Foote: "Thank God I didn't sign a long-term deal" in Detroit

Playing in his hometown of Detroit was nice for Larry Foote.  Losing games wasn’t. That’s why he was overjoyed to return to the Steelers Monday, even as a backup.

“You can’t really explain it until you go through it,” Foot said about losing constantly. “You talk about dog days. Those were dog days, especially being a competitive person and losing. But I made some good relationships and it was good going home playing there. I’m just glad I’m back and thank God I didn’t sign a longer deal there.”

Money talks in free agency, but we don’t doubt it’s a huge adjustment for some players to go from a successful team to a 2-14 squad. 

Foote should really be thankful he hasn’t spent his whole career on teams like the ’09 Lions.

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  1. Lions will continue to be terrible because they ignore the foundation of any successful footbal team, even at the freshman high school football level.
    Lions have done little to build their offensive line. Virtually every free agent OL they have brought in that I can think of have been washed up at least 1 year before they arrived in Detroit.
    If they dont take Okung, man I just cant imagine them being that stupid. But this is the Lions, so

  2. Dear Larry Foote,
    You SUCK! Have a good time rotting on the pine you waste of skin. And if Ben’s not playing enjoy your team finishing the season with a worse record that the Lions.

  3. That says a lot about Detroit – Pittsbutgh looks great, relatively speaking.

  4. As a Lions fan I’d have to say the feeling is more than mutual.
    Foote, you were the player always overpersuing, being caught out of position and getting burned by TE’s. It wasn’t Sims, it wasn’t Peterson and it wasn’t Levy. For God sake, you got outplayed by a rookie. Good ridance and happy trails.
    In about 2-3 years when the Lions have rebuilt and the Steelers have no QB and an aged defense, I’m sure you’ll remember that statement.

  5. We’re thankful you didn’t sign one also… 🙂
    Actually if the Lions had a little more going on you may have been a good fit as a mentor/veteran presence. As it was you were outplayed by a rookie…

  6. When Larry was so anxious to leave the Steelers for, a-hem, more playing time with the Lions, the Steelers had just become the first franchise to win a sixth Lombardi and the Lions had just become the first to go 0-16. And it didn’t occur to him that he might be about to spend some dog days on a losing franchise? Wow.
    It appears the Lions didn’t want him long-term. And since his first choice, the Cards, didn’t want him either–or at least not enough–he should just thank God the Steelers were willing to take him back … and say no more about it.

  7. Too bad we are going to start winning in Detroit with the Schwartz. And Foote will be backing up Timmons in Steel city. Enjoy being a backup Larry.

  8. Too bad he lost his starting gig in Detroit to rookie Levy anyways. Have fun being a backup in Pittsburgh. The Lions didnt want you back even though you begged for a long term contract all year and the Cards chose Paris Lenon over you as well. Your done, get over it.

  9. Maybe Larry Foote should talk if he was good. Detroit didn’t want YOU, what’s that tell you?

  10. The truth on Foote’s comments;
    I wanted to be mediocre but still win. Now I realize that I am not that good when not surrounded by a bunch of probowlers. I got exposed for the back up I really am. I will tuck my nuts between my legs and waddle back to second string on a good defense as long as we are winning I will be happy.
    What a bandwagon player. I’ve heard of bandwagon fans. This shows he doesnt have heart or loyalty. If he was a man he would exept a challenge of trying to make Detroit a better team.

  11. He can plan on continuing the tradition of losing in Pitt. With Ben Rapestburger headed to the slammer, the rise of the Bengals, upgraded Ravens, and the newly energized Browns, Foote is going to feel like he is still in Detroit.

  12. What a baby, you think someone in his life would have taught him to lose gracefully.
    He’s still making millions to play a game, grow up Mr. Foote.

  13. Being with the Steelers last year would not have been much better for him then it was in Detroit, as I recall the Steelers lost a bunch.

  14. Dozens of guys get taught this hard lesson every year. Yet players continue to leave successful teams for bad teams on nothing more than a money grab.

  15. Amen to that. I have been a fan of the pussycats my whole life. Before the start of last season I moved out of Michigan. I can’t tell you how nice it was to have my weekly dose of Lions misery distilled down to the Turkey Day game and the lowlights on ESPN.

  16. Florio, I’m surprised you haven’t used such headlines as, “Foote Steps back in Steeltown!”, or Steelers put their Foote Down….or maybe even Steelers take verbal jabs and respond with Foote!
    Anyway …..WHO KNEW!!! Lol!

