Tye Hill dumped; Matt Giordano signed by Falcons

It wasn’t so long ago Tye Hill was ranked as the top cornerback in the 2006 draft class, a favorite of the draftniks after big efforts at the Senior Bowl and NFL Scouting Combine.

After getting released Tuesday by the Falcons, Hill is struggling just to stay in the league.

Atlanta acquired Hill from St. Louis for a seventh-round draft pick, and the former No. 15 overall pick lost his starting job three games into the season.

The Falcons signed former Colts and Packers safety Matt Giordano in a corresponding move.

17 responses to “Tye Hill dumped; Matt Giordano signed by Falcons

  1. For highlights of Giordano, review tape of the second half of the Cardinals/Packers playoff game. He took over for Bigby when he pulled his hamstring.
    Enjoy Atlanta fans.

  2. Boy he’s really plummeted hard. I’m guessing some team will be bound to give him a look-see, but it might be getting near the end of the line for Hill. Athletic cornerbacks can be found in each draft.

  3. Tye Hill was nothing short of a God in Madden his rookie season. It makes me sad that he sucks so much in real life.

  4. Ugh, just waiting for Al Davis to sign Hill to a contract and inflict him on us in Raider Nation. He collects first round draft pick castoffs like I collected baseball cards in 1st grade.

  5. The 2006 draft class seems pretty bad in retrospective. 5 busts in the Top 10 picks:
    Reggie Bush, AJ Hawk, Michael Huff, Donte Whitner, Matt Leinart) and aside from Jonathan Joseph, none of the Defensive Backs in Round 1 have really panned out (guys like Huff, Whitner, Tye Hill, Jason Allen).

  6. good call on showing some dap for j-joe he’s become one of the top 10 or so cb’s in the game, but to be a bust i’d say you have to be flat out horrible. bush ehh, hawk is borderline. the others busts for sure. I wouldn’t mind seeing hill line up as a nickel or dime back for the bengals if the price is right. you can never have enough cb’s in todays nfl

  7. So now that another former Rams bust needs a job how long before the Bears sign him? This guy was a beast in college though and has great speed. He is small and should get a job as a nickel or dime back somewhere. He has been dumped more times than the ugly girl at the prom.

  8. Just another example of the overrated class of 06. A first round pick to a nickel or dime back thats sucks!
    A lot of hype went to that class in 06, could this class of 2010 be headed towards the same results….

  9. Short justification why I included Reggie Bush in the list: sure, he’s a decent player, but he is miles away from what you expect of a #2 pick, he’s not even an every-down NFL player.

  10. Wouldnt Mind the Giants picking him up just to see what he has left if anything from a once promising career. He is still young and the Giants need some depth at CB.

  11. @Burnum
    Hawk: 100 tackes/yr avg, 5 career INT’s
    Bush: 32 career TD’s, 4500 total yds
    How can anyone in there right mind say these guys are busts?
    Have they been top 10 worthy, that’s debatable. But if there was a draft between the same players tomorrow, these two would go in the first two rounds for sure.
    Since when is a first rounder performing at a second round value considered a bust. If “value” determined a bust, then 98% of draftees would be busts.

  12. Nobody doubted those guys are good players but if you pick someone in the Top 5 or Top 10, you expect him to be a star, not just an above average player (e.g. Hawk). Sure, Hawk is a starter but he was expected to be the total package at LB and didn’t live up to the expectations. Bush was expected to be another Barry Sanders, 4 years down the road he’s a 3rd down back and a returner.

  13. # Ron Dayne’s Strict Diet says: March 16, 2010 3:26 PM
    Tye Hill was nothing short of a God in Madden his rookie season. It makes me sad that he sucks so much in real life.
    Agreed. 12 seasons down, he was still a 99 overall for me 😀

  14. I’m a Packers fan living in Atlanta so that makes me kind of root for the Falcons here or there …
    Let me just say: Giordano is HORRIBLE.
    Bad move, don’t support this one at all.

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