Gailey: "Open competition" for quarterback position

The Bills have been surprisingly quiet at the quarterback position this offseason.

Coach Chan Gailey said the team was looking for a veteran quarterback to add to the mix, but they haven’t done so.  Now Gailey says there is no clear in-house favorite.

“To me unless something different happens between and now and
post-draft, to me it’s an open competition for the job to see what
happens,” Gailey said Tuesday.  “We’ve got some guys that obviously have played well at times
and some guys that are unproven that we don’t know, but were well
regarded coming out. So to me we’ve got to see who can rise to the top.”

The well-regard unproven guy is Brian Brohm, who apparently will get a crack at moving up the depth chart ahead of Trent Edwards and Ryan Fitzpatrick.

The team’s lack of movement at quarterback thus far puts enormous pressure to get a quarterback in the draft or a trade.  The organization can’t sell bringing back the same three guys.

Most likely, the heir to the J.P. Losman/Trent Edwards “quarterback of the future that never arrives” mantle will be taken in round one or two.

46 responses to “Gailey: "Open competition" for quarterback position

  1. Buffalo needs to focus on getting guys to protect the QB before they spend money on another sacrificial lamb.

  2. An open competition for QB does nothing but tear a team apart. Just take a look at the Browns over the past few years. QB competition turns quickly into QB controversy…you divide the fans…it’s all bad. Coaches are paid millions of dollars to make these types of decisions. If you can’t pull the trigger on a QB and live with the consequences, maybe you shouldn’t be coaching.

  3. “Unless something different happens…” as in trade for Mike Vick or Donovan McNabb.
    Just sayin’.

  4. I’m no Mike Vick fan, but this is probably the one team I think should consider trading for him. He may or not be an upgrade over the dreck they’ve got, but if nothing else it would put the Bills on the front page for the first time since the music city miracle.

  5. As a Bills fan I hope Clausen falls to Buffalo, I’m so tired of going through these QB cycles, I mean you could argue that we haven’t had a franchise QB since Kelly retired in the mid-90s

  6. I understand Indianapolis also intends to start its best quarterback.
    In fact, don’t all teams tend to select as starter the qb they like best?
    The title of this story should be “Bills May Decide To Use Revolutionary No Quarterback Offense” because it does not appear that Buffalo has a pro caliber qb on the roster.

  7. unless something has changed
    Brohm cant play in the NFL, this is as fact
    so its a two horse race

  8. If you have an “Open competition” between a bunch of guys that all suck, what do you end up with?
    A)The cream of the crap
    B)The Top…of the bottom
    C)The First….of the last
    D) All of the Above
    Way to go Bills and Chan Gailey that’s why this guy had all the other teams in the NFL beating his door down….NOT REALLY

  9. @usher….
    As a fellow Bills fan, I’d have to ask you why you want to doom the franchise into further ineptness by drafting Jimmy Clausen? There are many other needs that can be taken care of with that first round pick and then they can take a qb in the later rounds. QB’s in Rd 1 are a crapshoot anyways so why not go for a much better option? Personally I am hoping that a solid O or D Line prospect is left so they can start building from the inside out… but in reality I know they are going to be mediocre at best for the next few years and I’ll cry myself to sleep every Sunday. Go Bills!

  10. I for one would like to see what Edwards can do with an offensive mind calling plays for him. Fitzpatrick is garbage, and Brohm was an overdrafted system guy in college.
    In a perfect world, I’d like to see Edwards as the incumbent with McCoy, Pike ( 2nd round) or Clausen ( 1st round) pushing him.
    What I expect the Bills to do is keep the three guys they have, do nothing of any signifcance, talk about how they have all had varying levels of success at different points in their career, remind all of us how Chan Gailey turned Tyler Thigpen into a 5-week fantasy football sleeper, and go the cheap route and let the least worst man win.

  11. @Startled Armadillo/usher/bbb82
    Completely agree about how bad of an idea an open QB competition is. However, a new coaching staff needs to see every quarterback at practice, etc before making a decision. Fitzpatrick is a well below average QB as a starter but a decent back up. Trent Edwards is always getting put on his backside so you honestly have no idea what he can do yet. Brian Brohm, a former second round draft pick of the Packers who was a projected first-rounder before his last season at Louisville, has also not gotten any chance at all. Personally, I think Brohm can play and he’d probably be the best long-term answer for the team as he’s never gotten a real chance. He was in the Bills system for what, 2 weeks, before he got his first and only start last season? And of course he was never going to surpass Aaron Rogers in Green Bay. I’d let this guy EARN the spot this off-season, if he doesn’t, then I’d draft a QB next season. What’s another season of failure going to do for the franchise?

  12. I think Edwards will get the job. He is a 60% + passer with a 1-1 td-int ratio over his first 3 years. If you ask me the Light is about to go on. Brohm is a total “?” and Fitzpatrick well he might as well be a he/she Trick named Pat who throws fitz about only being called on as the “3rd option”…. as usual.

