a chance.

  5. Wise decision for him ! Him nd Greene will be a beasty combination. The Jets will rely on their runnig game of course and not on the young arm of Sanchez!

  6. Well clearly playing time is more important than a championship. That’s beyond obvious at this point.

  7. Well there goes Vike Fans hope for a R.B. that wont look like a fool putting the rock on the ground….

  8. Im freakin out man.
    whatever, everyone knows pus*y sanchez is going to get injured in the first couple of weeks, and the jets futile, big spending attempt to get to the superbowl will leave everyone laughing.

  9. that sucks. would have loved to see LT in MN, but probably a good decision on his part. Jets have a QB for years to come, and the Vikes MAYBE will have Favre back for one more year, and will probably be in rebuilding mode after that… Now what for the Vikes? Westbrook?

  10. LT would’ve done a lot more for himself and the team if he had picked the Vikings.
    the Jets probably won’t even make the playoffs this year, in part because counting on Shonn Green and a beat up LT to do what Thomas Jones did last year.
    LT was more interested in money than winning a SB which he won’t do in NY.
    As for the Vikes, I still think Brian Westbrook would be a great addition.

  11. As a Dolphins fan, I’m not sure if I should be happy to see an over the hill RB going to the Jets… or worried if LT, out to prove something, is going to have a revival in the Big Apple.

  12. Let me see, LT picked a cold weather team with a young QB, over a dome team with a veteran qb and great rb? Must have been that baby gift the jets gave him or Rex said he would eat his newborn if he did not sign with him!

  13. Awww I was hoping he was gonna choose the Ottawa Roughriders…or is it the Sasketchewan Rough Riders. He’d be a starter for sure

  14. Last year TJ chose the Seacrappers over the Vikes. Maybe LT will be kicking himself for not playing with Brett Adrian and Percy….(?)

  15. Lt is not an afc east type of cold weather back, this will be a failure in the second half of year.

  16. If LT couldn’t perform in sunny, mild weathered San Diego, what the hell do you think he is going to accomplish in the frigid temperatures of NY/NJ?
    The football world saw him bundled up in New England for the Championship game.Same thing teo years ago in Pittsburgh.
    It’s over, Johnny….IT’S OVER!

  17. Are Vikings fans supposed to be upset? Adrian Peterson will have a far better career that Tomlinson could have ever dreamed of! When the Jets go 6-10 LT is gonna be kicking himself in the ass. By the way Walter Payton had more fumbles than A.D. in his first three years.

  18. TJ was a better option than a slower, older, broken down LT. 2 steps backwards for the Jets.

  19. TO: DieHardSkinsFan21…
    I’m a Patriots fan, but i think you’re right! The ONLY reason he chose the Jets, is because he HATES the Patriots that much. He’ll get 2 chances each year to beat them. I think that’s why he chose the Jets, too.

  20. Brutus, what does the dolphin organization have to be hopeful for? lol Lets not talk about gas in the tank when you have Ricky Williams spearheading your running game! I think with our O-Line, he’ll have a chance to be a real redzone threat.

  21. Tomlinson’s decision:
    Choice A: Rush for 1,000 yards as the starter on a team with a 2nd year QB who might make the playoffs.
    Choice B: Rush for 500 yeards as a backup on a team with a HOF QB who has a chance at winning the SB.
    Of course he chooses the team in which he can pad his personal stats and get him closer to the all-time rushing record. That’s wayyy more important than a championship.

  22. cp says:
    Hmm…so he would rather play second fiddle to a 2nd year player

    actually it’s 3rd fiddle, behind leon washington as well who will be back. which is absolutely perfect for tomlinson who best is known for standing on the sidelines protecting himself from any possible injury right as his team is on the verge of moving on or being eliminated.
    his last game vs. the jets 15 touches for 25 total yards.
    same game cromartie misses tackle on green’s touchdown.
    so jets go out get these 2. are they for real?

  23. How can Jets fans be happy with this?? You dumped TJones for LT who did nothing last year this is a step back!

  24. Real Vikings fans wouldn’t cheer for Favre says:
    March 14, 2010 6:23 PM
    Didn’t wanna play with Favre I guess.
    Thats all Jared Allen. HUGE bro-mance going on there.

  25. The Viks should b fine,would have been a good addition but chilly and crew will fill that spot with someone younger and more durible besides Percy will probly take up most of that role anyway at this point betta than l.t.

