Redskins G.M. will participate in Congressional forum on concussions

When the Redskins hired Bruce Allen to be their new General Manager, he was touted for among other things his political savvy and connections.

Allen will be putting those skills to word on Wednesday, when he participates in a Congressional forum regarding brain injuries and concussions.  The team announced Allen’s role earlier this afternoon.

The session, presented by the Congressional Brain Injury Task Force, will discuss the return-to-play guidelines that the league adopted in 2009, after Congress made it clear to the NFL that, if the league didn’t start to address the issue, Congress would do it instead.

The gesture is meaningful not only as it relates to the important issue of concussions and brain injuries, but as to the broader realities of the labor dispute in which the NFL and the players’ union currently is engaged.  NFLPA Executive Director De Smith hasn’t been bashful about hyping his own connections; the league needs to be ready to use Allen and anyone else with ties to Congress in response to any attempt by the union to attack the league’s interests through the political process.

10 responses to “Redskins G.M. will participate in Congressional forum on concussions

  1. Lavar Arrington came back from a concussion to make a season changing pick-6.
    Concussions are not that serious. It’s the new hot topic, like global warming was a few years ago. Now i know, people are going to act as if im denying the holocaust due to me disagreeing with the seriousness of the head injury.
    It seems that everyone is out to ruin the NFL:
    Playoff seeding
    Overtime Rules
    Concussed players

  2. I was wondering if Allen himself had a brain injury for signing Larry Johnson – and I am a Skins fan.

  3. And thank God, because where would ANY of us be without strict governmental oversight?
    I’m just glad we found one MORE thing for our politicians to stick their fat, greedy, arrogant, corrupt, hypocritical, lying little piggy fingers into…
    Maybe they can make the NFL go broke, too–like EVERYTHING ELSE they’ve ever touched or been involved in.

  4. I don’t want to make this a political site, but shouldn’t these guys be worrying about creating jobs?

  5. Just because players can come back and perform on the field does not mean that concussions are not serious.
    I’ve played with guys who have received concussions during games, and finished the game with good production.
    Then, for about 3 months, they suffered from headaches, droziness, mood swings, and generally not acting like ones self.
    It’s head trauma dude. I don’t care if you don’t believe in global warming or the holocaust, but believe me, taking blows to the head is not a good thing. Irefutable.

  6. Crazy person that brought global warming into this discussion:
    The NoFunLeague will do what Congress says, long enough to get them off their back. If it doesn’t, I wouldn’t be surprised if some random legislators began to reconsider the league’s legal status (as a single entity).

  7. They CAN be serious! You can die or when you get older you have serious memory issues as well..

  8. Magic,
    As Al Pacino once told Tone Loc: “You’ll get killed walking your doggy…”
    What ISN’T dangerous?
    You can’t sanitize the world through legislation, let alone a violent contact sport.
    If the NFL keeps going like this, the game will be all but unrecognizable before my kid even has a chance to win Super Bowl MVP.
    And Christ, for as much money as professional athletes do make, what’s a little risk? The losing teams should die, Aztec-style!!
    Okay, I’m kidding there–I actually don’t fault any man for legally earning what he can, but I’m a dying breed in this country: a capitalist.
    Concussions and their effects ARE serious–but so is Dale Earnhurting yourself, hockey pucks to the temple, skiing like a Kennedy, or getting the Ali shakes.
    Life/Sports is tough; get a helmet.
    It’s time to quit pussifying this country through kneejerk legislation. Rules that effect the majority should not be dictated by the misfortune or stupidity of the minority, of the few.
    (For example, I can’t even get a cup of HOT coffee at McDonald’s anymore).
    P.S. Global warming is a lie told for the purpose of redistributing America’s wealth on a global scale. Google it. Or not, I don’t care.
    Like that kid that wanted Britney Spears left alone, I just want my NFL left alone.

  9. Wasn’t it HIS brother that called that dark skinned reporter a very racial S. African name(starts with an M…look it up) during his campaign that eventually got him tossed…And didn’t he credit his mother with coining the phrase?….
    WOW, this is the best the league can do for representation is to send someone that comes from a traditional racist family to guard them against the NFLPA…funny how things come full circle…

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