Foxworth ran against Mawae for NFLPA president

nfl_ap_dsmith2_300.jpgIn a development that had not previously been reported and that possibly speaks to a disconnect between NFLPA President Kevin Mawae and Executive Director De Smith, Mawae was re-elected at the union’s annual meeting in Hawaii in a vote that included a challenger.

Ravens cornerback Domonique Foxworth.

According to Liz Mullen of SportsBusiness Journal, Mawae’s only challenger was Foxworth, who as we pointed out in June apparently is being groomed by Smith for bigger and better things.

Mawae told Mullen as to the outcome, “You don’t change leaders in the middle of a war.”

We disagree.  If you’re losing the war, change is sometimes necessary.  And Foxworth presumably didn’t decide on his own to challenge the status quo.  He undoubtedly counseled with Smith, who at most urged him to do it and who at least didn’t discourage the move against Mawae.

In the end, Mawae was the unanimous winner.  But that only means (in our view) that a second vote was taken after the initial vote, in the hopes of creating for the benefit of the NFL and the rest of us a sense that the voters are all on the same page.

Even if they really aren’t.

And so at a time when we wondered whether an anti-Smith coup could emerge in Maui, it looks like Smith might have tried to pull off a coup of his own.

32 responses to “Foxworth ran against Mawae for NFLPA president

  1. Yellow journalism anyone? No that would slap the word journalism in the face, this is pure grabage, get off Smith’s junk Flo, HE is destroying your sport!

  2. I thought you meant Foxworthy, the comedian, which would be needed at some of these negotiatons because a lock-out or high rookie salaries…they just aren’t that funny.

  3. Leaders who lead into war rarely get to see the peace. A war has absolute victors and absolute losers at the mercy of the victors.
    This jerk DeSmith has the wrong attitude. He is far too hostile and arrogant. He is going to lose big unless he makes a deal.
    He is going to lose his job and destroy the union. He will be remebered as one of the worst leaders ever.
    Someone should have DeSmith google PATCO.
    This will be more embarrassing than the Air Traffic Controllers losing everything in an illegal strike.

  4. Bob Nelson says:
    March 15, 2010 9:50 AM
    This will be more embarrassing than the Air Traffic Controllers losing everything in an illegal strike.
    Regan owned those bastards.

  5. “You don’t change leaders in the middle of a war.” – G.W. Bush
    That logic sure worked out well for the country.

  6. Foxworth is a decent guy and certainly see him as a move and shaker in the NFL and beyond.
    The goal is clear here. If Mawae can help prevent a lock out, then he was the right choice. If not, well, it was a unanimous failure.

  7. “That logic sure worked out well for the country.”
    And in case you didnt notice, changing from him has worked out far worse…

  8. ….. and this is why a lot of us bury our heads in the sand when it comes to politics. No one listens, or cares; the only voices they hear are the ones feeding their egos.

  9. “In the end, Mawae was the unanimous winner. But that only means (in our view) that a second vote was taken after the initial vote…”
    Just when you think Florio might be becoming an actual professional journalist- he proves to be once again a blogger with NFL connections.

  10. @chapnasty2:
    “And in case you didnt notice, changing from him has worked out far worse…”
    no…I’ve noticed no such thing. Would love to see you substantiate that…(on some other forum, natch)
    @Bob Nelson:
    “This will be more embarrassing than the Air Traffic Controllers losing everything in an illegal strike.”
    This is not an illegal strike….its a threatened “lockout”…big difference
    I agree with you Florio…If you’re losing the war perhaps a change is required. The players have spoken however…they want Mawae and that’s that…(had they let a 40 yard dash decide the contest maybe the outcome would have been different)

  11. Chapnasty2 says:
    March 15, 2010 10:18 AM
    “That logic sure worked out well for the country.”
    And in case you didnt notice, changing from him has worked out far worse…
    Worse now?! We are still dealing with the damage he and his cronies did. He was a tyrant, a liar and weapon of mass destruction. I love how Bush’s approval ratings, when he left, were near the lowest of all time. Now Obama comes in and is supposed to fix everything in 6 months. Foolish. Considering most of the Bush supporting clowns will do anything they can to ruin progress because on the backend they can accuse the current administration of doing nothing. So rather than doing what is best for Americans they continue to do what will get them re-elected, by dealing in fear and propaganda. You shouldn’t have got me started on this. Stick to football.
    Oh yeah and boysroll is a fool.