  26. As a Jets fan, I’m skeptical of this move. I don’t know what the money is and I don’t see why Thomas Jones couldn’t have just been the backup to Greene…
    But lets make one thing clear. Thomas Jones’s replacement is not LT… Shonn Greene is the starter.
    So you people that keep saying “LT can’t do what Thomas did last year” well, you’re right. And the Jets knew that. LT has been signed to be Shonn Greene’s backup.
    He’ll get his 100-125 carries behind the Jets offensive line and catch some passes out of the backfield.
    Shonn Greene will get 250-300 carries.

  27. Thomas Jones similar player to greene, L.T. is differen. should be good with limited touches, catching the ball out of the backfield, with a great OL that the Jets have. Jets front office has been very smart lately, I trust they must see more left in L.T. than TJ had. L.T. prob fits better in what they want to do.

  28. He made the right choice. Why in the world would he want to go to that B&llsh!t organization in MN. They won’t be in MPLS in 2 years anyway!

  29. WOW as a Charger fan feels like L.T just slapped SD in the FACE…but i will agree with MARKWHCT…LT Will see another good season and all you S–t talkers saying he has nothing left will eat your words…LT has alot left and with the line the New York Jets have im sure L.T will have a good year…now what will be interesting is if SD and NYJ see eachother again in the playoffs. Would have been easier as a Charger fan to see him go to MINN..not to the team that ended our season..THANKS L.T

  30. LT should’ve chosen the Vikes. Indoors=extending his career plus AP fumble issues=more playing time plus he can mentor AP and look even better than he does for making AP into one of the games best RBs
    tbh though the secret in the NFL to a get RB other than Chris Johnson is Tony Richardson or Lorenzo Neal (although he retired) its that simple

  31. Is he coming cheaper than keeping Jones would have been?
    I’m not understanding the Jets moves in the backfield this offseason.

  32. I hope they play LT’s music video on the big screen in Time’s Square.
    Seriously, LT could be a great mentor for Greene. But Greene will be the true backbone of the Jet’s Offense especially in the playoffs which is where LT likes to hide under a parka.

  33. Again, the Jets are a better fit if LT wants the opportunity to touch the ball more and run behind a stronger O-line. Vikes fans wish him well. It will be interesting to see who the Vikes look to next, if anyone.

  34. Not that he will answer this honestly but someone should ask LT if the QB situation (Favre not being committed) had any influence on his decision.

  35. DieHardSkinsFan21 says:
    March 14, 2010 6:22 PM
    I hope he runs all over the pats.
    I hope I start shitting money.
    Neither will happen.

  36. and the Jets lock up another off season Super Bowl. wow ….thats like there 6th in a row……….what a friggin dynasty……move over SEXBURGH you got company!

  37. Stupid Jets! Hahahahaahahaha…. LT has quit in EVERY SINGLE PLAYOFF game. IF the Jets make it back to the playoffs, he will find an excuse not to play…. Wahhooo! Great news for the Vikes!!!

  38. Everyone seems to think he’s going to take TJ’s spot as lead back, he wont. This is Greene’s team now at the running back position and I expect Leon will still get his 10 touches a game or so. LT will be given the chance to contribute, but if he doesnt it’s not a biggie because the other two can handle the load. Plus, Jones may have had good numbers, but a lot of his yardage was on long runs at the end of the game, or after Greene came in and wore them down in the 3rd quarter. Cant tell you how many times Jones just ran into the back of his O-line, it was maddening.

  39. as i suspected earlier the jets would do this because they for some reason or the other have a habit of shooting themselfs in the foot and this time i think they shot thier whole leg off. i can’t help but scratch my head and wonder why they did not keep the very effective combo of washington & jones now it’ll be washington and an over the hill warm weather back good, luck to washington because he’ll be the work horse untill he goes down then l.t. can show evertbody how washed up he is. but as a life long fin fan i thank you for making the sweep of you guys even easier this year

  40. I’m not going to act like I didn’t want him here, because I did. Not a huge deal though, time to move on. Hopefully Ian Johnson and Albert Young can step up and make an impact now and we can also address other needs that were greater than RB. Sucks though, would’ve been fun to watch AP and LT together.

  41. As a Charger fan, I’m sorry to see LT go. As an LT fan, I’m glad he chose the team that gives him the best chance to produce. That O-line is sick. I guarantee you LT will produce better numbers than his last 2 years in SD.
    And halestorm? You’re sadly mistaken if you think AP will even come close to LT’s career numbers. Typical sore-loser mentality.

