Report: Giants win "secret" coin toss, Woody Johnson outraged

The Jets don’t have to play in Giants Stadium anymore, but they still feel like they are being treated as second class citizens.

The New York Daily News reports Jets owner Woody Johnson is “outraged” after the Giants won a secret coin toss Monday to determine what team gets to play first in the new Meadowlands Stadium.   Apparently, no Jets or Giants representatives were in attendance for the flip.

The decision was reportedly made at the league offices, an odd development after a NFL spokesman said Saturday that commissioner Roger Goodell would solely determine the schedule

Whether the league likes it or not, Johnson’s “outrage” is going to create the impression that the decision was conveniently rigged.  And the Jets, as usual, got the short end of the stick. 

We can’t wait to see Tuesday’s back pages after this one.

110 responses to “Report: Giants win "secret" coin toss, Woody Johnson outraged

  1. Jackie Chiles: That’s totally inappropriate. It’s lewd, vesivius, salacious, outrageous!

  2. Solution:
    They play each other. Wow, and I didn’t have to go to law school. or waste time and money arguing about it.

  3. Roger Goodell: “How oh how am I going to decide whether the Giants or Jets get the opening game in the new stadium?”
    Random NFL Employee: “Hey! The Jets just signed L.T. for $5.1 million for two years!”
    Roger Goodell: “WTF?! F- the Jets, Giants get the opener”.

  4. The Jets didn’t even know when the coin toss was going to be held. Can’t get much more secret than that!

  5. What do you expect? The Jets are the working class team of the two. There is no way that the NFL would allow the blue collar team to have the first game. Personally I think it is a farce, but I am not making 12 million a year like Goodell so my opinion means as much as florio’s.

  6. The Jets talk way too much crap from the tip top of the orginazation to the parking attendants. It’s going to be fun (as usual) watching them underpreform.

  7. Jackie Chiles: Yeah that’s going to be a problem. It’s gonna be a problem for them. This a clear violation of your rights as a consumer. It’s an infringement on your constitutional rights. It’s outrageous, egregious, preposterous.

  8. This is great news for the Jets. Now they can play the victim even more. And it also feeds into their sick fascination with the Giants. Some teams need that sort of high-school motivation. It’s childish for sure… but if that’s what floats their boat then have at it.

  9. Well I guess this is consistent with Goodel trying to screw the Jets – didn’t he personally arrange to bring in Brett Favre last year?

  10. Sounds like they could have made this event a 30 min special on YES and maybe some other sports station. Start it with a virtual tour/how it was made time lapse of the new Meadowlands and end the show with the coin toss.
    I wouldn’t watch, but some Giant and Jet fans might…bored ones anyway.

  11. Rumor has it that a league-selected team rep was at the coin toss for the Jets. His last name ryhmes with “Bones.”

  12. The Jets deserve the short end of the stick, they are the second team in New York, and no matter how much hot air Rex Ryan blows, the Jets will always be the junior varsity in New York.
    It’s tradition, history and class that make the Giants the number one team in NY.

  13. Isn’t it time to get rid of the “Coin Toss” and have any ties determined by last years draft position?

  14. seriously… it that hard to put up, first week of the season, a Giants Vs Jets game? coinflip on the field to determine home team. loser gets to choose whether to accept or defer. game on.

  15. Dear N.Y. Jets,
    Actually, wouldn’t you guys love to see the Giants play out of Yankee Stadium again?
    And if that was the case, the Jets could go play in some Hoboken dumpster.

  16. Wow! I would be outraged too. No Jets representatives were there? Seriously? Was there even a coin flip? The league is looking very questionable.

  17. Sounds extremely fishy. Goodell has struck me as someone in the tank for the Giants from Day 1 though.

  18. The New York Football Giants or the pathetic jets?
    – cornerstone NFL franchise
    – key reason why NFL has flourished into Americas game.
    – 7 NFL titles (3rd most in league)(3 super bowls, 4NFL championships)
    – first of remaining NFL franchises to win NFL title (1927)
    – played in the greatest game ever played in 1958.
    – HOfamers galore
    – super bowl 3
    Hmm….I wonder who the NFL thinks is more deserving of opening up the stadium.

