Joey Porter remains available

Joey Porter continues to wait.

It’s been more than a month since the Dolphins first tried to release Porter, eleven days since they actually did, and five days since his visit to the Cardinals.  There have been no more visits, and no reported interest outside of some early chatter about Buffalo.

Cardinals G.M. Rod Graves spoke to Porter’s agent Monday, but “no deal is imminent” according to the Cardinals website.

Porter may be waiting for a better offer — if he even has an offer — but it doesn’t appear like there are many options for him. The Cardinals make too much sense because of their location out West and the staff’s history with Porter.

And if it wasn’t clear already, J Peezy is no longer in high demand.

32 responses to “Joey Porter remains available

  1. Skins will take him for depth and experience in the 3-4 as long as he isnt hoping for a huge contract.

  2. Ahhh…the sweet Karma of a loud mouth team wrecker with diminishing skills getting no offers.

  3. Porter wants too much money for an aging LB who runs his mouth constantly. He will end up signing for less money.

  4. dont see why he isnt in high demand,who cares that he is only a one trick pony[rushing the qb],i would pay him his 4 mill a year to get me 11-16 sacks,the dude is a football player,he has the killer instinct,that not many players these days have,too many of these guys now want to be good sportsmen and help the opposition up after they smear them,my kind of defender will knock you out then step on their throat after,like an LT[the real LT],crazied dogs

  5. Perfect fit for Green Bay opposite Matthews, but Porter is perhaps too soft to play in the Frozen Tundra of Lambeau Field.

  6. Uhh, Porter wanted out of Miami because he didn’t want to be “depth” for any team. In fact, he didn’t even want to come out of the game for situation substitution plays. He badmouthed his teammates and organization to release him and he got his wish.
    Have fun playing as a starter on Madden 2011, Peezy.

  7. Poo Flinging Monkey says:
    March 16, 2010 10:02 AM
    I’m sure Mr. Porter will next find a fulfilling career in the Custodial Arts.
    I just finished a Custodial Arts course (Advanced Sweeping)……..I have to take it again 😦

  8. Why would anyone want him?????
    He cannot tackle vs run, hasn’t been able to for years. Yes, he gets his occassional sacks in blowout games…but never in close games or losses.!
    His techinque in rushing passer leaves gaping holes for screens/draws.
    Most overrated OLB in NFL 3 years ago…now a zero….which is what he’ll be for rest of his life.

  9. # nooj says: March 16, 2010 10:22 AM
    I hope he goes to the Cards and destroys that team’s chemistry.
    I don’t think they have any with Warner being gone… but I second that, go to Arizona!

  10. People seem to forget the game against the Pats at Gillette last season. Porter disappeared during that game after he spent a week flapping his gums. I was there….at the end of the game they put a close-up of him on the big screen with his game stats…ALL ZEROS, just like him…..a big zero.
    This guy is worthless…move on.

  11. Mistrezz Rachael
    Most overrated OLB in NFL 3 years ago…now a zero….which is what he’ll be for rest of his life.
    so by your logic, Porter was overrated a year before he had a career high 17 sacks and the 9 sacks last year. I don’t think you know too much about what you are trying to speak on, Rachael.

  12. Remember when Joey Porter got shot in the ass by a stray bullet from a gun fight? That shit was funny.

  13. Mistrezz Rachael
    Most overrated OLB in NFL 3 years ago…now a zero….which is what he’ll be for rest of his life.
    so by your logic, Porter was overrated a year before he had a career high 17 sacks and the 9 sacks last year. I don’t think you know too much about what you are trying to speak on, Rachael.

  14. Buffbeerz
    You must still be bitter about his 4 sack performance when Miami blew out New England 38-13. its ok bud it was two years ago, let it go.

  15. Pitt is getting the old Cowher crew back together. Why not give him a try? He could bring the team water if nothing else.

  16. I guess it’s better to be a Has Been then a Never Was, but either way, you aren’t getting big money from any team.
    Karma is a bitch.

  17. funny how everyone here depises Peezy here for talking ish. And look at this very moment what they’re doing !!!! lmao FAKER HYPOCRITES!
    I’ll stand by my DUDE wherever he lands . Because we’re in this for the rings and last time I checked Peezy has just as many as Peyton Manning. now that’s what I call OVERRATED , and didn’t 55 single handedly dump him on his head twice en route to his? 27.5 sacks last 2 years , 3rd best in the NFL. Numbers don’t lie just the HATERS that comment here

  18. Lets get one thing straight the only reason why he had sacks was when the qb was in the pocket for over and hour…. And half his sacks came from jake delhomme

  19. Well, he did get a sack in the 2nd game vs New England. However the game was sealed when Cameron Wake (the guy who was spelling Porter) blew past Nick Kaczur, like he was standing still, and forced hollywood handsome Tommy Brady to throw the game clinching pick. Wake is fine is pass rushing situations but can he play the run?

  20. The market will determine what he’s worth and he’ll eventually get paid. It just won’t be as much as he thinks he’s worth.
    There are over 180 linebackers employed by NFL teams. Porter ranks third in the NFL in sacks over the past two seasons, hard to argue he’s not a better option than most teams have on their roster.

  21. All these people saying he gets all his sacks in blowouts or against bad qb’s need to go to and look at his game logs before you make false comments.

  22. Just goes to show you…has 3rd best sack total last 2 years and still can’t find a job.
    He needs to learn to shut his mouth (and play the run)

  23. Mistrezz Rachael got it right. Porter has been over-rated for some time.
    The only ones who wanted him last time around were idiot Dolphin. Parcells, of course, prides himself on collecting LBs. No reason- he just collects guys like Porter. Spagunuolo demonstrated himself to be a top student by playing Porter while keeping Cameron Wake on the sidelines. Then these idiots let Matt Ware walk to Brown because he wouldn’t play hurt. Simply unbelievable.
    If you’re only interested in statistics Porter does collect sacks. The point was these sacks often come in bunches when Porter blitzes in blow out games. Whatever he once was he has become a defensive liability.
    Why would you play him and leave the more athletic rookie on the bench? Obviously, you’ve overpaid and can’t afford the embarrassment

  24. Why do you classify fans who just watch and critique NFL games as ‘haters’? Suggest you may want to turn off the volume and really watch the game.
    You can see Porter plays LB in an odd way. Yes, he had big sack numbers but these come against Buffalo and Carolina. (Although he had 4 against Patriot last year). Much of the time he doesn’t appear aggressive or involved. Starks, Wake and Roth (after the trade) were distinctly better players.
    Who can blame Porter? Its your Coach and GM that are (were) putting Porter out there. It over. Let it rest.

  25. @ LOST……..YOU HAVE TO BE THE BIGGEST IDIOT I HAVE EVER SEEN ON PFT!!!!!!!!! Parcells and company are not the ones that brought Porter to Miami Cam Cameron and Randy Mueller did. The Dolphins Head Coach now is Sparano not Spagunuolo and SPARANO was benching Porter in favor of Wake, thats the reason why Porter started running his mouth. Last but not least Miami never released a player named Matt Ware! Are you seriously that big of a moron? They released Matt ROTH who was then picked up by the Browns. You need to have yourself castrated!!! People like you should not be able to reproduce in this world!!! Do yourself a favor and never post anything ever again and save yourself the embarrassment!!!

  26. Steelers should bring him back for depth, with Porter on board Steelers would have the number 1 LB group in the NFL.

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