  42. great!! When the fins sweep em again this year i can enjoy myself on the jets newsboards listening to them crying about it. Let em load up on “talent”. Sanchez sucks. Ryan is a Hutt. I respect Revis, but even he got burned by a horrible Ginn last year.

  43. Halestorm, you have got to be the dumbest son of a bitch on here. AP better than LT. AP has already lost more fumbles in his very short career than LT has his ENTIRE CAREER! Learn history before you talking pointless shit

  44. HAHAHA….
    Tomlinson, you had a chance to ride Adrians Jock, Now you will not be in the shadow of the best back in the league…Smart move on your part…It clearly shows your in it for you….If you were or are expecting a ring? Dream away….
    LAst season was a fluke with the jets…….good luck old man!

  45. @halestorm said ” Adrian Peterson will have a far better career that Tomlinson could have ever dreamed of!”
    Buddy, you lose all credibility when you make a statement like that!! Peterson is outstanding, and may very well end up as one of the greatest RB’s of all time……Tomlinson ALREADY IS!!!
    Tomlinson’s recent history does NOT change the FACT that he has had a career that few, if any, can claim to have had.
    And I’m not an LT fan…….just not stupid!!

  46. I thought he wanted to win a SB? I think Minny and NYJ have one combined SB victory since 1969. LT2 is a fraud.

  47. Is it possible that Jets fans are more annoying than Packer fans? I’m glad the Vikings will not have to give up a roster spot to a 31 year old warm weather back. Good luck in the cold Ladanian.

  48. halestorm:
    Please!!!! I’m no JETS fan but give me a break. That team is going to crush teams with that defense next year and the offense will be better if Sanchez continues to progress. Vikings will be in rebuild mode within the next 2 years. I highly doubt the Vikings have anymore of a chance to win the Superbowl with their sad pass coverage than the JETS do with a subpar offense.
    Secondly, please don’t even put Adrian Peterson in the same sentence as Walter Payton, Barry Sanders, Jim Brown, etc. I know you only were talking about Walter but Peterson is in no way in the same discussion as any of the elite RB’s in history yet. Maybe someday if he stays healthy, but not yet. Not even close to it yet.

  49. Get rid of Thomas Jones and then pick up LT? Somebody over there is smoking crack! Being a Texas boy I hope LT does good next season but he is a down grade at this point from Thomas Jones.

  50. They better hope Greene doesn’t get hurt. LT has NOTHING left, even Rex Ryan’s ego isn’t big enough to fix that.

  51. Sorry Jets fans. You now have the two players who cost us “the game”.
    Did you see the clip of Cro not making the tackle (all that was needed was a little nudge) on Greene? Did you like our running game? It wasn’t the fault of the OL.
    I guess you will now finish behind the Patriots and Fins. You better hope that Green can carry the load.

  52. Great news for Vikes Fans!!! Bad news for Jets fans.. What a dumb move to lose TJ only to get LT. One of the dumbest off-season moves this year! Living in SD last year I saw every single snap LT took and it was brutal. Not sure what these Jets fans are boasting about.. In all reality you should be pissed at the organization for falling in love with a name not what the player has left.

  53. I hear the sound of silence here in South Fla… maybe Parcells is working on re-signing Emilio Estevez to be partial owner

  54. As a Chargers fan I hate to see LT go anywhere. He will be a beast behind that Oline and will help S. Greene become an all around back. Good luck LT just not against the Chargers.

  55. halestorm74 is a friggin’ idiot.
    Comparing one of the greatest all time to someone who had a bright beginning but now is showing his decline in just four years of the top of the hill. I’m not saying he won’t put up numbers, but the fumbles and multiple carry seasons will only increase now. He’s a big injury waiting to crush fan hopes, and I see them doing the same thing with AP in three years as the Chargers did to LDT this offseason.
    Go on and feel free to think I give a damn about any queens fans tearing me a new one on this ( I rip my own fellow fans for being such mindless homers) , but remember to kiss my ass when it happens for real in a year or two.