  19. Jets are claiming interference as the coin hit the kitchen counter and, hence, it doesn’t count. Get over it and accept the fact that you’re always second fiddle to the Giants in NY. This is what the league prefers.

  20. How does something like this happen ? I’d ask for an official review. Hochuli could go under the tent and say anything. The Jets never would get to see it that way. Or it could be like that controversial OT coin flip in 98 between the Lions and the Steelers. He-ails. Ta-eads.
    BTW, it’s like, “Who gets to drive the new car first?”.

  21. Maybe they should have been worrying more about this and less about how to put an add in a Kansas City newspaper to try and soften the effects of the worst personel decision so far this offseason.
    I can’t wait for the Pats to make LT cry/whine/bitch twice a year until he retires.

  22. I think it’s more a case of the Commish deciding the schedule by saying, “heads, the Giants win. tails, the Jets lose.”
    Asked to comment, Ben Roethlisberger said, “I can totally symphatize with the Jets. Tail has made me lose a lot.”

  23. Fair is fair. The fairness was already decided in favor of the senior team.
    Naturally, the parasitical AFL/AFC team goes second. It is only fair.

  24. What bullshit. I can’t stand New York teams but I’ve always had kind of a soft spot for the Jets. The fact that they are always treated like second-class citizens bothers me. Their fans are at least passionate and stick by the team for better or worse (usually worse). However, the sad reality is that they always play second fiddle to a Giants team whose fanbase is a bunch of fairweather douches.

  25. of course johnson is mad
    a fixed coin toss
    wakey wakey!
    just like all those NFL nationally televised huge upsets

  26. enough with the Jets vs. Giants game to determine it. It wouldn’t solve anything, because the Jets would cry about who wears the home team colors. And it still doesn’t matter because the NFC east and AFC east don’t play each other this season. They’re gonna shuffle the schedule that’s been in use for 10 years because of 1 new stadium? Psh. Just give it to the team that people actually care about — the Giants.

  27. Jets will probably given the first preseason game which really is the first NFL game in the new rip-off stadium.

  28. Roger Goodell is turning the NFL into a favoritism league. He clearly has his favorites and has a different measuring stick for the others. I hate this guy with a passion and would punch his f’ing lights out if ever close to him.

  29. Schedule them both for home games the first week. One of them plays sunday, the other plays on MNF. Problem solved.

  30. What’s really funny….is that neither team can afford to build a stadium in their actual cities of New York…since the Stadium is still in New Jersey, they should be forced to take on the names of New Jersey Giants/Jets…how awesome would that be to piss of the New York fans? 🙂

  31. It’s ok, since the Giants will be the ones envious of the Jets success, as they spend year just trying to figure out what went wrong.

  32. Its simple… whichever team sells more tickets/psl’s for the 2010 wins the right to host the first game.
    It helps drive ticket sales, helps build fan loyalty, and keeps both franchises in the news for a few more weeks.
    League is all about money, right? Then this is the only solution.

  33. All the Giants asses should get a little education…THE JETS are more of an owner of that stadium than the Giants..the Giants are living on memories..the Jets are the NFL’s future..the Giants will be under 500 this year..the Jets will be AFC’s top seed…the nation does not care about the Giants the nation loves the Jets…I laugh at all of the “old school” NFL apologists……the Giants HAHA show some heart playing before you dare to try and pretend to be an NFL teamm

  34. @Dixon29:
    Nothing worse than a moran posing as brilliant.
    How will the season ticket holder[s] of say row A, seats 29 and 30 for bothJets and Giants fit in the same seats at the same time? Douchebag.
    At the same time, is it unbelievable that on 2010 this is the best we can do?

  35. First game being Jets vs Giants settles nothing. How would you have the season ticket holders from both teams in the stadium at once?

