For Tebow, the real test will come with pressure

Now that quarterback Tim Tebow has unveiled a more NFL-appropriate throwing motion, the bigger question is whether it will stick.

Not when Tebow is wearing a red jersey or playing catch in the backyard, but when he’s trying to find an open receiver while also trying to avoid having his head removed from his body.

As one league source explained it to us, many a quarterback has tried to change his throwing motion, only to have muscle memory take over in “live” situations.  Basically, once a player is in a real game, the coaching process has ended and players will resort to instincts and acquired mechanics and fundamentals.

Though it’s not impossible for Tebow to permanently change his throwing motion, the source says it’s “rare” to find a guy who can master it.

Tebow might be the guy, but whoever drafts him won’t know the answer until well after the pick has been made.

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  1. The Vikes will take him and let the rest of the league worry about his mechanics while he kicks their ass. ; )

  2. The same can be said though about MLB batters. If there is something wrong with their swing they work with the hitting coach to correct it.
    So if a MLB player can change his swinging motion by working with a hitting coach, I don’t see why an NFL QB can’t change his throwing motion by working with a QB coach.

  3. Buyer Beware!!
    How many option QB’s make it in the NFL? My guess is NONE. He is so over-hypted that any team picking him before the 3rd round is taking a big risk. While a nice guy, that won’t cut it in the “What have you done for me lately” NFL. he will be a 2-3 year project at best. I will welcome eating crow should my opinion not come to pass.

  4. I actually find the constant whining about Tebow posts much more annoying than the actually Tebow posts themselves.
    If you don’t want to read about Tebow, simply skip over that post. It’s that simple. While you’re at it, do the same for Favre posts too.

  5. I’m not fan of Tebow, but go and fall on a bike with no seat already.
    Seriously…did daddy get you this job? I read better articles on the back of cereal boxes.

  6. Don’t really care about Tebow, but Scott Zolack on on 98.5 sportsradio in Boston did a great analysis today of why Tebow objectively should be a 4th to 6th round pick. Factors include as stated above problems with accuracy even without pass coverage or rush, relapse to old habits when actually under pressure, and fact that in NFL he won’t be able to run over defenders when he gets flushed from pocket and play breaks down. Also, height not ideal. Made a lot of sense. If he’s still on the board after Round 3, maybe Belichick will make him the Next Julian Edelman.

  7. Seriously, I think this whole thing is overstated. By NO MEANS am I comparing myself to an NFL player, but when I had serious arm problems as a high school pitcher, I had to change my throwing motion to take stress off my shoulder. Granted, I was standing on a mound and didn’t have 300 lb men trying to decapitate me. But seriously… it wasn’t that hard to do. Repetition was all it took. These are elite athletes. They are precise in ways the common athlete can’t imagine (having played with some relatively elite athletes in college–a couple got to AAA–I knew I was not one–I just couldn’t be that precise with my technique). I have little doubt Tebow will be able to accomplish it. The bigger question is whether the change impacts the power, force and/or accuracy of his throws. And by all accounts, if anything, it’s improved it. A guy like this that seems to take his craft this seriously… I’d have no doubt he can do it. He’s still a 2nd round pick because of other issues (dropping back, playing the spread, etc.), but I’d have no problem with any team that took him at the top of the 2nd round. And I think the throwing motion question is a moot one given a little time and repetition.

  8. I’m just wondering what it is about Tebow that breeds such dislike. The guy is big, strong, agile, smart, has a good arm, can run the ball, can take a hit and the guy has morals. I watched Florida football until my eyes hurt over the years and as such, I have to ask…just what is it outside of great dislike that tells you the guy won’t make it?
    If Roethlisberger made it in this town, Tebow sure can.

  9. If Tiger Woods can completely remake his golf swing, and it hold up under pressure, why can’t Tebow? Those that believe old dogs can’t learn new tricks just don’t try hard enough IMHO.