  56. Oh yeah, also think I called this in a thread last Friday. I think I know of the subjects I spew about, because I’m most always right. So tear away.
    Went off on my tangent of AP beginning his decline on my last post, forgot to explain why halestorm74 is an idiot for making a comment comparing Payton to AP. Payton was the only bright spot offensively on the Bears team when he started out. He had no stud guard (Hutchinson is still awesome) blasting holes open for him every run play, or even close to the talent Minnesota has overpaid for on that o-line. Stupid comment, even dumber logic behind it. Be gone, assclown. Get thee away from referencing anything about Walter Payton.

  57. “Didn’t wanna play with Favre I guess.”
    What, didn’t want to play with a diva?

  58. Vikings fans dodged a bullet on this one.
    LT’s washed-up and wasn’t going to do much behind Minny’s line anyway.

  59. TrentDilferisaDouche –
    Since LT chose the Jets over the Vikings…the Jets fans are more annoying?
    You’re an idiot.

  60. After reading these posts.. Man, you Jets fans may be the biggest front runners I’ve seen. You were like the George Mason of the NFL last year. Next year 6-10 hear you come!

  61. kev86 says:
    March 14, 2010 7:01 PM
    I thought he wanted to win a SB? I think Minny and NYJ have one combined SB victory since 1969. LT2 is a fraud.
    A fraud? Because YOU believed he wanted to win a championship first and foremost?
    The man is a football player who wants to PLAY!!
    What’s wrong with that?

  62. markwhct …. what a dweeb. I’m sure all the Viking fans are crying, like YOU say. There are a few younger, faster, FRESHER and cheaper options then LT, for a backup running back.
    Best of luck to him, he has paid his dues and weighed his options.

  63. I know everyone here thinks he’s old and busted at this point, but the Charger’s o-line is good for pass blocking, not run blocking. He was facing defenders in the backfield quite a lot last year. Not to mention Norv’s brilliant playcalling of running LT up the middle for 1 yard which he was so fond of.
    He’s not the elite back he used to be but he will have a chip on his shoulder to prove he still has something in the tank. Plus splitting carries to keep him fresh AND going to a team with a great run blocking o-line, he may have a pretty good season.

  64. I think too many people are making a big deal out of nothing. LT was going to be a 3rd down back wherever he ended up, it’s not like he’s going to turn any franchise around. I am surprised that he picked the Jets but it also makes me think that LT still thinks he is an everydown back and will have a better chance to prove that in New York……..which then has the chance to become a huge distraction and the opportunity for dissension on the team. In Minny it was a given that he would be a 3rd down back only. I can’t see LT producing much of anything in the cold weather. Makes me no difference where he signed but if getting a SB ring was his biggest goal and it was only between the JEts and the Vikes then I think he made a huge mistake. Too many people (obviously Jets fans) are giving the Jets far too much credit….did everyone forget how they limped into the playoffs and really shouldn’t have even been in the playoffs if the Bungals and Colts would’ve played their starters. I don’t think the Jets will make the playoffs next year.

  65. I don’t what idiot said that Adrian Peterson is better than Walter Payton but that is just stupid. That same person also said that AD will have a better career than LT. While it is certainly possible it is anything but a certainty.

  66. Watch wishy washy viking fans downplay this rejection. Granted, their excitement was way over done as it appears that LT has little left in the tank.
    But face it, no free agents with a choice want to play for such an unstable franchise in such a crappy stadium, with such fair weather fans. (Unless you are a dope from mississippi.)

  67. He made the right choice. You don’t have to be good to be “good” (by media standards) running behind that line. Thomas Jones isn’t good, he just runs behind the best line in the league. It makes no sense why NO ONE talks about this. It’s the same reason Cedric Benson suddenly “revitalized” his career after going to the Bengals, and ironically enough, Larry Johnson did the same thing after going to the Bengals. Maybe no one’s smart enough to put two and two together.

  68. “Last year TJ chose the Seacrappers over the Vikes. Maybe LT will be kicking himself for not playing with Brett Adrian and Percy….(?)”
    good call.
    This hurts.. but I will refrain from judgement until the November weeks.
    Albert Young (or whoever they pick up) will prove more explosive of an option. Vikes need an upgrade on the right side of their line. Jets QB will have a poor sophmore year, and LT will be hurt. Jets will not make the playoffs. Braylon Edwards will continue his Troy Williamson ways. Rex Ryan will suffer a heart attack mid season due to his gluton lifestyle. Little Shottenheimer will prove as non-creative as his daddy. The Pats and Fins will sweep the Jets leaving the Jets looking to rebuild.

