Woody Johnson suggests that there was coin-toss cheating

The NFL’s 32 teams have done a great job of staying on the same page regarding the ongoing labor dispute.  When it comes to which of the two teams who share a stadium will play at that new stadium, unity has yielded to the notion of really rich guys wanting to always get their way.

Jets owner Woody Johnson has issued a statement complaining about the procedure that the league used to determine that the Giants will play the first regular-season game at their mutual new venue.  And Johnson essentially is saying that he thinks the league cheated.

“An NFL coin toss has a few fundamental elements that are missing here, most notably the presence of the teams involved,” Johnson said.  “That’s how it’s always done in the League, whether it’s determining the order of the draft or deciding who’s going to kick off the game.  When the issue of which team would be hosting the first regular season game could not be resolved on the merits, I suggested a coin toss as the fairest way to resolve this issue.  The League rejected that idea.  Then, I was told on Friday that a coin toss had taken place at the League office and that the Jets had lost.  We rejected a process in which neither team was present.  The League departed from our time-honored tradition and declined the opportunity to set the matter straight with a transparent process.”

In other words, Johnson thinks that there was no coin toss.  Or that if there was, a Mulligan or a best-of-three (or five or seven) format was employed.

Either way, the Jets — who have escaped multiple instances of suspected (or actual) cheating under the tampering rules — are now basically accusing the league of cheating.  Just like the Jets accused the Patriots nearly 2.5 years ago of cheating.

Apart from the fact that Johnson apparently thinks he was cheated, why does he care enough to issue a statement to which many could react by concluding that he’s being petty?

As Peter King of SI.com put it, “Hey Woody:  Care about something that matters.”

Regardless, the clip we posted a few days ago now has even greater relevance.

100 responses to “Woody Johnson suggests that there was coin-toss cheating

  1. Petty? Are you serious? No press, no teams present is outrageous, not oetty. Midget.

  2. G-e-t your J-E-T-S a-s-s to the B-A-C-K of the B-U-S, LOL. Second Class franchise all the way to the rear entrance of the new G-I-A-N-T stadium.

  3. 1.”Either way, the Jets — who have escaped multiple instances of suspected (or actual) ” The correct word would be unfounded.
    2. “Just like the Jets accused the Patriots” Get your story straight.
    3. “Basically accusing the league of cheating”. Never heard Woody say that, he only wished it was out in the open which I am sure most people would agree.

  4. At least the NFL didn’t do one of those shams where they pretend to let the fans vote and then just pick whatever/whoever they want to win anyway like they do on “American Idol.”

  5. I would sue so fast your heart would stop.
    This could have been the biggest flip since Sammy Gravano.

  6. What a Dick Woody Johnson
    Woody you bought the stepchild get over yourself
    Your team is the also ran your team name is perfect for it rimes with mets the other #2 team in the NY area.
    Your fan base is on Long Island when you closed down your training camp on Long Island that school closed down its football program due to lack of funds.
    You want it your way should have moved to Long Island.
    Go take some J&J asprin and call someone who cares in the morning.

  7. a sad old man. so he knew the league wanted the giants to open the new giants stadium so when he found out he acted like a rich spoiled little brat that didnt get his way. all this guy cares for is the spotlight. u have to actually win championship games and super bowls to overtake big blue in NY not do it thru the gossip pages

  8. wah wah wah wah… shut up Jet losers. No one wants to see you play on Monday night and at least you got that. J.E.T.S…. SUCK SUCK SUCK

  9. It’s all B.S. If the Giants didn’t care they could have conceded the 1st game to the Jets but since both teams wanted the game they got it right by having a coin toss.
    The fact that nobody was there makes this smell fishier than Giants fans vagina’s

  10. Care more about his daughter and less about the fact they aren’t as popular as the Giants in NY or across the country. They are extremely popular, but not as popular as the Giants.
    The league would be dumb to let the Jets christen the new stadium, because more people across the country will watch whoever the Giants open against on MNF or SNF than the Jets.
    It’s business Woody, the same justification as you dropping Thomas Jones, then signing Tomlinson for more money, then taking out an ad in KC about how Jones is awesome.

  11. Hey Peter King: “Get off your fat a$$ and do your job by investigating and reporting on this story; instead of being an NFL PR writer and New England Patriot cheerleader.”

  12. Sock_Puppet….this isn’t the last schlitz in the fridge you’re fighting your old lady over.
    This is a 1.6 billion penis extension for a couple of rich guys. Nobody expects you to understand.

