Cards could still pursue Anderson if they land Whitehurst

We’ll soon learn whether Chargers restricted free agent quarterback Charlie Whitehurst will sign an offer sheet with the Cardinals or Seahawks.

Derek Anderson drew immediate interest from both teams as well, so the loser in the Whitehurst derby makes a logical favorite for Anderson.  Darren Urban of the Cardinals’ team website, however, says he can see Anderson and Whitehurst joining the team.

Convincing Anderson to come to Arizona in that scenario is tricky, but it’s telling the Cardinals would be open to it. 

We passed along more rumblings in today’s one-liners that the team isn’t yet convinced Matt Leinart is their guy.  Their actions this offseason speak even louder their words on the topic.

6 responses to “Cards could still pursue Anderson if they land Whitehurst

  1. Problem with Leinart is that his soft tosses can’t brake a pane of glass. He’s an interception machine.

  2. “Convincing Anderson to come in that scenario is tricky, but it’s telling the Cardinals would be open to it. ” The blogger Florio writes about says “In fact, I can see a scenario where the Cards bring in both Whitehurst and Anderson with Matt Leinart.” This is much like the speculation with little proof Florio offers up on a daily basis at PFT.
    One blogger citing another blogger.

  3. The Cards had great success with a former Ram QB. They should do the same thing and somehow snag Mark Bulger.

  4. Not a big Cards fan but support them because they play a mile away from me. Getting Anderson would be a good move in my opinion. Normally I would say the line here would give even David Carr nightmares but they’ve developed into a consistent unit and even were able to protect the slow moving Warner for the most part. I’m one of the few that believe a QB with confidence can come in and be a better QB in Arizona. Unfortunately, Leinert isn’t going to be that guy. The only problem I see with Anderson is he seems to get his ego bruised fairly easily. That’s one thing that shouldn’t happen at home for the Cards. Decent pick up if they can sign him on the cheap for 3 years. Give Leinert a shot for 6 games, if he doesn’t produce you trade him and give it to Anderson and ride it out. But they better plan on picking up a QB next year.

  5. Matt Leinert’s passing ability peaked his first two years in the league. Still not convinced he can handle the starting duties.

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