  17. Welcome back Larry! It’s great to have you back and nice to see you put winning first ahead of a big contract. The Steelers are one of the most successful organizations in the league and as a fan, I appreciate & respect players like you. Good Luck in 2010!

  18. What a dick. No class. Yeah the Lions sucked last year. After the Draft the Lions will add a stud in either Suh, McCoy, or Okung. They already have Stafford, Megatron, Nate Burleson, Vanden Bosch, Pettigrew among others.
    Oh yeah, if Charlie Batch/Dennis Dixon has to start for Pittsburgh this year, they are screwed, not like the poor girls that Ben has (allegedly) sexually assaulted. They will be lucky to win 6 games.
    A Browns fan sticking up for the Lions. F$%k Larry Foote!

  19. The hilarious part is he actually did want to come back and the Lions said no thanks. He wanted a multi year deal and the Lions offered 1 yr $3 million so he signed a 3 yr $9 million deal with the Steelers. If they would have offered a multi year deal he would have signed.

  20. too bad he was bitchcng about the lions not offfering him a multiple year deal this season.

  21. How about it Gregg? Did you make the mistake of signing a long-term agreement to work for Florio…the “Detroit” of the sportwriters’ world…

  22. so he’d rather not play and win more, than to start and lose. why not just become the water boy larry?.

  23. Steelers missed the playoffs last year, and will have Dennis Dixon at QB next season… So I think he may have left a ship still in the shipyard being built for a sinking ship

  24. JDMP says:
    March 16, 2010 2:52 PM
    Dear Larry Foote,
    You SUCK! Have a good time rotting on the pine you waste of skin. And if Ben’s not playing enjoy your team finishing the season with a worse record that the Lions.
    Oh so now Roethlisberger isn’t a game manager? I thought you guys said he only won because his D and run game.

  25. BrownsTown says:
    March 16, 2010 2:55 PM
    Raise your hand if you care what a backup LB thinks.

  26. Kind of a dick thing to say especially after he chose to sign with Lions the offseason after they went 0-16. What a moron…

  27. Considering the Lions organization, I bet even the Towel Boy wishes he didn’t sign a long-term contract too.

  28. Yeah, seems a bit disingenuous for a guy that wanted to go home to Detroit a year after they were 0-16 to complain about playing on a losing team. They were 0-16 the previous year, did he really think that was all going to change in one year?

  29. Gotta love a guy who would rather stand on the sideline and clap as opposed to start games and actually PLAY.
    Not a Lions fan or a Steelers fan, but I hope Detroit can put a FOOTE* up their ass.
    * retarded play on words present.

  30. So…a starter in Detroit is only good enough to be a backup for the Steelers. Color me shocked!

  31. Gads, bunch of pouty babies.
    and LOL at Detroit ever seeing a winning football season again. Oh well there’s always hockey.

  32. In the end, Foote HAS 2 SB rings. The only detriot players with rings are those who played on other teams.
    Detriot is NEVER going to be good. It’s possible they’ll get bank to their Barry Sanders days level, but we all know there are 2 guarantees in the NFL: Detriot and Cleveland never make the SB.

  33. Heart of steel says:
    “Welcome back Larry! It’s great to have you back and nice to see you put winning first ahead of a big contract. The Steelers are one of the most successful organizations in the league and as a fan, I appreciate & respect players like you. Good Luck in 2010!”
    WHAT???? respect players like you? putting winning first over a big contract??? Dude your wayyyy off base. This is the same Larry Foote that cried to be released to sign with his hometown team. The same guy who begged the Lions to sign him to a long term deal all year, not to mention he LOST his starting job to a ROOKIE! AND lets not forget he BEGGED the Cards to sign him (remember the Arizona is were I want to be comments??). Take your black and gold blinders off buddy … Larry Foote NEVER had a big money long term deal on the table …. NEVER
    I say thank GOD he didn’t sign long term also!!! D-bag

  34. Raise your hand if your favorite team has a losing streak against the Browns. DanRooney?

  35. Hahaha. Is this guy serious? It’s the Lions who should be glad they didnt sign him to a long term deal and have to eat a bunch of guaranteed money this year when they cut his washed up ass. Better hope your boy Ben is under center in September or the Steelers are gonna look a lot like the Lions.

  36. Steelers win 10 games w/ Dennis Dixon at QB. Yep…I said it. Of course…anyone with half of a brain knows it isn’t going to come to that…but hypothetically. They go 10-6 with Dennis Dixon at the helm.
    I would have to assume to mostly noone saw and/or remembers the game Dixon played against the Ravens last year? The Ravens…one of the best defenses in the league…he had a very solid game. And that’s with dumb*ss Bruce Arians not utilizing him correctly.
    I will repeat, Steelers go 10-6 w/ Dennis Dixon at QB.