  69. Lt would have been ok, The Vikings have always had Good RB’s, This gives Albert and Ian a chance to compete for the spot… Draft a RB to put in the mix…
    I remember everyone laughing about the Vikings not getting T.J. last year… nuff said…

  70. bad decision LT, you probably dont have many years left, the jets are a ways away from getting to a superbowl.

  71. The minute the Vikings put LT’s jersey on sale, the Jets were a done deal. There is something about the Vikings sad sack franchise that cause rationale thinking football players to go elsewhere.
    It could be the coach is a cross dresser, it could be the almost sure pending move to LA, it could be their poor playoff performances, it could be the harsh Minnesota winters that freeze the brain among fans and coaches alike, but LT is going to do just fine in NY. That will give AD more chances to fumble.

  72. The only significance this has to anyone is Shonn Greene’s fantasy stock plummeting. He drops out of the first round. Probably just a solid #2 RB now.

  73. The Jets would have done better waiting for the draft and getting a young RB with fresh legs. Spent waaaaaaay too much money for a has been RB.

  74. look at those jet haters out there. For one IT WAS THE O-LINE for TJ that made his season last year, i watched al the games he break one then the yards would look good but for most cases he averaging like 2-3 yds a carry. And look at the probowl leftside of the line, i could run behind them and get yards. LT will have descent year, but greene will be the 1st and 2nd down man and short yardage guy. Thomas jones could not catch the flu behind the line atleast LT can catch and run, oh yeah to all those fins fans can’t wait to see dansby get run over by greene oh yeahhhhhh can you smell that.

  75. All the cries of “what will the Vikings do?!” really surprise me. The answer: nothing. They have 0 need for a RB in Minnesota right now. Have you all forgotten about Adrian Peterson? Oh yeah, I forgot how awful his numbers were last year….
    Why bring in a scrub when they are already set with young talent…i.e. Westbrook

  76. I’m disappointed. I thought he would have been a much better fit in Minnesota in a Chester Taylor type role.

  77. Ya know what this means ? Brett’s DONE !!! he will announce his ” Real ” retirement the Monday after the draft when the queens pass on all QB’s and let ” TJack the great jump pass QB ” leave via FA.
    Gotta love Brett

  78. As a Vikes fan, I’m disappointed, but not worried.
    “Oh no!! No LT as OUR BACKUP, what are we going to do???!!!”
    I’ll be just as happy when a guy like Fargas or Westbrook signs, AS OUR BACKUP.

  79. LT is not replacing Thomas Jones. The Jets are expecting Shonn Greene to replace Thomas Jones as the power back, who will get most of the carries.
    They offered their speed back, Leon Washington, a 2nd round tender, because they have not been able to reach a long-term agreement with him, and expect him to sign somewhere else.
    So now the Jets are replacing Leon Washington with LT. And they are going to gain a 2nd round pick out of it, without a loss in production from the backup position.
    Shonn Greene was replacing Thomas Jones whether or not LT was coming. It was only a question of whether they were going to match any offer sheets Leon Washington signs, or if they are going to just take the pick and run. The Jets simply were not going to sink $7M into Thomas Jones, which he would have made, when they felt Shonn Greene could get the job done.

  80. the jets were the last of the merger teams to win a division title (1970 on). they have long underachieved despite quite usable talent.
    the panthers beat them to a division title by a couple of years. the jets only beat the jags by a week. maybe the texand and new-browns will also take 30 years to get a division title…
    i agree that LT will fade in the second half of the year at the latest. 3rd down back… ok… for a while… half the carries for a game/season. bad move.
    jones wasnt going to be worth the $ he wanted. but he is a gamer and he isnt all worn out. and he isnt a damned whining visor boy on the sideline.

  81. # BRUTUS9448 says: March 14, 2010 6:18 PM
    as a dolphins fan this is the best news I could have heard. LT has nothing in the tank and they’ll probably get rid of leon washington now. Thomas jones had ten times the season LT had last year.
    Actually he had twice the season…but I get your point.

  82. this isn’t some great acquisition for the Jets, and it wouldn’t have been for the Vikes either.
    but the people out there who think the Jets traded down going from Jones to Tomlinson…just watch Jones this year. He finally broke down carrying the ball 380 times last year at age 31, and unlike Tomlinson doesn’t have a whole lot of natural talent to fall back on.
    If Jones rushes for 750 yards and more than 3.5 per carry, it’ll be a big surprise.