  36. Woody really has balls to be “outraged” if he was.
    The Giants were New York’s premier NFL team on the day Johnson was born, and they still are.
    Neither he not the Jets fans have any reason to be outraged. It’s not like they’re coming off winning a super Bowl or two.
    If Johnson should be outraged about anything recently it’s the dumb move the Jets made in getting rid of Thomas Jones and signing LT for more money. Can you say locker room dissension?

  37. I’m wondering if having them play each other solves the problem at all?
    For example, when the Giants sell a PSL or a season ticket package I assume that the revenue goes directly to the Giants and when the Giants are “home” their fan would get the seat. The Jets meanwhile sell that same seat to one of their fans for the Jets 8 “home” games.
    So if I were a Giants season ticket holder I couldn’t just show up for a Jets game and take my seat. Thus even if they play each other whichever team is considered away – their fans are going to have to buy tickets like it was an away game.

  38. It is humorous that more than one person has suggested the league solve the problem by having the first game be the Jets vs. Giants. What they’ve neglected to research is the fact that these two teams do not play each other in 2010.

  39. The Jets are lucky that the NFL even entertained their stupid suggestion for the coin flip anyway.
    The Jets, have been, are, and always will be second class to the Giants.

  40. Funny two NEW YORK Teams still can’t build a stadium in New York. Why don’t they award the first game to the team who actually changes their name to where they play. New Jersey Jets or New Jersey Giants.
    Hear’s hoping the Ravens get to spoil fatboy’s home opener in the same sh$$thole highway stop known as the meadowlands!

  41. As always, heads giants win, tails jets lose.
    Jets got what they deserved for crying like schoolgirls about it.
    Maybe if they would win and AFC title or SB again people might listen to them. Nah.
    Gmen were building a stadium with or without the lowly Jets.
    Thanks for chipping in Jetsies.
    and thanks for bringing attention to first home game. Dopes.

  42. The Jets got to close out Giants Stadium. It’s only fair that they get to christen the new one. It was a load of crap that the Jets closed out Giants Stadium, it be an even bigger injustice if they got the honor of closing and opening the stadium.

  43. If you follow this site, that usually means that you follow the NFL a little closer than the average fan. Why then, must some people suggest that the first game be NYG vs. NYJ??
    Seriously, the NFL is the easiest sport to determine scheduling. Every team plays their division twice (once away; once at home), a NFC division once, and an AFC division once (on a four year rotation). The remaining two games are played against the teams, within the conference, that finished in the same spot in their division. This is usually the best retort to the argument that teams within a division had an easier/harder schedule because the schedule can only vary by two opponents.
    Next year the Jets play the NFC North, not the NFC East.
    And that is why the first game can not be NYG vs. NYJ.

  44. It’ll be the Cowboys. The Giants were the first team at Big Screen Depot and Manning signed the wall so the league will undoubtedly give Romo the chance to return the favor.

  45. why would the jets play the first game in a stadium thats called giants stadium….heres an idea u wanna play the first game in a stadium then build that shit urself jackass stop moochin

  46. Gaiterdan65 says:
    Dear N.Y. Jets,
    Actually, wouldn’t you guys love to see the Giants play out of Yankee Stadium again?
    And if that was the case, the Jets could go play in some Hoboken dumpster.
    Gaiterdan65, they tried to. We all know the story and steps of why that didn’t work.
    Wait, with a username like “Gaiterdan”, perhaps you are really THAT stupid.
    Never mind. Babble on.

  47. minimizes it a bit when a guy named “Woody” is “outraged”. hard to take “Woody” seriously.

  48. And the the trumpet sounds WAH-WAH. Since the team is going stink anyway, the superior team should go first. Besides good ‘ol Woody should be more “outraged” with his gm for letting a top tier back like Thomas Jones get away and replacing him with has-been LT.

  49. Everyone who is saying the Giants should play the Jets in the first game… STOP!!!
    Don’t you realized that the match-ups are already set for this year!!! This is basic NFL information. Come on get a clue.