  12. Is Mawae even under contract with a team? I might have missed it but did he ever re-sign with the Titans?

  13. Foxworth should focus on playing CB. Namely tackling and cover drills would be a good place to start. He’s the last person to be complaining over money as he’s Greatly overpaid for his performance each week. I really think the union should follow the PGA’s union rules. That is win, make plays and you get a lot of money. don’t and you don’t! The guarenteed money should be all INCENTIVE based. For instance, a Rookie who doesn’t START AL 16 games DOESN”T DESERVE a Full signing bonus. I hope the union locks them out FOREVER and the arena league talent takesover the league.
    Football can be played and watched with midlevel talent just as it can with Overpaid talent.There’s a guy standing right behind you who’s willing to take the “RISK and DANGERS” of playing football just like the cop and firefighters are ready to take the RISK of DYING for 55K a year!

  14. “Now Obama comes in and is supposed to fix everything in 6 months.”
    Its been over a year, but I’m foolish? And in case you didnt know, and obviously you dont, Obama voted about 90% with Bush policies as a Senator. You are right.. stick to football.

  15. ” I love how Bush’s approval ratings, when he left, were near the lowest of all time.”
    And Obama’s are at the same level now and not to mention they are unconstitutionally going to force a health care bill down our throats even though the majority of Americans dont want it. These are facts, your words are opinions.

  16. Chapnasty, you said what I was thinking. If the current admin keeps on the way they are going by ignoring what the people want and are concerned about, things will only continue to get worse.
    Go Mawae!!

  17. Dominique Foxworth is a bright well spoken guy who will never have to worry about earning a living after football. He’s a winner on & off the field.

  18. Jeff Foxworthy is just what is need right now to get these over paid players in line.
    He could bring Larry the Cable Guy oh forgot he is coaching in Oakland

  19. What is this Fox News? After I get my facts I will post you the links of where I got my information. Instead of just flapping my gums.

  20. Just because its the off-season doesn’t mean Foxworth isn’t still getting beat – It’s just like in the games.

  21. @ osack
    Do you actually watch Fox News or are you just repeating what Obama told you to say? It must be nice to just follow someone blindly.

  22. Agree with Brewster–Foxworth is decent guy, and he’ll have his opportunity to do some good further down the line; but for now it’s Mawae’s “war”.
    As for Bush–his greatest fault is that he SPENT like a liberal (that is, like a drunken sailor on shore leave, with not a shred of accountability for his debts).
    But by comparison, OWEbama dwarfs him. He spends like a drunken sailor on shore who just won the lottery AND is dying of cancer, and all of it AFTER the financial meltdown, the subprime mortagage crisis, bank bailouts, skyrocketing unemployment, etc.
    And six months? My brown asterisk. Dems have controlled Congress since 2006, and Obeyma’s been in power for well over a year…and all they know how to do is SPEND, sell out our children’s futures to Chinese creditors.
    Enough of the excuses.
    Politicians are addicts, spending is the addiction, and the American people have, up to now, been both victims and enablers.
    But enough is enough–it’s time for an INTERVENTION, time to pull the piggies in Washington away from the trough.
    Anyone with a lick of common sense knows that first step towards getting out of a (12.5 trillion dollar) hole is to PUT DOWN THE GODDAMM SHOVEL!!

  23. look, i enjoy a spirited political argument as well as the next and i certainly am in agreement with my left leaning brethren but i also think this blog is not the place to bring that type of stuff up. mr comment editor please do not allow any more political views in the comment section! ban people that refuse to adhere to the rule!

  24. @Chapnasty2 “they are unconstitutionally going to force a health care bill down our throats even though the majority of Americans dont want it.”
    Obviously you’re clueless. Dude, you not to stop quoting FOX news and the republican talking points. Nobody forcing anything down your throats. if you don’t want it, stick with your insurance. You Republican clowns kill me. Get over it already. You ain’t patriotic and nothing of the sorts. All you clowns want is a divisive country with your way or the highway attitude. Sorry guy, the good ol’ boy days are over.

