Giants' Ware signs his tender

Players designated as exclusive-rights free agents can hardly even be described as free agents at all, seeing as they have zero opportunity to shop themselves around.

Ultimately, exclusive-rights free agents are basically stuck with signing their tender offers, and that’s what one such player, Giants running back Danny “DJ” Ware, has done.

A league source tells PFT that Ware signed his tender today.

Ware is a three-year veteran who started to get a little bit of playing time in 2009, picking up 73 yards on 13 carries and scoring the Giants’ only touchdown in their debacle of a season finale, a 44-7 loss to the Vikings.

8 responses to “Giants' Ware signs his tender

  1. when are the Giants going to address the problems with Brandon Jacobs
    he’s definately lost a step

  2. i always thought Ware had potential, but the injuries last year really hampered his chance to show he should stick around. i would imagine the Giants will give him every chance to lose the 3rd RB job, but with the Giants depth chart loaded with Jacobs, Bradshaw, Gartrell Johnson and the returning Andre Brown (who Coughlin raved about before Brown went down with an achilles injury)… it definitely won’t be easy for him to break camp as one of the 2010 53.

  3. Manuich you are correct, ware will be the 4th back on this team below brown. Brown is one of the more promising players on the gmen right now and I personally can’t wait to see him play

  4. It’s amazing how RB’s have gotten so expendable the last decade or so. Maybe they always have been and we just haven’t noticed.

  5. Ok so no one has seen Andre Brown play in the pro’s yet and people have the opinon Brown is one of the more promising players for the GMEN. Makes Sense.
    Andre Brown, never had even 1000 yds in college and now has had 3 surgeries since he started his college career…..sure he could be good…..but WTF are you talking about?

  6. “when are the Giants going to address the problems with Brandon Jacobs
    he’s definately lost a step”
    He’s definitely garbage. The biggest, softest, gum-flapping running back I’ve ever seen. After almost every carry he limps off the
    field like the cunt he is…

  7. Andre Brown tore his achilles. He’ll be lucky to ever play again, let alone pass Ware on the depth chart.

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