  50. Would Roger Godell and the league lie to us? Does Elmer Fudd have trouble pronouncing the letter R?

  51. Um, hasn’t the league always settles scheduling conflicts with a coin toss minus team representatives?

  52. Why not have Jets-Vikings on Sunday night and Giants-Bears on Monday?
    LT vs the team he almost joined. Favre vs Sanchez.
    Peppers first game as a Bear……
    Sure,the Jets would get the first first game but I mean…somebody isn’t going to be totally happy.
    At least both get the opening weekend spotlight against exciting opponents.

  53. Each team plays a game at the same time, getting half the field to play on. The 50 yd. line is one end zone…

  54. So Giants will open up the new stadium the way they closed the old one, losing by 38 points. Sanchez and the Jets are far more competitive than the Giants, the NFL blew it as always as usual.

  55. Only two reasons I can think that Goodell would screw the Jets like this: either Joe Namath tried to kiss him , or Rex Ryan tried to eat him.

  56. It’s starting to get on my nerves that everyone is suggesting they play each other. They play each other every 4 years and this is not the year they play.
    I’m neither a giant or jet fan but the giants deserve it over the jets. Sorry one fluky season doesn’ mean you deserve the game over a charter franchise.

  57. Also it was leaked months ago the first game was giants/bears on SNF week one. Florio should’ve known that since he is part of the nbc family now.

  58. @ jamaltimore
    “Hear’s hoping the Ravens get to spoil fatboy’s home opener in the same sh$$thole highway stop known as the meadowlands!”
    calling the meadowlands a sh$$thole?, hahaha.
    uh, have you seen baltimore lately?

  59. I got a good idea….. have a stadium for the Jets and have a stadium for the Giants.
    I know, I know, I am a genius.

  60. 1. Jets fans are being a little rediculous. Giants are fairweather fans? Giants tickets have been sold out for years, and until recently they had a 30 year waiting list.
    2. Giants have announced that they have sold over 70,000 PSL’s for new stadium. Jets have yet to release a number. Don’t you think if it were good, they would be trumpeting it for all to hear?
    3. Jets closed the last stadium.
    4. Jets probably tried to embarass the league when they announced the coin toss, with the potential for fans to be in attendance. How did that work for you?
    5. Is hosting the first regular season game in the new stadium the biggest thing? I understand both team wanting the honor, but at the end of the day – what will it mean 1 year, 5 years 30 years from now?

  61. Does it count that the coin had heads on both sides?
    Attaboy Roger. You just succeeded in proving once and for all that there is no favoritism in the NFL.

  62. Thanks for the green Woody.
    Per ur request we added the green lights you asked for to make you feel at home 8 weeks a year.
    Dont get all loud now. You paid the appropraite right to share with the Giants. Your team needs to win something to chirp as loud as you do.
    And dont make to much noise driving past our practice facility right next to the new stadium when heading over to floram park.

  63. To all asshole Giant fans: The Jets made the NFL what it is today by winning SB3. If they don’t win that game the leagues don’t merge. Also the Jets paid for half the stadium, so stop bitching is not Giants Stadium anymore, get over it. If the Giants had enough money they would have there own stadium. At least the Jets put GIANTS Stadium to bed with a 40 point VICTORY. That be said, who really gives a damn who opens the Stadium. The Giants will miss the playoffs again and the second class Jets will host at least two playoff games.

  64. Everyone knows this Jets take the back seat to the G-Monstas. The old field was ours, and so is the new one. The Jets merely pay rent.

  65. Jet fans are the losers who couldn’t get Giants tickets. Jest fans are the white-trash scum of NFL fans, the toothless alcoholic goons who can’t be trusted with a beer after halftime. It’s Giants Stadium, always has been, the Jests are tenants, not occupants. Maybe someday they’ll get tired of being second-rate and they’ll get their own stadium to use. It’s so much fun listening to Jests fans gloat (in their broken English with the shoddy grammar), always champions months before the season starts. Then comes September and reality sets in. They’ll be lucky to win six games next year, they’ll easily be the most overrated and disappointing team in 2010…guaranteed.