  25. @ jag
    You are clearly the clueless one. They are forcing it since the people don’t want it and they don’t have the votes for it. And the “good ol boy” days you are referring to, will be back in November. You had your shot and blew it in less than a year. I am not quoting Fox News, as it has been on for 8 hours of my day every day most Fox bashers, including yourself are ignorant, and no I don’t pick the channel someone else does and it irritates me like the other 2 networks.
    It’s a simple concept. Politicians are elected to represent the people and when they do something that isnt representative of the people then it is in fact the opposite of what they were sent there to do. Obama has been doing this for over a year, unemployment skyrocketing and absolutley nothing else has gotten done. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean you can deny it.

  26. @Chapnasty2
    We do agree on one thing. Yes, last year was the year to get it done and Obama was spineless trying to playing “let’s all get along”. Any Republican would have pushed it through just like a war with no WMD(Bush).
    Secondly, yes the other 2 networks aren’t too much better, but they do report on some good things the Obama administration is doing and not all DOOM and GLOOM like FOX. Fox plays to those wingnut right-wingers b/c they know that is 100% of their viewers especially those ridiculous Tea Party Klan rallies.
    As far as unemployment goes, Obama isn’t David Copperfield. You can’t just go poof and all of a sudden millions of jobs appear. I know you and your fellow buddies think Obama is the Anti-christ, but there was another guy in office for 8 years before him who gave tax cuts to the wealthiest of people. Where was of the outrage then?
    The problem is most of you guys, not saying that you do, but most that have a huge problem with the administration have this racial outrage. Of course no one will admit it, but it’s evident at all of those Tea Party and Rebulican rallies. How does anyone from this country, which is suppose to be the greatest, can compare the President of the United States to HITLER, freaking HITLER are you kidding me! Then put the president with a Joker face and put all type of racial slur signs out openly. Sorry guy, you will never win an argument with me. I repsect your views, but we’re on two sides of the river just like Congress, which is unfortunate.

  27. Both are fine men. Director Smith has a really tough fight on his hands because he is going up against the most powerful owners of athletes in all of history. The NFL Owners have him and the Players “working in the dark” at this point because they have refused to open their books. Seems like a “not so good thing” to me. The NFL, a non profit organization? Ain’t that a kick in the head.
    Bob Grant
    Independent Activist/Advocate
    Bernie Parrish Team Member

  28. Jag,
    I don’t care what football team you root for, what news network you watch, or what party you vote for:
    Redistribution of wealth in any form is just UN-AMERICAN (Un-Constitutional).
    If it’s plain old charity, for true charity cases–Fine. Then just say so.
    But enough sneaky Trojan Horse social welfare crap.
    Next the NFL will be TAKING draft picks from the Colts, Pats, etc. and GIVING them to the Rams, Lions, etc.
    “Everybody gets a trophy”–no matter how they perform–is that the kind of country you want to live in?
    Then go to Cuba.
    The Tea Parties might just be the last chance this country has to save itself.

  29. @Dewey Axewoond
    Seriously, save redistribution of wealth, socialism, marxism, fascism talk for the next guy. I’ve heard enough of the same falsehoods you guys have been spreading since 2008. Enough already. And as for your NFL analogy I believe you’re speaking of the 95% of the country who will not and hasn’t had a tax increase. Now if you’re the 5% then hey get mad all you want.
    As far as everyone gets a trophy, i guess you’re speaking of healthcare and YES everyone should have healthcare. If someone is in the ER and on their death bed with no healthcare the hospital has to treat them. Who do you think pays for that treatment, you and I through increased insurance premiums and more contribution every pay check to Medicare. If that person had insurance then maybe they would not be on their death bed and been treated for their illness prior to coming to the ER as a last result.
    You think the Tea Parties are the last chance for this country to save itself. Please tell me you’re not serious. But if you are all I’ve gotta to say about that is WOW.

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