  13. Who cares? Why don’t the Jets just go play in their own stadium? Maybe actually play in New York?

  14. Other than possibly the coin, Johnson is two faced, along with the Jets faithful.
    I guarantee there would be no fuss if they were on the other side of that toss.

  15. Wow! my first comment ever was buried…..and it was tame. Whats the use of joining this site!
    im gone!

  16. The old rule, pick your battles. If he thinks he got jobbed, then this is a pretty good battle to pick. The first home game in NYC at the new stadium. If you take it like the step child you’ll keep getting it like the step child.

  17. I don’t blame him one bit. The Jets got the shaft. Bad enough they spent decades playing in a Stadium named after their in-town rival. Now they have to find out about a coin-toss with no warning or participation. They should have the stadium named Jets Stadium just to stay true to the League’s persistence of parity.

  18. I agree. Without the media or the teams present, how can we be sure a coin toss actually took place. Seems fishy to me.

  19. ” Just like the Jets accused the Patriots nearly 2.5 years ago of cheating.”
    This seems to be what is bothering you the most Florio…Just let it go. Your beloved Patriots and their fans are a bunch of cheating whiners (that includes you obviously)

  20. If he was that damn worried about it why didn’t they get their own stadium… Seems like it would have been a great opportunity for Jet’s fan’s to finally have there own castle instead of being 2nd to the Giant’s in the kingdom.. Now they will be the New York Met’s of football for another 20-30 years in the big apple..

  21. People, People. We are not thinking outside the box here, and neither are the teams and League. The easiest way to resolve this issue is to have the 1st regular season game in the new stadium be the Jets and Giants

  22. A little Minnesota must have rubbed off on Woody when LT came straight from there to NY.

  23. NFL officials were afraid Steve Mara was going to cheap shot him like he did that Eagles fan on the floor of the NYSE.
    Nobody wants to see the Giants except Giant fans and since they suck…..Giants fans are all sporting their Yankee hats now and even less people will care.

  24. This team is an absolute mess right now. Getting rid of Jones for an over the hill L.T., owner crying foul… Enjoy the fall Jet fans.

  25. Yeah, I’m calling BS on this too. The league rigged it to appease the big money owner… simple as that.

  26. Better still the JETS do not sell beer at night games do they?
    So all you ahole ugly JET fans will have to leave work early and down a case in the lot prior to the game.
    But then again most jet fans are out of work anyway now that they have moved the pig farms out of jersey
    Now stfu and go away for 40 more years of poor football

  27. Gee, for somebody whose great-grandfather invented baby powder, he sure does chafe easily. Then again, if I’d been handed the finest things in life on a silver platter, I’d be pissed too.

  28. Anybody who understands sports in the NY/NJ area knows there was no way in hell the Jets were opening that stadium.
    In the NY pecking order, in terms of media coverage and what are considered the “glamour” franchises, Giants = Yankees, Jets = Mets. If the Yankees and the Mets for some crazy reason wound up playing in the same stadium, who do you think would open it?

  29. Where did Woody claim that the league cheated with the flip? He questioned the situation: why didn’t the league inform the teams and allow them to be present? That’s SOP… if you have a flip, you invite the teams. Why didn’t they? What do they have to hide?

  30. why not just have the jets play the giants on monday night football? problem solved?

  31. I can’t stand the Jets. That said, this is not petty at all. The Jets have been treated like second class tenants for years. They paid for half of this billion dollar stadium and they should have a 50% chance at hosting the first game. Roger is a Giants fan and he wants the Giants to host the first game. It’s like giving your buddy $100 to put on red when he’s visiting Vegas. Of course it comes up black. Goodell need to flip a coin in the presence of both teams. I’m shocked Florio thinks this is petty. I guess it’s petty if it’s not about contact at OTAs or tampering or Big Ben or Arnie or star caps or collusion or things that most people really don’t give a crap about.

  32. The Jets should be happy. This takes the pressure off of them. They won’t be responsible for the first loss in the new stadium.

  33. BigBlew…funny you mention work.
    You post here 24/7 and have thousands of posts. WTF do you do for a living that allows you to post here all day and night? And you’re an angry little man as well. You’re like a little troll under your parents basement stairs waiting for a billy goat to cross.
    dude…get a life. You are not your team. you don’t play for them and they sure as hell don’t give a crap about you.

