Quinn says he wants to play

Though he has been added to a depth chart that features a starter due to make nearly four times the amount that Brady Quinn will earn in 2009, Quinn still wants to play.

“I think every quarterback on our roster wants to play,” Quinn said, per the Associated Press.  “We’re going to be team players first, but we all want to be out there playing.”

We suspect that most NFL quarterbacks feel that way, with the exception of guys like Charlie Batch, who had a so-so stint as a starter and who has made good money (and won a Super Bowl ring) while holding a clipboard.

Quinn could have a shot at playing, if Orton decides to boycott offseason workouts while he squats on his one-year RFA tender.  If the Broncos were truly committed to Orton, he would have been given a long-term contract by now.  At a minimum, he would have been tendered at the first-round and third-round level.

He wasn’t, and this means that Quinn could swipe Orton’s gig.

Though the former Notre Dame star doesn’t have much experience as a player in three NFL seasons, he’s no stranger to a quarterback carousel.  And his back-and-forth with Derek Anderson could serve him well in Colorado.

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  1. The irony is, Quinn could one day develop into a Kyle Orton type of QB. He will never be a top flight guy but could be a game manager.

  2. Best of luck Brady. We’ll miss you in Cleveland but everyone needed a change of scenery, especially you. I hope you start and become a star in the NFL.

  3. As opposed to he doesn’t want to play? Shocking. I was expecting him to come in and say “I don’t want to play.”

  4. True he could be a game manager but game managers need a strong defense and the ability to not turn the ball over. I don’t think he has that strong of a defense in Denver and he needs a lot of work on ball safety.

  5. Just shows how much Orton sucks, if he has to worry about Brady Quinn stealing his job.

  6. I think he is in the right system for him to be successful. Very similar to what he played in college.

  7. Quinn stinks, how come he is the only one that doesn’t see that? But I guess that’s the right attitude if anything.

  8. The real irony is that Quinn could very likely have been the starter in Cleveland, but he had to be a whiny little bitch and hold out instead of just getting into camp. Instead, DA got the starting job because he was there. The job was Quinn’s to take.

  9. Quinn is too mentally timid to become a true NFL QB. When you’re afraid to (or can’t) make certain throws that you need to you don’t belong as a starter in the league.

  10. Listen: Quinn is at least AS GOOD as Orton.
    I mean, has anybody seen Orton thrown the screen pass? Terrible. Has anyone seen Orton try to throw the long ball? Terrible. Has anyone seen Orton’s velocity? Terrible.
    Quinn has never benefited from 1)good coaching or 2)a chance to grow/learn from mistakes or 3)consistent play.
    Orton sucks. Starting Quinn will either get McD fired (not a bad thing) or prove that he is a fantastic coach (also not a bad thing).
    A win/win for my Donks.

  11. This is not shocking at all, in fact it would be more shocking to here any QB in the NFL say he didn’t want to play.
    I also don’t think the tender they gave Orton has anything to do with their intentions for him this season. Tendering him at a first round level practically guarantees that he will be back next year, since I don’t see any team giving up a 1st round pick for him. It is simply a smart business decision to tender him and keep under a one year contract instead of paying what he would expect in a long term deal. Though he played well last year, he was also injured for most of the second half of the season which has become a troubling patern with him in recent years.
    First Orton played better than just a game manager last season. The guy had 11 games with a 89.1 rating or better last season which means he was consistently very good last season. That is the same amount as P. Manning, Favre, Roethlisberger, Schaub and Brees and it was more than Brady, Romo, Warner, E. Manning and McNabb. He also averaged 33.8 attempts per game last season which is far more than a game manager would be given.

  12. “Quinn says he wants to play”
    And in other news, the sky is blue, the grass is green, and Rapistburger is giant jackass.

  13. I don’t think it was a dig on Charlie Beyotch as much as it was just a fact. It’s a valid point, look at other QB’s in recent years that were cool being the #2 guy – Doug Peterson, any of the 11 Detmer brothers, Matt Leinart (just kidding..I think), etc.