  83. seen a few comments about LT not coming in to take TJs spot,cause he is gonna be greens back up,didnt green get hurt twice last year,i dont know that i would put too too much stock into green being able to hold up all year,the jets do like to run the ball alot and so far none of the 3 have proved they can handle the load,best of luck just trying to calm all those crazy jets fans that think green is gonna come in and go nuts,let him first get thru one season without an injury

  84. This proves that LT doesn’t really care about winning a championship, because the Vikings are the obvious choice if he wanted a ring. He had too much pride to take a backseat role to a guy who will potentially surpass him in the record books.
    Last year for the Jets was a complete fluke, and let’s see if LT still thinks he made a good decision when it’s winter in N.Y. and he’s getting the crap kicked out of him because the Jets can’t pass the ball.
    And any Jet fan who is happy about this needs to have their head examined. You guys already had Thomas Jones who you let go, now you’re happy to get a guy who had HALF the season Jones did?

  85. JimmySmith says:
    The minute the Vikings put LT’s jersey on sale, the Jets were a done deal. There is something about the Vikings sad sack franchise that cause rationale thinking football players to go elsewhere.
    Thats why Brett, Darren, and Ryan wanted to be in Minnesota, huh?
    They leave GB SMILING, knowing they dont have to deal with that busch league front office.

  86. Wow you guys are really misinformed. If you watch the games you can see that lt has a much faster first step than tj in fact tj left a lot of yards on the table because he couldn’t make the first cut quick enough…. That’s why he lost his gig to Sean Greene geniuses.

  87. Relax Vikings fans. The Vikings are not making the SB with or without LT. If Favre returns he’ll throw at least 20 picks. The funny thing is both teams haven’t made a SB in 30+ years. Reguardless LT made the right choice. The Jets play on natural grass and have the best O-Line and Defense in football. He don’t need to be a 1000 yard back. He’ll get his 10 carries a game, mentor Shonn Greene and be a better option on 3rd down. All these haters out there saying he’s finished, is only going to make him play better. Thomas Jones likes to run into the back of his blockers. He could have easily had 1600+ if he had better vision. Thanks for the 3 years Thomas, good luck in KC.

  88. I think LT would have had a much better year with the Vikings. He could have been seen as a valuable player by showing he could mentor AP out of his fumble issues. What the vikings need to do is move Percy over to RB position (that guy is a damn good running back and would be perfect for the 3rd down position) and pick up T.O. If Favre comes back there is no question T.O. will be getting the ball enough not to have a reason to complain. Favre knows how to utilize all his players.

  89. Great news for the rest of the teams in the AFC East. Thomas Jones was a beast and I was excited when he signed with Kansas City. Now the Jets pick up LT as a replacement? 4 Years ago I would be worried, now I’m glad the Yets made the move! Go PHINS!!!!!!!

  90. LT signed for Thomas Jones money plus 100k. What does that tell you? It tells me he sure as hell isnt LT anymore.

  91. to all the faggy fish fans,
    your team was awsome last year you did good in the playoffs,NOT
    ViQueen fans,
    your gonna be a great team with tavaris as ur qb hahahahahahahahah, and as for AP hes bff with farve they farm together, they farm fumbles,
    Best o-line, best defense, a qb who will porve himself this year so keep hating we love it here in NY when our team is still playing and ur teams are sitting at home

  92. I hope he runs all over the pats.
    I think the next time will also be the first time.

  93. I love how all these genius fans are hating on the Jets. The Jets get so little respect its nuts. Any Jets story on this site you see a stream of comments from all different fans shitting on them. 6-10 next year? Are you people out of your minds? They had the best D in the league last year in their 1st year in the system. They’ve added pieces and will only be better there. Now for everyone saying Sanchez will have a sophomore slump. Get real. A slump from what? His whole rookie season was a slump lol, he had like 30 turnovers and only learned how to play in week 16 then was amazing. That playoff experience will do wonders and the Jets WILL be in the playoffs again this year.

  94. I’m a Dolphins fan and I’m not really sure what all the negative comments about this move are all about. I HATE the Jets but if this guy has his head screwed on straight this is a great pickup for them. He’ll be great in a tandem with you Greene.

  95. Dolfan34
    I can’t believe i’m saying this, but WOW, a dolphins fan finally says something worth while.
    I agree with you 100%. I guess you have to be a Jets fan to understand.

