Delhomme says he wasn't ready to hold a clipboard

Browns quarterback Jake Delhomme met the media on Wednesday in Cleveland, and among other things he was asked to explain the decision to choose a team in Ohio over a franchise roughly two hours from his hometown.

The answer comes from the difference between playing, and not playing.

“I had to decide if I still wanted to still try to compete or if I wanted to hold a clipboard,” Delhomme said.  “I wasn’t ready for that.  I just wasn’t ready for that plain and simple.  I wanted to have a chance to come in to compete and play.”

And he’ll definitely have a chance to “compete and play” in Cleveland.  The Browns didn’t give him $7 million guaranteed for 2010 because they want him to stand on the sidelines.

In contrast, Seneca Wallace is making $1.5 million in 2010.

Yeah, between the two Delhomme will be the starter.  Unless and until he coughs up six turnovers in Week One.

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  1. In contrast, Seneca Wallace is making $1.5 million in 2010.”to hold a clipboard”
    WTF ? Life’s not fair !!!

  2. Delhomme is the answer in C-town? And people wonder why Seahawks brass stripped him of his GM duties.

  3. Delhomme (adj.) 1. One who is over rated and one who is over paid. 2. One who will make Mike Holmgren pull a Homer Simpson. (Doh)
    ex. After having 5 balls sail 10 feet over Larry Fitzgerald’s head he exclaimed “Wow our new QB Derek Anderson sure is Delhomme.”

  4. I think the Cleveland coaching staff does not want to put a clipboard in his hand in fear that he could throw it to the other team…Imagine how bad that would be, an INT is one thing but to throw the whole play book to the defense thats dangerous. LMAO LMAO

  5. “Yeah, between the two Delhomme will be the starter. Unless and until he coughs up six turnovers in Week One.”
    Or rapes someone.
    Oh, wait.

  6. Steve Smith, two pro-bowl running backs, and one of the best offensive lines in the NFL; any team that doesn’t have Delhomme holding a clipboard has major personnel issues. Great fit for Cleveland.

  7. Browns hould bring in Vick to the dogpound (pun intended) and run a triple back set with Wallace, Vick, and Cribbs.

  8. It’s so f’g simple for everyone who can look at a career, instead the simpleton’s looking at only past few games. Holmgren hasn’t identified, let alone begun to develop his QB of the future. So, wisely, in the meantime, he brings in a couple of vets who know how to run an offense and lead a team. Duuuuh!!! Delhomme is a former all-pro with playoff and SB experience. He has cred. How much he has left in the tank is a different question, but Holgren said he determined it was NOT a loss of physical skills/ability – or he wouldn’t have signed him. Jury out till Oct. eom.

  9. I suspect that a few blitzes from Lamarr Woodley, Ray Lewis and some others will have Delhomme re-thinking his clipboard comment.

  10. “Vick to the dogpound (pun intended)” — thanks, how original.
    Anyone have any Monica Lewinsky jokes?

  11. All these numbnuts who will trash the Browns, Holmgren, and Delhomme…. and yet not a single one of them will come up with a better alternative.
    The Browns wanted a vet QB to come in and either play for a couple years, or try to mentor a rookie, or both. Yeah, the guy has sucked the last couple years. Before that, he has a history of being pretty good. It is what it is. Deal with it, ’cause you couldn’t do better if your life depended on it.
    Please, all you armchair GMs (i.e. loudmouth
    a-holes with no ideas), please tell us WHICH avaialble-at-the-time, far more accomplished, and cost efficient (don’t want to pay a king’s ransom for someone unproven (Kolb) or on his last legs (Garcia)), QB ***you*** would have brought to the Browns if you were Holmgren or Heckert.
    Ah, the sound of silence.
    Amazing what happens to people who know everything when *they* are asked to make the same decision as those who they are bashing had to make.

  12. In all fairness, Delhomme is the, hands down, best quarterback to play for the Browns since they were reintroduced to the league 10 years ago. No other quarter back has quite the accolades. That being said… he’s not been very good as of late. But does he have the ability to help rebuild a franchise that shouldn’t be wasting their time trying to build a team and a rookie quarterback at the same time.

  13. I thought Holmgren told that Seneca will have EVERY chance to be the starter for the Browns?
    Was he telling the truth or blowing smoke up his ass?

  14. well jake hasnt played well for a year or so, but he does give u what he has got.
    if brady quinn was doing that he would still be there.

  15. To all the jackasses that like this move…
    Ask Delhomme’s on former favorite target, Steve Smith what he thinks. Oh and here’s the real kicker, the Panthers cut him lose with all that guarenteed money for a reason. Tell me again how this is the right fit??

  16. Martin,
    You mean Ty Detmer, Trent Dilfer, Jeff Garcia, Kelly Holcomb, Tim Couch, Spergeon Wynn, Charlie Frye, Doug Pederson, Kevin Johnson, Brady Quinn, Derek Anderson, Bruce Gradkowski, etc… weren’t good?

  17. Yes, Jake has had a couple of bad years but, he has been a winner in the NFL. Which Jake did we get? Only time and the hunger in his belly will tell.
    Since Jake took a few years to develope, he may be the best influence on whatever QB we may draft.
    Seneca is the prototypical “blue-collar” QB that will get it done whenever Jake can’t play. All in all, it is a “doable” solution for the short term.
    No one is expecting either to play like Joe Montana. Just keep us in the game.
    Oh, whom do they throw to???

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