  34. BigBlews said: “So all you ahole ugly JET fans will have to leave work early and down a case in the lot prior to the game.
    But then again most jet fans are out of work anyway now that they have moved the pig farms out of jersey
    Now stfu and go away for 40 more years of poor football”
    As he gets drunker he gets more belligerent.
    What a tool

  35. At a previous company, we used a coin toss to decide an issue between two customers. The customers resided in Colorado and New York, so it was not feasible for both parties to attend, but the result was intended to be legally binding, so we had a third party auditor come in to witness the coin flip and document the results.
    Not sure that the NFL really has anything to gain by cheating in favor of the Giants, but they really should have either invited both teams or a third party witness to verify that it was all above board.

  36. how long do we think Goodell will suspend himelf for violating the stupity abuse policy.

  37. Good god could this baby stop his crying? Yes it sucks that you couldn’t get your own stadium built so you had to tag along to the new Giants stadium Woody, we get it. But unless you want your team to get pelted by Kleenex, shut it!

  38. Your a little late with this. Evidently the issue was resolved. Giant’s get 1st Sunday game and the next night Jets get the 1st Monday night game.(Both teams open on road)

  39. Just like in 2001 when the Giants were stealing the vIkINgs play calling. Uh-huh. Right.

  40. Now if the Patriots won the coin toss, I would suspect they snuck in a two headed coin but since it was just the Giants, cheating is too strong of a word.

  41. Perhaps they should have a do-over coin toss.
    Both sides can have Woody Johnson’s face on them, and one can say “STFU” and the other can say “GBTW”
    (If we want to use a three sided coin, we can toss in “DIAF”, but that might be kind of harsh.)

  42. Mike, you seriously have to be joking with this BS. Is Woody Johnson saying the NFL cheated or is he “essentially” saying it? You’re making sh*t up. How can you blame the owner who helped pay for 50% of the new stadium for being annoyed by the fact that he wanted some transparency and fairness to this process.
    Then to throw in one last jab calling Johnson petty for issuing a statement? Are you a child or just a complete ahole? Did a Jets fan steal your lunch money at some point when you were in your early 20s? I am just completely dumbfounded by your insanely irresponsible and biased reporting. You are a menace and you need to be stopped. I officially have my eye on you.

  43. There probably was cheating. The NFL wants the more popular NY team opening up an important stadium. The NFL also doesn’t want the least important of the NY teams -fans feeling left out. So they pretend to have a coin toss.
    The problem is he should have gotten Woody onboard before going public, now it looks like a cat fight that only Goodell loses. Point being NFL owners are all very rich, Goodell makes great money, but he aint billionaire rich. Now Jet fans hate the NFL offices(located in NY) even more. Woody wins with the fans and flips the bird to the NFL. Another bad move by Goodell; I think his shine is wearing off.

  44. ron says:
    March 15, 2010 9:00 PM
    1.”Either way, the Jets — who have escaped multiple instances of suspected (or actual) ” The correct word would be unfounded.
    2. “Just like the Jets accused the Patriots” Get your story straight.
    3. “Basically accusing the league of cheating”. Never heard Woody say that, he only wished it was out in the open which I am sure most people would agree.
    ron says:
    March 15, 2010 9:15 PM
    Wow! my first comment ever was buried…..and it was tame. Whats the use of joining this site!
    im gone!
    If you are gonna bitch, actually make sure they deleted your comment. Glad you are leaving the site. Just glad.

  45. “An NFL coin toss has a few fundamental elements that are missing here, most notably the presence of the teams involved,” Johnson said. “That’s how it’s always done in the League, whether it’s determining the order of the draft or deciding who’s going to kick off the game.

    usually done?
    yes like it is also usual for a team when with 2 minutes left in the game which they are leading by 6 points and they have 4th and 2 after throwing an incompletion on 3rd and 2 on their own 28, it is usual to punt the ball away. BUT THIS IS THE FIXED NFL OF TODAY’S THIEVES running this league.

  46. why do people keep telling the jets to get their own stadium? if they put up just as much money as the giants then its theres just as much.
    i dont think johnson is being petty at all. the giants are going to get the big primetime game and the jets wont. if the roles were flipped im sure giants fans and ownership would be pissing and moaning also. i dont understand how goodell expected to have a secret “coin toss” and get no flack for it. its obvious he has his favorites and his not so favorite. what a clown.

  47. next year 2011 first game in this yet un-named former allianz stadium will be played by scab players but seat licensed banks and companies bailed out by taxpayers will pay full price for that and every 2011 game in ripoff field.