  96. As a Vikings fan I wanted LT so I’m not gonna turn around and bash the guy. Talking to some Chargers fans on PFT and from what I saw of LT last year, it seems like he still has some burst in his legs and can be a solid runner. He would have helped the Vikings and he will help the Jets.
    TO ALL MY FELLOW VIKINGS FANS: Just remember that last year we missed out on T.J. Houshyamama and we got Percy Harvin, a couple offseason’s ago we wanted Justin Smith, DE for the Bengals but he went to the 49ers, and we ended up trading for Jarred Allen, last year everyone (myself included) wanted us to trade for Jay Cutler and instead we got Brett Favre and ended up having one of the best season in franchise history.
    TO JETS FANS: I love the moves Rex Ryan is making for your team Edwards, Cromartie, and now LT are all big name guys who make plays, Sanchize is going to be a stud and your D is top notch, Revis ect…
    but lets not act like MN doesn’t have just as good a chance if not better at having long term success and being a team thats mentioned as a SuperBowl contender not just this year, but for for years to come. Yes, Favre took a pretty good team and made them upper echelon, but once he retires the cupboard is not bare AD is 24, Percy Harvin is 21, Jarred Allen is 28, and Kevin Williams is 29, those four guys are all Pro Bowlers and will dominate for years to come. You cant tell me a team that good cant go out in free agency or the draft and find someone to step in after Favre retires and keep the ball rolling.
    The LT signing will add a lot of juice to next years matchup between the two teams, and once we win I expect all you Jets fans, talking stuff, to come back and apologize for the things you said about the great Minnesota Vikings.

  97. Someone obviously didn’t stay at a holiday in express during his sleepover in NY. Cant really blame the guy though he’s a proclaimed good guy of the league and like all good guys, his wife made the decision for him. let’s think about this when it comes time for her to visit where would anyone rather go.

  98. Top 5 reasons Vikings didn’t need L.T. :
    5- The guy still thinks he is great and is not. Totally jealous of AD wouldn’t work good.
    4-The Vikings have a great locker room and attitude. Don’t need a whining pussy.
    3-The guy ate chicken at our great steakhouse…he belongs in a worthless dump like New York. Rex will teach him.
    2- His old lady made the decision to shop in New York. Mall Of America wasn’t enough.
    1- He wants a Dirty Sanchez that smells like a grilled stuffed burrito from the QB. We don’t roll like that in MN!

  99. I agree with the idea that LT obviously wants playing time more than he wants to pursue a ring. Even if Favre retires, I believe the Vikings still have a more complete team than the Jets do. Plus, AP, as good as he is, can’t always be relied to hold onto the ball, LT can. He would’ve been a great option for their 3 & short and goal line offense.
    I definately think the Jets get better by adding him, but if the Jets do make/win the Super Bowl, it won’t be because of LT.

  100. “As a [team name] fan, [lame opinion that nobody cares about]”
    Most annoying PFT commentor cliche ever. I want to shoot myself every time one of you retards start off your posts announcing what types of things you are a fan of. I don’t care. And it certainly doesn’t change how I feel about your worthless opinions.

  101. As much as I loved LT (I’m a diehard Charger fan), he always disappeared in the playoffs. I don’t see that trend ending with the Jets.

  102. Wow there’s some real venom from Vikes fans.
    Where’s all this hate coming from? Scared Vikes are gonna play Jets in the Superbowl and choke for the 5th time? Worried you’re gonna look stupid in your LT jerseys?
    Also, who’s your QB?
    Shocked there was a suggestion that the Vikes get TO. That’s retarded.

  103. Its funny to see all the Vikings fans who are now bailing on the guy that they couldnt wait to see sign with their team. Although I do agree that he doesnt care about winning a ring or he would have went and signed with the clear front runner by far in the NFC. The Super Bowl Champion New Orleans Saints. WHO DAT!!!!

  104. It’s been reported that Jets players weren’t too happy with the team cutting TJ because of the leadership he brought into the locker room. There is no way LT2 will replace him in that category.

  105. I would have liked to see LT in Minny. His skill set would have fit really well. But with the Jets he is still playing on a good team and will likely get much more touches. Chester Taylor averaged only 8 touches per game last season and LT would have figured the same. He could get 20 touches on that Jets team.
    I realize now why LT was so glowing and positive about his Vikings visit. He wanted the Jets to feel pressure. Oh well, just a backup RB. Westbrook?

