Feely will visit the Cardinals

With the Jets moving on from kicker Jay Feely, Feely needs to move on from New York.

He’ll commence the process this weekend.

According to Alex Marvez of FOXSports.com, Feely will visit the Cardinals.  The two-time defending NFC West champs are in the market for a kicker; Neil Rackers, an unrestricted free agent, isn’t expected to return.

Feely, 33, also has played for the Falcons, Giants, and Dolphins.

18 responses to “Feely will visit the Cardinals

  1. for such a good kicker feely never gets any respect from teams …… it makes you wonder what kind of locker room guy he is

  2. Feely is well-loved by Seahawks fans after his performance in the Giants game of 2005. It’d be nice to get to face him twice a year.

  3. The offense isn’t going anywhere with that QB, so why would he join the Tards? Doesn’t he know the road to the Superbowl is through Seattle again?

  4. Freely is actually the rare kicker who is very well liked by teammates. He’s also a good athlete and tackles on special teams.
    Gotten better as the years have gone by, prone to the occasional off day but basically a very good kicker

  5. Not sure why Dallas is still sitting on their hands with kickers. Feely would be more than adequate at this point. At least give him a shot in training camp.

  6. I hope NY gets Shayne Grahm. That way they won’t win the important games that come down to a kick. If they aren’t crunch, he’ll hit all day, if it’s a must, forget it.

  7. seeunthesuperbowl
    what are you 5? tards? wait a mintue, you follow the team that sucks, that explains it all

  8. Great comeback, “the team that sucks”, are you serious? You really know your football with that kind of in-depth analysis!

  9. OMG. Even on a kicker post. What are they smoking in Seattle? The Rams are the only reason you’ll be 3rd in the West, and maybe that’s iffy. I’ll take it from the Niner fans, they whooped the Cards butts twice in 09 and were half a yard from having a matching 8-8 record in 08. But Seattle is picking in the wrong half of the draft for the 2nd year in a row. Matt Hasslebeck is the man, yeah that’s why you gave up 20 slots (rd.2) and a 3rd round next year and $5 million so Charlie can continue to sit on the bench. Gimme a break.

  10. I can’t see Feely signing with AZ. Why would anyone sign with this loser organization?
    Foote kissed them off because he wants to win another super bowl. You’ll see a super bown victory in Cincy before you see one in AZ.
    More talent leaving AZ than going in. This isn’t Pittsburgh West. This is CLEVELAND WEST!

  11. The offense isn’t going anywhere with that QB, so why would he join the Tards? Doesn’t he know the road to the Superbowl is through Seattle again?
    Funniest damn thing I have read all day! Thank for the laugh man. After that TERRIBLE trade for Whitehurst I woudln’t be going on any forum claiming the Seahags as the winner of the west. Its the Cardinals division bitch! For all of you that are writing the Cardinals off…….you’ll see you’ll see.

  12. Banvard, you’ll see through the season, the Arizona Tards are going nowhere. Plus the addition of Porter doesnt help haha, he’s old and cant tackle on the run, nor cover the TE. (baisically useless), and Kerry Rhodes just plain out sux. The equation for this team goes as follows:
    No Defense + No QB = Sittin on the couch in January

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