Seahawks dump Deon Grant, Darryl Tapp signs tender

At a time when the Seattle Seahawks have been exploring the possibility of forking over some big money to players from other teams, they have decided not to fork over any further money to one of the free agents they signed in a prior year.

Gone is safety Grant, the team announced on Monday.  Per Greg Johns of, Grant was due to earn $17 million in nonguaranteed salary over the next three years, starting with $4 million in 2010.

In any other year, the Seahawks would have had to determine the cap acceleration and ask themselves whether it makes more sense to carry the dead money or to pay the $4 million and keep the player, possibly at a lower cap number.  This year, however, the absence of a salary cap allows them to dump Grant at no cap charge — because there’s no cap.

Meanwhile, the Seahawks have announced that defensive end Darryl Tapp, a restricted free agent, has signed his tender, and thus is now under contract for 2010.

Finally, long snapper Matt Overton has been cut.

Yes, that Matt Overton.  The Matt Overton of whom you had never previously heard.

19 responses to “Seahawks dump Deon Grant, Darryl Tapp signs tender

  1. Matt Overton… he almost made that one tackle in the superbowl a few years ago…but didn’t. Then he blamed the refs.

  2. Welcome to Cleveland, Deon…you can play alongside your old teammate, Jake “Daylight come and you gotta” Delhomme

  3. Hey Florio, could you give some information on what happens with a cap acceleration (assuming a new cap in 2011 with similar rules as previously) if a player is cut during the 2010 season (say, after week 16)?
    Looking at Grant, would the team still be able to take the full cap acceleration in 2010 (where there is no cap), or will there be signing bonus money acceleration postponed to 2011 if a player is on the opening day roster?

  4. The Packers should Grant and dump Bigby before they suffer through another injury plagued season with him.

  5. Deon Grant,, too bad he has stared almost everygame since his rooky year without injury.. A few ACL tears and the Eagles woulda been all over him. Guess he’s a bit toooooo reliable and productive.

  6. It’s an understandable move to save money, and it’s going to lend to the talk that they are targeting Eric Berry. That said, they are expanding the number of holes that the team has to cover, as Deon Grant, while not worth what he was paid, was a decent-solid starter. It’s a deep safety crop, though, so if they address other areas earlier (OL/DL) they may be able to nab a safety and find a developmental QB in the 2nd/3rd range.

  7. This confirms in my mind that the Seahawks will be targeting a safety in the first round. Either Eric Berry where they pick at #6 or Taylor Mays at #14 (or maybe #6, as I can see Carroll reaching for one of his boys in that position).

  8. SharpelikeShannon says:
    March 15, 2010 9:42 PM
    Welcome to Cleveland, Deon…you can play alongside your old teammate, Jake “Daylight come and you gotta” Delhomme
    What a lame ass comment you pencil dick nerd.

  9. Grant getting axed is sure a disappointment. There are very few secondaries our pitiful 49er passing game could exploit. Seattle’s was one of them…
    Maybe the Cards will sign him… That’d be nice…

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