  106. I find it extremely funny, that he chose jets. Vikings are trying to get people to pre order his jersey, but FAs don’t want to go to a team not knowing who the starting QB is. Way to go Favre, and the poor Vikings are too dumb to see that it happened to the Packers, now its happening to him, but they are still cool with “last years time table,” aka no plan for the future.

  107. markwhct says:
    March 14, 2010 6:21 PM
    YAAHH HOO! TJ will see it’s the line not him. LT will see another 1,ooo yard 10+ touchdown season. Waah Waah Minnesota! Like you had a chance.
    Seriously turd?
    Like he had a chance to get more than 150 touches in Minnesota.
    No one is crying here.

  108. PervySharstainharvin says:
    March 14, 2010 7:38 PM
    But face it, no free agents with a choice want to play for such an unstable franchise in such a crappy stadium, with such fair weather fans. (Unless you are a dope from mississippi.)
    JimmySmith says:
    March 14, 2010 7:56 PM
    There is something about the Vikings sad sack franchise that cause rationale thinking football players to go elsewhere.
    Clearly you two either don’t know football or are just imature children who simply make things up to support your hatred for a particular team. Actually, I think it’s both.
    Minnesota has one of the best records in the NFL for signing productive free agents, dating back to the pre-Tice era. S Hutchinson, A Winfield, P Williams, D Sharper, R Longwell, C Taylor, V Shiancoe, B Berrian, B Leber, C Chavous, D Smith, J Wiggins, L Johnstone, B Wade, M Robinson, K Robinson… These players, along with a dozen or so more, have ranged from All Pro to solid contributors. They’ve had only one big money bust over the past decade (F Smoot) although M Williams hasn’t lived up to his contract yet and may very well make it two. This of course doesn’t even count the old QB you said wouldn’t make it throught the season, yet went on to post his best statistical year of his career.
    But keep making things up if it makes you feel better…most children do.

  109. Rex Grossman says:
    March 15, 2010 12:58 AM
    “As a [team name] fan, [lame opinion that nobody cares about]”
    Most annoying PFT commentor cliche ever. I want to shoot myself every time one of you retards start off your posts announcing what types of things you are a fan of. I don’t care. And it certainly doesn’t change how I feel about your worthless opinions.
    Agree. It’s fricken annoying. Just the “as a ____fan, yada yada yada part. I don’t mind posting opinions but the “as a _____fan” beginning is so annoying.

  110. Good move for LT. That scheme plays 100% into his favor of what he wanted. Just remember Jets fans… this guy missed multiple games in his last 3 seasons due to injury, which was a huge reason for his lightened role in San Diego. Dude fragile.

  111. @jx4cmario1
    I actually like when people say what team they are rooting. I love hearing what the fans of other teams think, and its nice to know if there is a bias attached to an opinion. For example 2 years ago everyone was calling Vernon Davis a bust, but I often responded to them saying that I was a 49ers fan and that it was the Mike Martz system that was keeping him down. There is a different insight you get from watching a guy play week in and week out compared to just the monday night games or ESPN highlights. If Florio was smart or less lazy he would let us make VERY small profiles so everyone had to say what team they supported so Raiders fans can’t run around making fun of every other team.

  112. It was hard to judge how much of the 31 st rate run O was LT and the injured/avg OL. Dielman and Mcneil have been probowlers and I think Hardwick was an alternate. Vasquez did well at the other OG spot . RT was adequate until Clary got injured.
    LT was injured too. This year was tough to judge his performance because he was always coming back from an injury. That alone though is kind of a concern. His strength is his cutting and athletic skill, he was never a pile mover. Problem was he couldn’t make people miss as well last year so he may need bigger holes.
    At this stage I think TJ has a little more left in the tank based on a lot less useage so this doesn’ t look like an even exchange.

  113. Rex Grossman says:
    March 15, 2010 12:58 AM
    “As a [team name] fan, [lame opinion that nobody cares about]”
    As a Patriots fan, I disagree.
    Hope this helps

  114. @Tompadre
    You sure showed us. You are so mucher older, smarter and more mature than us.
    I salute you.
    But your viking franchise is still a shitty franchise. Type all you want, it changes no one’s mind.

  115. @ Ryan
    Only Matt Millen is dumb enough to give up a 2nd rounder for Leon Washington

  116. @SevenOcho
    As a 49er fan I would gladly take Washington for a 2nd rounder.

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