  37. tigers182 says:
    March 16, 2010 2:49 PM
    Oh my goodness! Way to throw your home team under the bus . . .
    Not to defend the guy taking pot shots after leaving town, but the Lions cannot be thrown under the bus.
    They stand outside the bus station and repeatedly allow themselves to be run over.
    I hope they can get it right. But until they do, they will continue to be a running joke.

  38. if the lions would have paid him one more dollar than pitt gave him, he would have came back, sour grapes, he would have thrive this year if we get suh, he claimed he like being a part of a rebuilding team (cuz nobody wanted him) and now hes singing a different tune……da hell with foote, ungrateful bastard

  39. Larry Gets it………………. Don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.
    “Just the embrace that I got from the coaches, it’s a warm family atmosphere. I’ve never experienced before this year what I did going 2-14, just being in a situation like that. It’s different, you can’t really explain it, you just got to go through it. And going through it was just miserable. The Steelers are just a Class A organization. They want to win by any means. But just the quality of people they got there, they know what they’re doing. And this is home! It’s not where I was born, but football wise I’ve been here 7 years away from where I grew up at. But just this town, it’s different when you go to another organization. Trust me. Just seeing that black and gold, being on the other side of it last year. Seeing them towels, and watching them on T.V, and traveling to hotels and there’s only like 5 or 10 fans. Normally there’s thousands when you’re playing for Pittsburgh. It’s a different feeling, and I just thank God for giving me the opportunity to come back here. I mean, my heart was beating fast when I knew last week that they were really serious about bringing me back.”

  40. larry,
    you clearly didnt have the mental capacity to switch to a 4-3 system.
    btw, how are those 3 kids you fathered during super bowl week a couple of years ago doing? is it nice to have all those baby momas take your paper?
    -NFL Fan

  41. Heart of steel says:
    “Welcome back Larry! It’s great to have you back and nice to see you put winning first ahead of a big contract. The Steelers are one of the most successful organizations in the league and as a fan, I appreciate & respect players like you. Good Luck in 2010!”
    Hilarious considering the Steelers offered him the biggest deal in terms of contract length, overall earning potential and guaranteed money.

  42. Not a big fan of bringing back Foote. He was pretty lousy his last yr in Pittsburgh, so I can only imagine he’s gotten worse.

  43. Larry Foote did not leave the Lions … They Let him go by not signing him to the deal he wanted. Just last month he was crying to the Detroit media that the Lions didn’t want him and that he didnt want to break the bank but he just wants to stay home …. just last week he was daydreaming to the Arizona media about how great it would be to play for the cards and Arizona was were he wanted to be blah blah blah … now since no one wants him he crawled back to Pittsburgh

  44. Deb: You never cease to amaze!!! You always seem to have an insightful handle on things. I may not always agree, but you always make me think. Wish we could have more quality and astute Steelers fans, like you, commenting on here.

  45. Wow, look at all the Detroit “fans” talking smack about a perennial Super Bowl contender.. Congrats on rebuilding for the last 10+ years! At this rate, you’ll have a top 5 pick in each years draft just like you have been forever and look how they all panned out. Foote’s lost a step, but he’s not starting anyway, so not bad for a backup LB/Special teamer, Steelers smarts strike again!

  46. Great signings in the past 8 days for the Steelers! I love it!!! Nice depth added, upgrade to Special Teams, and keeping the UFA’s that matter!! With a healthy Polamalu, added depth, UFA’s re-signed (Hampton, Clark, and reed) and an improved Special Teams, the Steelers will ONCE AGAIN be right in the mix competing for their 7th Lombardi!! It’s great being a Steelers fan, absolutely GREAT!!! And I don’t want to hear about Roethlisberger…he’ll be on the field in 2010, going for Super Bowl Ring #3. HERE WE GO STEELERS, HERE WE GO!!

