Matthew Stafford does it all

M. Stafford.jpgLions quarterback Matthew Stafford is not your average 22-year-old NFL player. 

Stafford told Detroit-area reporters Tuesday that the team keeps him in the loop on free agent moves and asks for feedback.  He also makes an occasional recruiting pitch, like the phone call he made to Nate Burleson when free agency opened.

“It’s exciting to be able to bounce ideas — I think they know I know a
lot of the guys in the league and the personnel pretty well,” Stafford said.  “It’s fun to
be able to help out a little bit.”

It’s hardly new for a quarterback to have this sort of sway, but it says a lot that Stafford is already at this level.  He was scheduled to be graduating college this Spring.

Stafford is already throwing “full speed” after his late season shoulder injury.  He’s not yet running after offseason knee surgery, but will be ready for the team’s first on-field workouts.

His health, of course is paramount.  As Stafford goes, so will the rest of the organization.

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  1. Matt Stafford has a touch of down syndrome, I dont care what anyone says. “Lets draft a QB with down syndrome as the #1 overall pick” This guy is going to ruin Calvin Johnson, I think Id rather have David Carr throwing to Megatron. Well maybe not, David Carr.

  2. Good to know that the kid is well on the way to a full recovery. Seems like the kind of role model the league would want to have out there. I wish him well; just never against my team.

  3. 13-3 Detroit Cowardly Lions win the Division only to get Crushed by the Washington DanSnyders in the NFC championship game

  4. Stafford proved he has balls by coming back on the field after hurting that shoulder…….
    Unlike 95% of the NFL…..
    I am sure that really upset culpepper, he had Visions of taking over and the Stafford took them away showing he will play hurt

  5. Here’s my PFT article for today.
    God Blows Wind
    In San Diedo, at approximately 1:30 pm, a gust of wind blew. Maybe some people assume that to be normal, but since it is an event and did happen, I can write an article on it and put my name on it and puslish it. LOL somebody’s going to have to read my dumb article that parallels this dumb article.

  6. here is a role model for big ben to look to……watch now stafford will get accused of something.

  7. Stafford’s last-second touchdown (his fifth of the day) that gave Detroit their second win of the season was epic. I don’t think there is a QB in the league who reminds me more of Brett Favre in his prime than Stafford.
    Now he just needs to cut down on the turnovers, and the Lions need to get him some protection. As amazing as Suh is, drafting one of the elite tackle prospects not only protects Stafford, but it buys time for Calvin Johnson to get downfield. A good LT or RT would also free up 2009 first rounder Brandon Pettigrew to be more involved in the passing game.

  8. “Stafford told Detroit-area reporters Tuesday that the team keeps him in the loop on free agent moves and asks for feedback.”
    The Lions are asking a 22 year old for feed back? If this is true they are totally doomed. Maybe they listen to him just to keep him happy.

  9. @Cmoney20
    Don’t hate on the best young quarterback in the nfl. This kids got the on field intelligence of Peyton Manning and an even better arm. He’ll go down as one of the greatest to ever live, and will lead the Lions to multiple Super Bowl titles.

  10. Lions fans should be lucky to have Stafford. Now if they could just protect him it would go a long way to his and the team’s success.

  11. Who cares! He’s going o be terrible if he isn’t already.I agree with EddieR92 he will ruin calvin johnson or any other wr they get he sucks.

  12. His team absolutely LOVES this kid. I mean… LOVE!
    Remember that time when he won the game while playing with a dislocated shoulder, jacked up knees and about everything else? What I was listening to was the banter between him and his teammates.
    His teammates knew that he was hurt… badly. They knew that he was trying desperately to stay on the field. They saw that grit and they were just loving this kid.
    But it looked like he had the locker room way before that. They actually looked like they were rallying around him. That means that this kid showed them toughness, grit and heart during practice. He’s leading this team, unquestionably.
    I only wish we had that in Atlanta. We have an OK qb in Ryan, but it’s Michael Turner’s team. It’s on the record how much the O-line loves Michael Turner. It’s evident how the rally around Mike. And when it was also evident during Ryan’s problems last year that the Falcons wouldn’t criticize Ryan, only Michael Turner told the media that Ryan needed to do better. (on 680 the FAN.)

  13. this article failed to state how he is doing it all?
    did he perform his own shoulder surgery or something?
    i don’t see the point Gregg with an extra G in his name is trying to make

  14. I love how when Cutler was in the loop on some decisions, a ton of you JOs got all over the Bears and saying they were letting him run the team. Where are you, now? D-bags!

  15. Some of these comments comparing Stafford to Favre and Manning are ridiculous!!!! Stafford is currently okay with potential to get better.
    And forget down syndrome, if you don’t protect him he will get David Carr syndrome.

  16. @ That’s Barrett
    Thats quite the bold statement about Stafford…its actually quite barrett if i may say so myself! Did you raid Ryan Leaf’s medicine cabinet recently??

  17. Cmoney and jkr = morons.
    Stafford is going to be awesome. Give him some protection and some time to develop.

  18. @ Thats Barrett
    Your a junky, shut up
    @ Youngone
    Hahahaha right, Karma. Geek
    Hey I hope to god Matt Stafford turns into a great QB, i just dont see it. He’s got a cannon but I dont see where you get off saying he has the intelligence of Peyton Manning.