  48. Never has there been such a decline of the Sanctany & Integrity of the NFL. The NFL is out of control! Godell’s not the guy, Pete Rosell, where are you now, we need you!!! Ameche, YA, Johnny U, Butkus, Merlin O, Nitchke, Shula, Zonka, I wish you could talk to these young players of today & explain to them about Tradition, Respect, How to display CLASS on & off the field. They are role models whether they want to be, or not, it comes with putting on an NFL Uniform.

  49. It is funny to read all these comments from so many people that have no Clue
    The Old Place was the Giants Stadium built for the Giants. The jets were renters Hence the name Giants Stadium. So that is why the jets always had to play at Giants Stadium.
    The new place was paid for by both teams hence is not called either Giants or jets Stadium.
    For all of you fools who say let them play each other that would not work since one team would be home and the other would be the visitor.
    So only the home team would be opening in front of there fans. The other teams fans would be home watching on TV.
    One team is one of the founding teams the other is a one shot wonder every 40 years.
    One team has been owned since day one by the same family, The other is a play thing for a spoiled rich kid.
    One team is has its roots in NY NJ and CT while the other is a Long Island team.
    The jets have been treated like tenants for one reason and one reason only THEY WERE TENANTS. Renters when Wellington Mara took them in they were a team with out a home they came to the Meadowlands with there tail between there legs and the Maras worked out a great deal for the Giants.
    Call the new Stadium what you will but to those in the know it will always be Giant Stadium and I will be sitting in my club seat for the first regular season game as my NY Giants kick some Cowboy or Redskin ass!!!!!!!

  50. Look, I hate the jets as much as the next person but he is right. This all happened under cover because everyone knows there is no way they would give the home opener of this grand new stadium to the jets over the giants. Why risk it in a “game of chance” when you can just say the giants won a coin toss that no one saw (wink wink nudge nudge).

  51. Bravo, Mike Florio!
    I’ve been laughing at the clever/witty way you’ve written this for the last 15 minutes. Can’t close the page.
    You really outdid yourself with this one.

  52. Giants should open GiantsStadium2.
    Jets got LT2.
    poor little Jetsies. Always crying about something.

  53. Jets should have built their own stadium. Cant believe they agreed to go 50/50 on a stadium next to Giants Stadium in the first place. Dumb idea by a franchise with a complex.
    Anyone know how many afc east titles jets have won? I cant remember many.

  54. Hey Woody, keep running your mouth. I’m sure the schedule maker will be very accommodating since you and your organization continue to be a model for others to emulate. Enjoy the three game road trips, the early bye, and the short weeks. Good job, round of applause for you.

  55. florio you are tool a real Idiot. Why do you hate the jets so much is cause they Tomlinson away from your shitty favre and the dip shit vike. Give me a break you are giggot against the jets. We will see when the jets are in superbowl and dumb ass vikes looking at drafting a qb next year you tool

  56. I have an idea Woody… if you want to control a stadium then why not build one, instead of freeloading on the backs of New York taxpayers. They don’t have enough to pay for, trying to rebuild the city from 9/11, a decimated economy, and insane unions crushing the city, county, and state government. Now they have to listen to a whining, indulged, self entitled trust fund brat complain about such minutia? Christ Woody, get a clue. Build a stadium and get out from under the Giants shadow once and for all. They treat you like the little brother because you ACT like the little brother. Woody hates Bob Kraft, but Kraft built his own stadium with his own financing. He wasn’t a pathetic billionaire panhandling in Time Square, looking for a handout from the good citizens of New York.

  57. At least the Jets and Giants are both NFL teams. Try being in AZ, LOVING the NFL, and having your team play at ASU. Had season tickets there for several years, until they moved to the new stadium. To say it was HOT is an understatement.
    These kinds of things are inherent in a shared staduim. I never liked that about the situation in NY or in AZ.
    The Jets and Giants each deserve their own stadium.

  58. wow, what a bunch of stupid New Yorkers, did any of you posting that they should just play each other to open the season even think to check their 2010 schedules?? They’re not playing each other, what’s more is your utterly retarded hubris which seems to suggest rules ought to be altered so they can play each other to start the season… it’s not happening, what will occur (the Giants playing on Sunday and the Jets playing on Monday Night) is a MUCH BETTER SOLUTION than any of you dopes/high school drop-outs could ever come up with… it’s win-win… and, Jets fans, no, you’re completely ignoring the facts if you think LDT will have any impact in the playoffs, it’s simply never happened, and the J-E-T-S will go 8-8 or 9-7 and not making the playoffs as currently constituted, because they’re simply not beating New England twice, if even once, and they probably won’t even beat the Dolphins twice, and they’re not beating Pittsburgh on the road, even Denver on the road (Sanchez obviously sucks in cold weather…), and Baltimore, Green Bay, an Minnesota at home… and they’re not going 9-1 in the division, sure they had a good run, made the playoffs, even went to the AFC Championship, but it was a down year in the AFC, one would have to be a complete moron, or refuse to look at the past 10 years to come up with two seasons in a row in which the Patriots and Steelers had two down years in a row…
    you guys and Woody Johnson need to go to alcohol/drug rehab, asap…