  66. Anyone else get a kick out of people who refer to the stadium as “ours”?
    You are just a fan. You are not a member of the front office, the ownership group, or the team. Nothing is yours and there is no “we”.

  67. It seems pretty logical to have the two teams play each other. Instead the league decides it is better publicity to resort to the always shady coin flip….. We all know this is the slowest part of the year for NFL fans. It is either news like this or enough draft talk to the point you would swear it was this weekend.

  68. U must be thinking of the Giants Newtrocknee! Special Ed. for Eli hasn’t worked out well the last couple years

  69. The JETS could allow Rex Ryan to belch out a new stadium for them.
    Lap Band Stadium….
    All the food is half off…..Literally half off….

  70. The Jets are the short end of the stick and have been the short end of the stick for decades. One would have to go all the way back to Broadway Joe for them to have mattered.
    Now with what they have done with Jones, turning down his offer to them to meet KC price only to give a player that has been washed up for 3 years more money will tear this team apart. That Burger loving coach ever started talking team around me I would laugh his ass out of the room.
    The Jets are a joke and always have been and now have to take a back seat to the Giants. And what is with the BS add they put in the KC Paper?

  71. The Jets drove up the cost of this stadium by meddling with it while trying to get their own stadium.

  72. To dcowboy7
    The decision could have been made before the schedule was put together. Its not like this stadium was built within the last week.

  73. @ usedtobeateddybear
    it would not be the first time the two played each other. I could be wrong but I am guessing the season ticket issue would be decided by what team would be considered the home team. However that would probably involve a coin flip as well. What a joke.

  74. One of the few things the VaGiants will be winning this year….won’t win many games. 6-10. Book it.

  75. # NYG27343856869007 says:
    – cornerstone NFL franchise
    – key reason why NFL has flourished into Americas game.
    – 7 NFL titles (3rd most in league)(3 super bowls, 4NFL championships)
    – first of remaining NFL franchises to win NFL title (1927)
    – played in the greatest game ever played in 1958.
    – HOfamers galore
    I continue to laugh at the “historians” from New York. I hate to tell you BUT the first of the “remaining” NFL franchises to win an NFL title was the Chicago Cardinals, if want to exclude the fact that the NFL started as the APFA in 1920. If you don’t then the Chicago Staleys were the first of the remaining NFL teams to win in 1921. Also, when the NFL was flourishing into America’s Game, the Giants were a bunch of losers. BTW, they LOST that game in 1958…..

  76. why is it so hard for the nfl to understand why the jets & giants shouldn’t play each other in the season opener? i know there are complications with season ticket holders sharing the same seats but haven’t these teams squared off in the regular season before? yes they have. so why on gods green earth would #1 the nfl not have the 2 teams match up in the opener and #2 why aren’t the jets & giants saying this same thing to the nfl?it is after all thier stadium and fans why not let them celebrate together after all it’s probly going to be the only real football event for either team this year. give the dogs there day

  77. Cant believe Woody fell for the 50/50 pitch.
    I hear the powerpoint presentation had green pie charts and graphs.

  78. Cant believe Woody fell for the 50/50 pitch.
    I hear the powerpoint presentation had green pie charts and graphs.

  79. Maybe Lawrence Taylor sent a hooker to Woody’s hotel room the night before the coin toss. Or maybe it was Goodell’s room.

  80. They should have done “ink a dink” but then Woody never wins in ink a dink!!!!!
    Or just have his majesty LT decide.

  81. The coin toss had nothing to do with who plays the first game in the new stadium.
    It was to see which team was going to get LaDainian Tomlinson.
    The Jets lost the toss.

  82. cizzie4shizzie says:
    March 15, 2010 3:06 PM
    U must be thinking of the Giants Newtrocknee! Special Ed. for Eli hasn’t worked out well the last couple years
    Hey bonehead only two other teams have won it all since Eli and one of those teams won for the first time.
    So you keep bashing the Giants and we will keep cheering on our team.
    As for the JETS you had your glory this past year time to spend 40 more years wishing you were the giants.
    The NFL just did not woody and his johnson in the owners box for the opening game.


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