  14. quinn is a pretty boy with zero NFL skills. He plays scared and that is not a good thing, especialy behind the Denver o-line

  15. Another brilliant title by Florio and Co.
    “_________ Wants To Play”…Insert name

  16. It’s amazing to me that NFL talent evaluators (Mike Holmgren included) have openly said that Quinn hasn’t had the needed time to be evaluated as a starter to see who he even is in the NFL. Yet a bunch of people that read a lawyer’s NFL blog can evaluate him. You people are clearly all in the wrong fields.
    I don’t think Orton’s not being given a 1st & 3rd tenure had anything to do with not being commited. It had to do with “hey we want him, but if anyone is crazy enough to give us a first for him we will take it”. Good Business move. Why make it that much less realistic to get more for him than what he is worth?
    With that being said I am a Cleveland fan and I don’t understand how we kept the QB coach (Carl Smith) from Romeo’s staff. He is horrid. I have heard several interviews while tailgating up in Cleveland on pregame shows where people said that Quinn and Anderson’s footwork were 2 of the worst in the NFL and were “very easily fixed with proper coaching”. I don’t think that Quinn should start this year. I think that McD’s staff should work with him for one year fixing yet another QB we tried to ruin the career of in Cleveland and then give him a fair shot once he gets us out of his system next year.

  17. Denver had the number 7 overall defense last year I would say that’s pretty strong.
    As for what he could become NOBODY knows so all you armchair GM’s can go back to your basements and manage your fantasy and Madden teams.

  18. Yeah, well, I’d like to be the starting QB for the Broncos too. And I have as much chance of making that happen as rag-armed Captain Checkdown has.

  19. I think Quinn is better than Orton, but not much though. I think you gotta let Orton be the opening day starter however if it implodes then give it to Quinn. Quinn could very well be a good QB by not allowing turnovers and managing the game well. he’s never going to be flashy or make all of the throws however. He’s a great team guy though and someone I think you want on your team.

  20. # Munze Konza says: March 16, 2010 7:49 AM
    True he could be a game manager but game managers need a strong defense and the ability to not turn the ball over. I don’t think he has that strong of a defense in Denver and he needs a lot of work on ball safety.

  21. “I think Quinn is better than Orton, but not much though.”
    Based on what? Last I checked, Orton has clearly outperformed Brady Quinn in the NFL. Seriously, if the Cleveland Browns don’t want you as their QB anymore, you are NOT good.

  22. # Munze Konza says: March 16, 2010 7:49 AM
    True he could be a game manager but game managers need a strong defense and the ability to not turn the ball over. I don’t think he has that strong of a defense in Denver and he needs a lot of work on ball safety.
    Needs to work on ball safety? You realize he had the longest streak in the NFL last season of passes without an INT.
    Also, 4 of his INT’s last season were his receivers coughing the ball up into the air.
    Watch some football.

  23. Quinn 2009 53% completion 8 TD’s 7 INT’s
    Orton 2009 62% completion 21 TD’s 12 INT’s

  24. “We suspect that most NFL quarterbacks feel that way, with the exception of guys like Charlie Batch…”
    Is there any valid information about Batch wanting to be a backup? For every good and well researched story that earns PFT some credit as a legitimate journalistic organization, Florio cranks out another that is biased and opinionated.

  25. Funny everyone saying Quinn is better… or at least as good… as Orton.
    How does anyone come to that conclusion? Quinn has started 12 games in his career. He sucked in all but a few of them.
    Amazing how damn near everyone said he sucked in Cleveland, butt now just beause he plays for the Broncos, that makes him a decent player? Whatev.
    oh and milehiclown…. all those things you said that Orton sucked at…watch some game tape of Quinn, he sucks even worse in all those categories.

  26. This just in!!!!! Babies want to live!!! Except of course babies named Charlie Batch who would prefer to remain fetuses.

  27. CORRECTION – Charlie Batch the Fetus has just twittered that he would prefer to be seperated back into a egg and a sperm…. provided he gets a long-term contract.

  28. Why, he already got paid. Just keep mailing it in like you did in C-town, Brady.
    “Now I’m done.”

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