Ryan Leaf's prison time will partly depend on his former players

Former Chargers quarterback Ryan Leaf is finally nearing a plea deal that we first mentioned four months ago stemming from drug and burglary charges.

The district attorney prosecuting Leaf in Randall County, Texas says there is a “50-50” chance Leaf will serve prison time, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune.  The amount of time depends on how much money Leaf can pay in a fine, and the feelings of his alleged victims.

Leaf, a former assistant coach at West Texas A&M, allegedly broke into a player’s apartment and stole painkillers.  Leaf was indicted on nine charges, including charges of trying to obtain a controlled substance by fraud and delivery
of a simulated controlled substance to a player.

Some of his former players don’t want Leaf to go to jail, while some victims are not that sympathetic.

38 responses to “Ryan Leaf's prison time will partly depend on his former players

  1. With all the money this guy hauled out of San Diego, he is a broke high school football coach, going to prison for stealing pain killers from a high school student? You gotta be kidding!!! The biggest stick up man in history, going to jail for a couple of pills? Like Capone going to prison for tax evasion.

  2. Prison time for drug fueled burglary charges…slap on the wrist for vehicular manslaughter…prison time for shooting oneself in leg…I guess the old adage don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time holds true. What’s Big Ben gonna get? Community service??

  3. They should add the money he stole from NFL teams on to the total amount of his theft. Horrible quarterback, even worse thief….this guy can’t win.

  4. As pathetic as Ryan Leaf is, it’s still not nearly as pathetic as the Raiders drafting J-Rock and DHB and paying them 108.25 million dollars.
    Al Davis remains concentrated ‘stupid’ to the power of ‘duh!’

  5. Unless JaMarcus Russell somehow ends up in prison during his lifetime, the Chargers still have the biggest draft bust in the history of the world…

  6. Its a Shame— like Robert De niro said in the Bronx Tale nothing worst then ” ” WASTED TALENT “

  7. The guy needs help. He obviously has a drug problem if he is going to these lengths just to get pain medication.

  8. At least this clown is not assaulting under-aged females…or abusing them sexually.
    Still…..he’s a turd.

  9. At least he has Jamarcus Russel going for him. A true thief, who has singlehandedly moved Mr. Leaf to #2 on the draft/life bust list.

  10. That’s Barrett says:
    Prison time?! Give him a break….I mean, who’s never stole a few painkillers before?
    You’re kidding, right?

  11. What QB has fallen the most, Leaf or Art Schlichter? I can’t believe the opportunities these two have blown.

  12. Maybe when he’s on the stand he should tell the judge and jury “JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!!” LOL. (that was a reference to his lockerroom interview when he threw his tantrum)

  13. I vote Lawrence Philips as biggest ever draft bust….Schlister and Leaf can duke it out for second….

  14. Leaf is a turd, he stole my ointment one time, lost the cap and didn’t wipe off the applicator…..now he’s stealing pain medication from high school kids (LOL to THAT). What the hell kinda high school does he work at?

  15. @ muffinman and tombrookshire:
    Just so you know, West Texas A&M (as in Agriculture & Mining) is a Division 1 FCS (AA) college located in Amarillo, TX. http://www.wtamu.edu/
    “Amarillo by morning…”

  16. I feel badly for the guy. He needs to be in a drug rehab program (and not the Hollywood type either). Here’s hoping he gets his life together.

  17. Get a feeling he’ll be a bust at QB for the prison squad (LEAF MACHINE). Put that in your Burt Reynolds and smoke it.

  18. @ whybuffalowhy
    No, i’m not kidding. I’ll bet ya 8 out of 10 people have taken some painkillers that weren’t theirs. You’re obviously in the other 20% that hang out and watch re-runs of friends.

  19. This guy was a coach? How can a player that many consider one of the biggest nfl busts of all team have any credibility with the players he is trying to coach. You know the second he tries to “coach” them up they are snickering and making jokes about him.

  20. @ That’s Barrett
    You are dead on my friend. I know a prick named Andrew who lives for painkillers! I’m sure if he was as broke as Leaf he’d be stealing them from high school kids lockers all day

  21. @ That’s Barrett
    hahaha so now I know why half these comments make no sense. Im dealing with a bunch of feenin’ junkies on Profootballtalk.com.

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