  59. The nfl missed an opportunity for revenue – they should have extended the draft and had a one night show completely devoted to the coin toss. Make it a best 16 out of 31 and give 10 minutes per toss. and have kiper and mcshay discussing coin toss value.

  60. So many homers… Don’t know if there’s one worse than 123456 though.
    1- Who said the Giants don’t care about opening their new stadium?
    2- I suppose that insinuating that there are Giants fans who have vaginas is your version of a legitimate insult? Wow… burned. Bitter are we?
    3- People are sporting baseball caps since it’s spring training. Generally when a sport is in season, more people will wear the clothes of their favorite team of that current sport. With a combination of deduction and assumption, it seems your Mets gear is either locked away or demolished in a bonfire. Can’t imagine why…
    4- I wonder who you think cares about the Jets, if you think the only people who care about the Giants are Giants fans (who outnumber Jets fans, but I suppose that’s inconsequential to you.)

  61. Yet another example of why the Jets will always be a second rate, Mickey Mouse organization.

  62. I am a Lions fan and I find it funny that all these (giants) fans are calling Jets fans cry babies when everybody knows the (giants) and their fans are the biggest cry babies in the league, even worse than the Raiders.

  63. swervinmervin says:
    March 15, 2010 9:08 PM
    Hey Peter King: “Get off your fat a$$ and do your job by investigating and reporting on this story; instead of being an NFL PR writer and New England Patriot cheerleader.”
    He does fill the outfit though.

  64. nfc north fan here so unbiased
    yet another example of goodell’s hubris
    the guy thinks he inherited the throne of a monarch and is destroying the integrity of the league.

  65. First, I thought you said they settled this argument by the way they scheduled opening games? I guess Woody doesnt agree with you Florio.
    Second, I hate the Jets but I dont think its petty. Its reasonable for the owner to want the league to treat his team equally in this matter and all matters. Peter King has nothing invested in it so of course he doesnt care. The league comes off damaged in this, not Woody. You ought to write another piece sticking up for him.
    Now let me repeat, I hate the Jets.

  66. What the hell is Woody’s problem? Anytime things don’t go the Jets way, somebody is cheating!
    Gueese Woody, I feel bad for you and your unstable mental condition. Maybe, you should have a band put around your head? Maybe Rex could reccommend a surgeon? Something’s loose up there?

  67. wallyworld,
    woody johnson did build a stadium. unlike the old stadium the jets and giants are equal partners.
    do a little research, I live in South Dakota and I know that much.

  68. Sounds like the NFL runs things like I did when I ran a golf league. I would always say that “teams were formed in a completely random selection.”

  69. Didn’t the Jets close out old Giants Stadium. Seriously, he is like my 4 year old and 5 year old when I let one of them go first, I let the other one go first next. I mean it is called sharing. If he didn’t want to let the Giants open the stadium maybe he should have built his own stadium.

  70. Pharx says:
    So many homers… Don’t know if there’s one worse than 123456 though.
    This board is full of homers but since you’re a Giants fan…you have your panties in a bunch and want to hump a Jets fan’s leg.
    Re-read the messages jack ass. Giants fans are calling Jets fans drunkards, ugly, stupid, low class….But im the homer.
    But thanks for chiming in….its nice to think I got you all worked up over my posts. Would you like to subscribe to my newsletter?

  71. how the F do you screw up a coin toss???… i forgot, Roger Goddell is the Comissioner,…IF they arguing over crap like this, how do you expect them to negoiate a labor deal w/the players union?

  72. Oh, I didn’t just mean there were Jets fans who were homers, but feel free to take it that way. What I said was “so many homers”… kind of tough to argue that one. I also don’t know if there’s one worse than you. You had multiple posts in this story, all flaming the Giants or their fans.
    I can honestly tell you I’m not now, and never was, “worked up”… in fact, I’d be willing to say the guy calling me a jackass is a bit more offended and worked up, than the guy who called you a homer, but I guess that’s besides the point.
    Nice to see you realize you couldn’t dispute any of the things I said though. Good luck with your Mets… you’ll need it.

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