  19. Just be patient Matthew. Your teams time is coming. It will be a wonderful (high rated) story.
    *nod nod wink wink*
    – Roger Goodell

  20. TSE says:
    March 16, 2010 1:51 PM
    Here’s my PFT article for today.
    God Blows Wind
    In San Diedo, at approximately 1:30 pm, a gust of wind blew. Maybe some people assume that to be normal, but since it is an event and did happen, I can write an article on it and put my name on it and puslish it. LOL somebody’s going to have to read my dumb article that parallels this dumb article.
    Not sure where San Diedo is, but PFT would never post an article like that. They would only report a gust of wind if it blew in Pittsburgh, Dallas, Philadelphia, Green Bay, Oakland or Minnesota. Not enough people hate the Chargers to generate the proper amount of angry responses.

  21. How is this news worthy? As the Oakland roster would indicate, JaMarcus Russell has input on personnel too.

  22. @Cmoney20
    you have a touch of down syndrome along with a learning disability if you think David Carr would play better than Stafford.

  23. Just to clear things up
    1) He didn’t need shoulder surgery
    2)It was his nonthrowing shoulder
    Not to take anyting away from playing with a dislocated shoulder, which was amazing, he just didn’t need off season surgery for it.

  24. “☻☼CBS, FOX, ESPN, NFLN nbc says:
    March 16, 2010 1:48 PM
    13-3 Detroit Cowardly Lions win the Division only to get Crushed by the Washington DanSnyders in the NFC championship game”
    Well, at least we found out who makes Florio’s crazy-ass preseason Super Bowl picks.

  25. @Sterilize
    Yes im an idiot because I question whether Matt Stafford will be a good QB. Im a complete moron. I mean he was so overly impressive as a rookie im not quite sure how I came to even question his ability to not throw an INT every 4th pass. Im clueless.

  26. JKR go find a PBA blog you unknowledgible toolbag. Kids got talent, its not his fault he plays for detroit. Their whole draft should be O-line.
    & why is Millen on TV analizing a sport he obviously doesnt know how to succeed in. That dude should be beat viciously with wiffle bats publicly

  27. @ Cmoney
    Your comment should read “You’re a junkie”. Looks like karma has bit you already.

  28. After that gutsy performance despite the shoulder injury, I’d love to see Stafford help turn around the Lions’ fortunes … if for no other reason than to have a competitive game on Thanksgiving.

  29. @That’s Barrett
    Ahhh the old grammar correction ZING! Nothing like it. If I were you id be pretty embarrassed with myself.

  30. Stafford is a good qb and anyone who doesn’t see that is stupid. With an NFL caliber o-line he would be great. The Lions can’t protect anyone. As appealing as Suh/McCoy could be, they really need to consider Okung, who fits their needs much better. Maybe they could trade down but stay in the top 5

  31. Hey Matthew
    Get ready to scrape yourself off of the carpet again when you play the Vikings this year.

  32. Good for him,
    If anything last yr he showed a had balls and good football sense with what he did when he hurt his shoulder. He has a lot of talent an smarts. Hopefully Detriot will put him in a position to show his skill set

  33. @ Cmoney
    Ya, when calling someone else stupid in your previous post, you should make sure you don’t end up looking like the Downy. What’s the C stand for, Corky?

  34. @ rickytheviking59
    Speaking of that, has your 58 year old QB peeled himself off the Superdome carpet yet?? I hope he comes back, you guys deserve another year of high hopes capped off with a deflating ending!

  35. Staff is a class act, regardless of how he pans out as an NFL QB he deserved to be the #1 pick b/c of how he played in college and his rookie year. i root for him and will continue to do so.
    As a packer fan id love to see a great 3-way split with talent at the QB in the North – after everyone else falls in line behind A-Rodge.
    and as far as the people pointing out INTs? look at most 1st year QBs straight outta college…or tenured pros like Sulky McCutler.
    and as far as we are all gonna be a tad offensive, Cutler looks like he has dealt with his Downs pretty well.

  36. @That’s Barrett
    Oh how clever! Your so creative That’s Barrett. You see what you did is take the first initial of my username and applied the down syndrome remark I made earlier, into your joke. Oh Bravo That’s Barrett, Bravo! Keep correcting things like “Your” and “You’re” on a pro football forum and you’ll win every arguement, trust me.

  37. I dont care what they have on offense , they need defensive players who can tackle , read the play, make plays. Until they do that they may outscore some, but they will never have a winning record

  38. Hmmmm….. at 22, Stafford is a hell of a lot closer to the college crowd’s age than Big Ben, yet you don’t see HIM pub-crawling with college chicks and getting accused of sexual assault.
    Why is that, Steelers fans?

  39. @ Cmoney
    Once again you prove your stupidity. Your user name and password are what you use to sign in. I’m not sure what your user name is, probably something like really cool like “ilovetombrady”, but your screen name is Cmoney20.

  40. I was always under the impression that this kid was going to be the next Jay Cutler — a guy blessed with tremendous talent but was only playing because he was blessed, not because he loves winning. I was insanely wrong. He’s probably one of my favorite young players in the league right now. I think he could be seriously special (and not speshul, cmoney). Especially since he has the best young receiver in the league to throw to…
    I think things could start getting interesting up in the D, and soon.

  41. So when sophomore Stafford is kept in the loop on free agency and asked his opinion it’s all cool, yet when Brett Favre makes any indication of the slightest interest in the offseason, then he’s a diva? You are all a bunch of hippicrits!

  42. Stafford is a great player and a great person. He will succeed and he will be better than Jay “pussy” Cutler

  43. Matt is the real deal!!! As far as o-line help is concerned, Okung is not the answer to our problems. Fix the “D” first. If he’s there, Suh@2!!! Suh@2!!!! Suh@2!!! If not trade down if possible and get the B.P.A. and another pick or more.

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