Bears bounce Nathan Vasher

The Chicago Bears, less than two weeks after bringing in plenty of new talent, have gotten rid of a guy who used to be one of the team’s key players on defense.

Gone is veteran cornerback Nathan Vasher, a six-year veteran who appeared in one Pro Bowl.

Injuries limited Vasher in 2007 and 2008, and he started only two games in 2009 despite appearing in 15.

He was under contract through 2012, at base salaries of $2.95 million this year, $3.45 million in 2011, and $3.7 million in the final year of the deal.

52 responses to “Bears bounce Nathan Vasher

  1. WarrenMoonGoat: C’mon now. He was a decent player. At least he doesn’t have 7 children for the team to have to pay for….LOL

  2. He should go to country with no extradition to avoid being indicted for stealing money from the Halas family the last four years along with Tommie “part time” Harrris and Walle “Prince of Thieves” Ogonluye

  3. I hope you all who want him realize that he has been torched by every receiver in the game (who hasn’t already abused Peanut Tillman on the other side). I think it was his blown coverage that Reggie Wayne scored that wide open touchdown in the Super Bowl. So yea, you all can have him. If he gets replaced by 3rd and forth string CBs.

  4. The Vikings are so desperate at corner right now especially with Griffin’s ACL that it’s worth taking a flyer on this guy. Anything to keep Karl Paymah off the field.

  5. Could be the extra help in the secondary and help out with return duties that Dallas needs. If I remember correctly, he was the man before Hester?

  6. He went from The Interceptor to The Check Casher because that is all he did after he got his long term deal.
    At least now he will have more time to focus on his new career of being a body double of Kanye West

  7. If he is a nickel or dime back he might not get hurt so much. He has made some very nice plays over the years and tried to play when injured.
    Limit his time and you may find you have a very good corner. Then you will want to play him more.
    Perhaps another training staff and wieghtguy will be just what he needs.
    I could see the Falcons wanting him.

  8. # Tetrahydrocannibinol says: March 17, 2010 3:40 PM
    The Vikings are so desperate at corner right now especially with Griffin’s ACL that it’s worth taking a flyer on this guy. Anything to keep Karl Paymah off the field.
    Tet – I think aymah is already gone. The Vikes should take a run at Vasher, but only if his health checks out and he doesn’t demand an absurd amount of money.

  9. It wasn’t Vasher who blew the Reggie Wayne play in the Super-Bowl, it was Kickoff Return Man extraordinaire Daniel Manning.
    (Notice I didn’t say DB / NB / FS Daniel Manning.)

  10. The Bears have been saying for years that is contract was front end loaded, and that’s why they were keeping him (so he could earn the money paid to him in 2008 and 2009). Looks like a load of BS now.
    Good riddance!
    His claim to fame was a 49ers team that didn’t know a player could return a missed FG for a TD. In an ugly ass ORANGE jersey.

  11. bmeierho says:
    March 17, 2010 3:27 PM
    sad day. my friend tommy owns not one, but two nate vasher jerseys. he will be crushed.
    He should be crushed for buying 1 Vasher jersey let alone 2……

  12. Just FYI – by my calculations the Bears would have taken an almost $2 million dollar cap hit in a capped year. I wonder if the negotiations over the collective bargaining agreement didn’t cost him his job.

  13. Just so everyone who doesnt live around chicago knows,
    he totally totally sucks and completly stopped caring playing football and tackling.
    So if you want him, have him. The bears might not of kept him around even if he was making the mininum.

  14. “The Interceptor” had one hot year where he benefitted from the talent around him and from the couple lucky ducks that opposing QBs threw right to him.
    Bears fans thought we found the next big thing in the secondary, he made the Pro Bowl, got fat and happy with his new contract, and then–naturally–disappeared completely.
    Like dumb puppies dropped off at the pound, dumbass Bears fans like me remained eternally optimistic that one day he would return.
    Perhaps it’s just injuries we told ourselves.
    Delusion is the hallmark of fanatics everywhere.
    Truth is, I’m suprised Bears even kept him on for last year.
    For some depth at the CB spot, you could do worse–though no team should pay even a FRACTION of what the Bears did.
    And, as others have said–he should set up a permanent residence in a burn ward for all the torchings he’s seen over the years:
    Wayne in the SB comes to mind, and most recently didn’t he give up the game-breaking/deciding TD to Jennings in the opener against GB last year?
    Just about set the tone for our secondary the rest of the year…
    Anyway, just more holes to fill for the Bears, more depth we need to stock in the secondary. But I suspect just about ANYone would be an upgrade over Vasher at this point.
    Ah, Good luck anyway, Nate-Dog.
    (One last request: don’t make us HATE you–i.e. stay out of Miniscrota. Otherwise, Bears fans are pretty ambivalent about where you go or what you do).

  15. haha, love all the moronic comments.
    “Here’s a player who’s name I recognize. He’s available, I want [enter favorite team here] to pick him up!”

  16. It wasn’t Vasher that gave up Reggie Waynes’ back braking TD in the SB, it was Danieal Manning. That is why Danieal isn’t getting paid like he wants.

  17. First two years in the league he did well because the Bears defensive line was dominant. Once their play fell into the obscurity, he was exposed for what he is….a slow, overrated CB that has a hard time covering even the worst NFL WRs.

  18. I could never figure out what happened to that guy, as he seemed so damned good a couple years ago. And unless the Lions throw a ton of money at him like the aging Burleson and Vanden Bosch, why the hell would he go to Detroit?

  19. Seems strange that the Bears are gong all in this season and yet they have no issue dropping a corner from a team that was pretty weak in the secondary. I hope they can pull another surprise move and grab a top notch safety or corner either through trade for and existing player or by moving up and grabbing a decent one in the draft. Its going to be an interesting season…

  20. anyone on here clamoring for vasher to join your team obviously has not seen him play.
    vasher offers nothing in run support / poor open field tackler, can’t jam receivers at the line, and lacks the instincts he showed earlier in his career.
    when you’re a cornerback getting waived by the bears, a team with an awful secondary, that speaks volumes about who you are as a player.

  21. @packfan4ever, do you even watch the team you root for play?
    it was vasher that blew the coverage on the greg jennings touchdown to win the game in week 1 of the ’09 season.
    that said, yes, please sign him green bay or detroit or minny.

  22. anyone but the vikes. although they need someone w/ winfield falling off & griffin’s bad knee.

  23. texans is the perfect fit, would be nice with some vet help to get into the mix.

  24. i dont want to sound like a pissed off bears fan bc i like vasher and i want to see him have a good career but i cant figure out for the life of me what the hell happened to him. at first i made excuses for him but then after a while i realized he no longer had it. i dont know how bc he isnt super old. he just constantly got abused. if your a fan of the team he goes to i want to let you know you shouldnt be excited

  25. i don’t know why any of you guys would want this scrub…injuries have ruined this guys career. he will never perform like he did his rookie and 2nd season. The bears shouldn’t have never gave this guy an extension. Add that to the list of dumb financial moves JA

  26. I have a hard time taking the Bears fans seriously when they just spent the type of money they did on Peppers instead of adding 5 players for the same money. And it wasn’t even a pressing need…..LOL

  27. @simple_simon, wow, where to begin?
    so bears fans signed julius peppers? not the bears front office?
    defensive end wasn’t a pressing need? obviously, you know nothing about the bears or their needs. their pass rush was and has been non-existent for 3 seasons now.
    have the bears not signed three other players than peppers?
    i give up on your drivel. at least one word of your screen name is appropriate, as it mirrors your thoughts.

  28. Vasher will probably find a place to play as long as they don’t run that passive Lovie-2 defense.

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