  13. In order to keep in line with Ralph Wilson, Buddy Nix and Chan Gailey, the Bills should pursue Mark Brunell.

  14. @usher says:
    March 16, 2010 2:35 PM
    As a Bills fan I hope Clausen falls to Buffalo, I’m so tired of going through these QB cycles, I mean you could argue that we haven’t had a franchise QB since Kelly retired in the mid-90s
    Your tired of going through these QB cycles and yet you want them to draft another QB? How about getting the line set before wasting more draft picks on QBs….Losman, Edwards

  15. Translation: Look what I did with the 3rd stringer in KC.
    Brohm is going to get every opportunity to prove that he can live up to his pre-draft hype.

  16. BBB82 says: “Take it from a Browns fan… this never works. Just give it to Fitzpatrick and move on.”
    Dude if its even close…Brohm will start, one of fitz/edwards will get cut.

  17. Why didn’t they go after Derek Anderson or trade for Shuan Hill,Brady Quinn? They need to swap their draft pick with the Steelers and grab Tebow at 18 and start the T-Gun Error.

  18. Man its crazy to me how fast people have dropped off the Trent Edwards bandwagon, Ive only seen him play a handful of times, and he looked ok to me, I know in the game against the Saints the problem seemed to be the O line, a QB cant do anything with out protection, but Like I said I havent been watching a ton of Bills games, I tend to spend most of my Sundays in the Dome…

  19. Brian Brohm is definitely not your answer Bill fan. Dude is absolutely atrocious! Spaghetti arm and no pocket presence whatsoever.

  20. See this is why the Delhomme/Wallace moves in Cleveland were good. These guys can be the starters next year and a young QB isn’t going to feel snubbed. What’s Brian Brohm supposed to think if he gets beat out by Trent Edwards or Ryan Fitzpatrick? It’s the reason why San Diego sent Drew Brees to New Orleans. Brohm needs to know he’s the QB of the future, hard to convince him of that when he’s competing against guys the same age as him.

  21. Greg,
    What did I tell you about linking ‘quarterback of the future’ to
    If you don’t shape up you’re going to be ‘quarterback of the futon’ in the basement again.
    P.S. Your mother bought you some new undies because of the stains she can’t get out.

  22. It is incredible how little some people know about the Bills. Actually, all three of the Bills QBs are better than Vick, so they should not go in that direction. As Big Stretch said, the Bills need to fix their O-line first. Clearly, the QBs that they have will perform better when they can remain standing, rather than when they are flat on their backs.
    The last real open competition that the Bills had at QB was during the 2006 pre-season. Losman won the job and he ended up having his best year, when he finished with the 11th best QB rating of all starters in the NFL.

  23. +1 burnam.
    I really don’t see why he doesn’t do this since he has experience with Thigpen.
    Or even Brodie Croyle would be an improvement over JP and Fitz?
    I know zero about Brohm.

  24. Also quoted by Gailey when talking about the QB situation…
    “We have three and we’re going to add one more some way somehow to go to camp,” said Gailey last month. “Whether that’s a veteran, a young guy, a draft choice or a free agent I don’t know. We’re trying to upgrade every bit of our team that we can so we can put the best product on the field to win football games.”
    All the “open competition” means is that so far they don’t like either of the guys they have over another and he probably doesn’t really like what he’s seen so far on tape. I’m thinking they don’t draft a QB @ #9 and hope Tebow falls to the second round. There isn’t another player available, veteran or draft-pick, that would put the focus of so many people on the Buffalo Bills. With Tebow, the Bills will sell seats and they know that they won’t have to win this year. Which will give them another year to rebuild before anyone expects them to win. If they play Edwards or Fitz and maybe even Brohm they had better win this year. If Tebow’s gone look for McCoy in the 3rd or LeFevour in the 2nd/3rd. Though they may sound like it, Gailey and Nix aren’t dummies and will want to keep expectations low for this first year at the wheel.

  25. Bob- The QB position is one were average performance will not translate to wins. All 3 QB’s have a career potential to be average, they have the potential to be players who will not lose you games, but they won’t win them for you. If you look at the successful teams in the NFL they have QB’s that can win you games when they are called upon. They go above and beyond hitting the open receivers for 7 yard gains and checking down to your RB for plus or minus 3 yards.

  26. So have your choice of crap, crap, and uh…more crap.
    The worst thing to do: Draft a QB higher than he should go and pray like you hope to win the lotto.
    Best: Use your pick on a player that will definitely contribute for 10+ years. This draft has a lot of good offensive tackles.
    Then what about this year? There’s always next year, and at least you haven’t wasted even more of your future.

  27. Can you say 3-13?
    Ralph has done something never done in Buffalo before, he has finally stripped away all hope while he is still the owner.

  28. Brohm will never be an NFL QB. After watching him flounder around, he showed a lack of arm strength, awareness in the pocket, decision making and accuracy. One of the greatest mysteries to me is how he sucked so bad after what he did in college. There’s no reason to believe the light will go on with all of those deficiencies. The Packers did everything they could to stick with the guy and he flat out sucked. They would have kept him if they thought he had any skills at all given they only had 2 QB’s on the roster last year.

  29. kuhawks28 says:
    March 16, 2010 3:51 PM
    “Or even Brodie Croyle would be an improvement over JP and Fitz? ”
    Have you been watching football lately? JP isn’t even on the team anymore.

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