  47. Realistically, Foote is only a back up. Unfortunately for Detroit that’s what they’re starting these days: Backups.

  48. HA! Larry Foote…What a joke! Think about it this way…First, PIT didnt want him, then after last season DET didnt want him…
    First it was:
    ”Obviously, I’m not a big priority for’ the Detroit Lions”
    -Larry Foote – The Dousche
    Then it was:
    “I’m back and thank God I didn’t sign a longer deal there”
    Clearly Larry, Nobody wanted you Larry. Any good player who is offered a back up Role ussually will leave and Start Somewhere else…Whats funny is DET didnt even want him after this year and DET is thin at MLB! That is to Funny.
    By the way, what did PIT win Last year??? A Pie eating Contest??? They won Nothing! They were 2-4 in there Divison, and lost to Clev of all teams and Cincy Twice. They should have lost to BALT Twice, but the Refs kept throwing Flags for Nothing in their last game!
    PITT’s Fans are Slobs, thier owner is a Cheap Dousche and Their QB is a Rapist cause he cant get some the normal way.
    One more thing, PITT Spat in Larry Footes Face, and he comes back like nothing happened…You’re a Chump Larry

  49. The Lions didn’t want Sean McHugh either.
    He made a nice block for a TD in Super Bowl XLIII for the Steelers.

  50. I really LOVE how some of you run smack about The Steelers demise and how sorry he’ll be.
    The Steelers couldn’t TRY to be as bad as The Lions.
    I’m not even a Steelers fan, but I have to laugh at Lions fans who say “you’ll be sorry”.
    You wanna see sorry?
    Hold up a mirror !

  51. I am not really sure what to make of the Lions. They have some good solid core of players in QB Matthew Stafford, WR Calvin Johnson, TE Brandon Pettigrew, RB Kevin Smith, OLB Ernie Sims, LB/DE Cliff Avril (seems to be steadily improving), CB Chris Houston (I believe he is a very underrated corner), and SS Louis Delmas.
    Then they have some solid short-term players in C Dominic Raiola, DE Kyle Vanden Bosch, DT Corey Williams, LB Julian Peterson and QB Shaun Hill. I HATE the Nate Burelson signing. And you still aren’t exactly sure what you have out of LB Jordon Dizon, LB DeAndre Levy and WR Derrick Williams
    Problem is the Lions only have 6 draft picks. If I were the Lions, I would take DT Ndamukong Suh in Rd. 1, Rutgers OT Anthony Davis in Rd. 2 (I feel like he is probably going to be the 5th OT taken behing Okung, Bulaga, T. Williams and Campbell and I just don’t think 5 are going to be selected in Rd. 1, so he slips.) and Oklahoma State CB Perrish Cox in Rd. 3.
    That would push the starting line-up to something like:
    QB Matthew Stafford
    RB Kevin Smith
    FB Jerome Felton (only FB on roster…)
    WR Calvin Johnson
    WR Nate Burelson (like I said, I HATE this signing)
    TE Brandon Pettigrew
    LT Anthony Davis
    LG Jeff Backus
    C Dominic Raiola
    RG Stephen Peterman
    RT Gosder Cherilus (I’d personally put Backus here)
    DE Kyle Vanden Bosch
    DT Ndamukong Suh
    DT Corey Williams
    DE Jason Hunter
    OLB Julian Peterson
    MLB Jordon Dizon (Presume he moves to MLB)
    OLB Ernie Sims
    CB Chris Houston
    FS Louis Delmas
    SS Daniel Bullocks
    CB Perrish Cox
    That team is probably a 7-8 win caliber team, with 10 of the 22 being mainstays 3 years from now.
    It’s hard to get a good read on the Lions.

  52. Heart of steel says steelers will “ONCE AGAIN” be right in the mix competing for their 7th Lombardi.
    Try winning your division first.Pig Ben is in a bit of a legal mess and it is not going away anytime soon.
    On do the Yankee fans talk about going for their 27th world series?
    On do Celtic fans talk about going for their 20th NBA Championship?
    I agree with the Lion fans, Larry Foote is about the enter the basement of what his career was.

  53. Typical dbag comment. Like he wouldn’t have resigned if he would’ve had the chance to start.

  54. ChunkyAssVomit – A.K.A – I Make No Sense
    The steelers BARELY scored 10 Points on Cleveland…Detroit put up 37…The steelers suck Buddy.
    By the way, I cant wait to see all 160 lbs of Dixon play…That should be interesting.

  55. By the way, Had Stafford Played that game against the Steelers, DET would have won.
    Steelers are the most boring team I have ever watched… I remember they played the Jaguars on MNF and the score was 6-3…LOLOLOL. I would rather watch my team lose in a game that’s 24-31 then watch the Steelers…I would Rather Clip my Toe Nails then watch the Steelers play. I would rather…Nevermind, you get my point on how boring a team the Steelers are.
    And they should have lost to Seatle, To bad the Officials cheeted for the Steelers again.

  56. Hey ChunkyAssVomit … I don’t recall seeing Lions fans ripping the Steelers, I only see Lions fans going after Larry Foote which is totally justified … Besides Foote is a Detroiter #1 lets not forget that, so when we here one of our own talking smack about HIS hometown team that HE cried to be a part of …. um yea, it pisses up off!

