Rob Sims will be the next to go in Seattle

500x350.jpgThe same source who tipped us off to the fact that Seahawks defensive end Darryl Tapp was being traded out of Seattle has given us another tip.

The next one to go is guard Rob Sims.

And this time we’re beating Glazer to the punch.

Sims, a restricted free agent, is drawing strong interest from multiple teams.  One of the teams is believed to be the Browns, who are now run by former Seattle coach Mike Holmgren. 

Like Tapp, Sims is being held out of offseason workouts in anticipation of a deal.  Unlike Tapp, Sims has not yet signed his RFA tender, and talks have not commenced with any specific team on a multi-year deal.

Sims has been tendered by the Seahawks at the fourth-round level.  A four-year veteran, Sims started 14 games for Seattle in 2009.

So stay tuned.  Something could happen soon; something apparently will happen at some point before the draft.

19 responses to “Rob Sims will be the next to go in Seattle

  1. The Seahawks O-Line line sucked last year……… let’s keep the long overdue housecleaning going!

  2. Sims is a local kid, as he went to Nordonia HS, which is 1/2 hour south of Cleveland. Safe money says he lands in Cleveland, but I just spent $1,090 on Ohio State, Kansas, Villanova, Florida, Vanderbilt, Butler, and Texas A&M in an auction.

  3. Instead of just getting rid of players, how about we get some good players to start for this team. I didn’t like the Tapp deal and I hope if they let Sims go they get something good for him

  4. Simms is an Ohio guy, I think from nearby Nordonia. He would be a welcome addition to the Brownies.

  5. If you have watched the Seahawks (as I have, because I live there and am a fan) for the last few years one of the big problems has been the Simms/Spencer duo. They have proven to be pretty much worthless. Every year Holmgren and then Mora said they were learning and improving, learning and improving, its not an overnight thing, blah blah blah… but it never ever happened. Have him. Heck, take Chris Spencer, too.

  6. “IronWill says:
    March 16, 2010 10:15 PM
    Get him, MH. We might have a good line for Jake to throw picks behind…”
    Sounds like a Grady Quinn disciple

  7. It’s not really ‘cleaning house’ when you are trading all of your new furniture for old, used cardboard boxes.

  8. @DASAGENCY – Wow I usually only see you type complete garbage on Glad to see you’ve got off Below Averageson’s jock long enough to figure out how to use the address bar. You are the worst kind of Brown’s fan and I would trade watching my favorite team stink for years as to not read a single one of your posts ever again…..
    This guy can’t be worse than St. Clair. He’s (fairly) young and we lost some of what little depth we had on our line. I hope we get him to help compete. Delhomme is going to need some blocking and a good run game to get out of the slump hes been in. Also we need to build this line so that we don’t ruin the career of our next “QB of the future”. Hopefully by then we have fired Carl Smith also….

  9. Any team that picks Rob Sims up has improve their offensive line greatly. He would be the best thing that ever happen to them.
    He’s quick and work hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. This guy would be the best thing that ever happen to the Browns. He’s quick and works hard!!!!

  11. Subpar & emmac13,
    John St. Clair is a tackle, Simms is a guard. St. Clair’s position will be taken over by the recently signed Tony Pashos. Simms wouldn’t be that great of a pickup unless the Browns are looking for depth.
    Sometimes I wonder who is more clueless, the Browns organization or their inept fans.

  12. @xskippzx
    I’m sorry I should have hit the enter button after the St. Clair line. I never said he would replace St. Clair. I did however say that he could be depth at the line since we lost some depth. I was simply referring to the fact we went after St. Clair last year and that he is in fact terrible. If there is room on our roster for clowns like him why not add some viable depth. 2 seperate thoughts…to review:
    St. Clair blows
    We lost some of our depth on the line
    Both of the above thoughts were stated in my first post
    I do not think Sims would start
    I truely hope somewhere I have proven worthy to be a fan to you. The idea of you thinking I am inept may make me cry. I don’t like to cry. Can we be friends? [/sarcasm]

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