All eyes on Tebow tomorrow

On Wednesday, Florida’s Tim Tebow pulls the sheet off his new throwing motion.

But scouts will be looking at more than whether he can get rid of the ball more quickly.  They’ll be looking at many other factors.

We’ve made a list of them.  And we’ve written some stuff about them.  For

27 responses to “ All eyes on Tebow tomorrow

  1. Take three guesses on which round Tebow gets picked and which team takes him. Apropos of nothing here are my three guesses.
    Guess #1 – Round 2 Jaguars
    Guess #2 – Round 4 Bills
    Guess #3 – Round 6 Raiders

  2. Browns need to use one of there 3rd picks on Tebow. I mean why not? We have too many holes on our team to trade up for Bradford. Might as well take the best player availible in rounds 1 and 2. Then take Tebow in the 3rd if hes there.
    Let Tebow learn behind Delhomme for 2 years, let him play some wildcat, H-Back and see what happens. Can you imagine Tebow and Cribbs in the Wildcat.
    The Browns could do a lot worse than taking a chance on Tebow. Im not an NFL scout but I feel like he has more upside than Tony Pike or Lefeavor.

  3. I don’t care what anyone else says. I think Tebow would be a great fit on the Vikings. I hope they take him. I don’t think their DT or Corner/Safety of choice will be there at the end of the round. If not, take Take Tebow.

  4. Tebow is gonna get all kinds of critics saying he isnt going to go in the first round maybe not even the second but…!!
    I bet there are teams that will be willing to surprise everyone and pick him up in the first.
    Face it someone is going to be willing to risk it with him.


  6. i wish ppl would stop hating a guy because he does things the right way……. Tebow Is A God!!!

  7. browns fans are all fools… ur team is the browns nothin good would ever happen there. .come to reality with the rest of the nfl and realize u suck and wont be good for 10 to 20 years.

  8. I’d rather see the Browns take Tebow than Bradford, Pike, LeFevor, or any of those other guys really. I think Bradford is too fragile, the others, too “bust likely” Tebow would be a good fit for the Browns.

  9. As to your suggestion in the last couple of paragraphs of the article regarding an NFL team bringing a couple of defensive linemen and defensive backs for the Pro Day workout. I believe there is a NFL rule in place that a team can only have two of its own players participate in such a workout. Generally, the only time you hear about a team doing it is when they are having a private workout with a QB, and they provide a couple of their own receivers. However, since a good number of NFL teams are already involved in their off-season conditioning problem, it’s very unlikely that they would send any of their players (at club expense) to Gainesville for such a dubious exercise. If you’ve ever been to a NFL Pro Day, you’d probably already know this though, Mike.

  10. If Tebow’s Lord and personal savior Jesus Christ has not taught him how to throw a football how can enyone else.

  11. Florio, you’re an NFL writer, doesn’t mean you know anything about quarterback evaluation. Stick to your day job.

  12. Meant to say “program” not problem. Maybe I was thinking of the Steelers and Big Ben.

  13. One more thing about Tebow’s faith, any team that signs Tebow will be blessed over and over again.

  14. Scary ironicism, all eys on ………….
    Tebow – 5 letters believes in god and himself and family
    TwoPac (yeah I did that) is the same. Hope Tebow doesn’t go to Vegas. (another 5 letter word).

  15. who knows if tebone will be a great Q B or not
    but i def think his potential is as good as most
    + h back TE FB he may even be crazy enough to play special teams if he can tackle enough ways to contribute to be worth 2 3 rnd pic and mofo
    sell some jerseys bet hey biz is biz and you poor dum basad’s mocking GOD you well you find out
    hope 4 u it not 2 late when you do so piece to beleivers & mockers well pis on you 2

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