  57. I find it amusing how so many people chime in saying something like “THE LIONS FRONT OFFICE SUCKS! THEY NEVER GOT IT RIGHT IN THE LAST 10 YEARS ETC ET ETC”
    You people do realized that moron Matt Millen is LONG gone now….right?
    You do realize that the first draft they had without him produced 4 starters in the first 4 rounds….right?
    To harp on the current front office as if Millen is still at the realm is VERY ignorant. Just thought I’d let you know, so maybe you’ll realize how ignorant masses of people who actually KNOW the situation in Detroit, think you are when you write such nonsense.
    Larry Foote = Sour Grapes by the way. That’s all.

  58. He says that now. Wait until Big Ben makes him go get him a stick of gum or yells at his kids!! It will be hell playing alongside that maniac!!

  59. Who are you kidding Lex Luger? You WANT Detroit to take Okung so you can have a shot at Suh yourself. If the Lions do draft Suh –watch out! It will be the beginning of an ass kickin’ defense for years to come. As far as the Steelers are concerned — their FINISHED! You’ll never see daylight again – Mr. Foote and all Steeler fans. You can take your 4 Super Bowls in the ’70’s – with the ENTIRE offensive line on steroids(the first known collective cheaters in pro team sports) and start wistfully draming about the good old PED days. Even Cinci’s strength coach back then will vouch for that info. Have a nice life along with Polian’s “lay-down” Colts. You’re both doomed to never win another Super Bowl again.

  60. I find it interesting that most of you Lions fan are dogging on Pittsburgh. It’s as though you feel the Lions are better than Pittsburgh. Such comments as:
    “And if Ben’s not playing enjoy your team finishing the season with a worse record that the Lions.”
    I’d take the a healthy Ben-less Steelers over next years Lions.
    “In about 2-3 years when the Lions have rebuilt and the Steelers have no QB and an aged defense, I’m sure you’ll remember that statement.”
    The Steelers build through the draft, they have a relatively young D. I would consider 4 of the starting 11 “old”. Also 2-3 years ago the Lions were rebuilding, hell, 10 years ago they were.
    “You do realize that the first draft they had without him produced 4 starters in the first 4 rounds….right?”
    The current GM admitted that he inherited a team full of backups, so it’s not to surprising that they were able to find 4 starters on a 2-14 team. Starting for a 2-14 team does not make you a good player.
    You are all chastising Larry Foote for wanting to be a winner… The only people here with “sour grapes” are Lions fans… and rightfully so.

  61. LOL – I’d hardly say Larry Foote begged teams to sign him. Just because he is not penciled-in as the starter in March for a solid Steelers LB group doesn’t mean he isn’t in the plans to start – or at least see playing time come September. Don’t forget, James Farrior is 35 years old (yet is still playing better than a lot of starting LBs in the league).
    Considering he could become a starter again, they certainly did not overpay for him ($2.7 million in 2010). He also gives them the kind of flexibility both inside and out they did not have before they signed him. They have no depth on the outside. If something happens to Woodley or Harrison, they can move Timmons outside and still have a proven starter inside in Foote, if he’s not already starting there.
    Foote is a proven veteran. He started 16 games for five consecutive seasons with the Steelers and the first 14 games last season with Detroit. He missed the final two games with a foot injury (such irony), ending his consecutive start steak at 94 games. I’d say that is pretty impressive by today’s NFL standards…
    Nice signing Steelers.


  63. Blow me Foote, we’ll see you in three years when we are rolling in the playoffs and you are out of the league.

  64. @robhug71 …
    Tried several hours ago to thank you for the compliment. Guess they’ll only post the snark.

  65. Wait, Larry Foote is still in the league?? Have fun back in Fairy Land combin Troy’s hair and laughin it up over tea with Hines!

  66. stillworker says:
    March 16, 2010 3:51 PM
    Detroit is the cherry atop a dick sundae.
    I can hear you smacking your lips from here. Have at it stillworker. Be gay and proud buddy.

  67. Foote should have never left in the first place, his ego got in the way and couldn’t deal with a younger guy getting more time than him. Oh well, happy to have him back and hopefully can contribute.
    LOL at the Steeler hating. One of the main reasons i read the comments, it’s better than going to a comedy club.
    Steeler haters have said they are on their way down since ’93, still waiting for that. See, the difference between the Steelers and roughly 75% of the rest (which of course your peasant Lions are apart of) is that they reload quickly and are not constantly rebuilding over half their roster.
    Steelers have a down year or 2 or 3. The Lions have a down decade or 2.

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