  10. Seriously, Mike, did Tebow stop dating one of your cousins? I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone go after him or anyone else with such a passion except Taylor, who’s been doing a number on Kiffin.
    One of those “many” is Peyton Manning and yet, he seems to have managed to keep from reverting back. ALL college QBs go into the NFL with problems with their mechanics, it’s just that some have FEWER flaws to work on but they still have them. I can’t think of any one of them that hasn’t had to work on their games and the ones that are hurt the most are the ones that hold out for a long time and they don’t get the proper time to work on their flaws. The fact that he’s even trying to work on his flaws before he’s even drafted shows that he’s willing to do ANYTHING to be a successful NFL QB and there are guys that have failed who didn’t even try to put in 5 minutes of work on the weaknesses in his game and they wanted to live off their first round status.

  11. Not a Tebow fan at all (Go Noles). Actually can’t stand the Gators and got pretty sick of hearing Tebow’s name, but this dude is taking a lot of flack for just being a good dude. Say what you want, but personally I love a good underdog story. Everyone hates on you, everyone sick of hearing your name(including myself), but do your thing Tebow. You get the last laugh. Alright Christian Ponder time to step your game up next year. Seminoles, all day.

  12. yarlmak says:
    Also, height not ideal.
    Really, what about Favre, Rodgers, Romo, Warner, Delhomme, Garrard, McNabb and Brees? All of them are or were successful in the NFL without having the ideal height.

  13. gotta love how you don’t have anything personal against the kid or religion but you pound away at him on every post. you mocked everything about his being a qb and the guy works on all the things you said he needed to work on to make it and it’s not enough for you. the fact is he has already proved you wrong by changing the flaws you gleefuly pointed out for months and you can’t deal with it. did he set the world on fire at the workout?maybe not but he did not as you wanted fall flat on his face and you can’t take it. just admit you hate the guy and get it over with,nobody with half a brain believes you are non biased when it comes to him so why continue with the charade?

  14. This has gone too far, to the point that it is plainly obvious you would love for this guy to fail, Florio. For all the jabs you take at guys who get in trouble, you hate this guy even more because he is a good guy. The more you root against him, the more I root for him. Go figure.

  15. “For Tebow, the real test will come with pressure. Tebow might be the guy, but whoever drafts him won’t know the answer until well after the pick has been made.”
    Because everything is so much different for all of the other athletes after the combine and before that draft. How many times have the “can’t miss” prospects missed? How many times has that guy that everyone “knows the book on” come out and defied labeling.
    This story is about as significant as someone saying Florio has an opinion on everything NFL related.

  16. Holmgren has been saying it’s not possible, but he was there today to watch Tebow’s workout. It could be he’s trying to scare people away from Tebow so he can take him in the second round.

  17. Throwing a football correctly is nothing compared to healing leprosy. Now THAT’s pressure.

  18. Did anyone ever see Bernie Kosar throw the football? This guy is twice the athlete Bernie was. Give him a chance on athletic ability and heart alone.

  19. A high profile athlete such as Tebow will always get ripped by other team’s fans as being over hyped. Debating about the skills or in this case lack of is what sports are all about. We question Tim’s talents because frankly he comes from a school that has always produced high scoring offenses since Spurrier but have yet to produce a single successful NFL QB. The religion aspect is just for fodder. There have been many College players that have been outstanding people and are devout to their respective religions, however it was the Tebow’s PR Machine and the UofF fans that decided to bring that up to the for front. If you want to blame anyone about that aspect you should look in the mirror.

  20. Yes, very insightful, comparing golf and baseball to football. If the golfer and batter can change their swimgs a QB in the NFL can change his throwing motion aswell. And you know, not need to worry about a handful of 275+lb DEs, DTs and LBs coming at you full speed trying to snap you in two.

  21. The fact that a QB is having to change his throwing motion RIGHT BEFORE THE DRAFT should be a warning flag enough that he isnt even slightly close to ready
    He throws flailing ducks all over the field, has an average arm, and will get murdered with complex defenses since HE WONT BE RUNNING ANYWHERE

  22. i’m glad a sports radio guy in boston broke it all down for us. that’s one less thing i have to do, i guess. next thing you know, some guy who runs a rumor mill website from a mobile home in WV will sell it to nbc…

  23. In my case, the shine on Tim Tebow has lost some luster since he charged people $160.00 for his signature. Some Pete Rose action, maybe? There’s a little too much hype with Mr. Tebow. Ryan Leaf was a 1st round pick and Tom Brady was a 6th round pick. Go figure.
    Troy Polomalu will give kids his signature for free and he’s already on his way to the HOF.

  24. SterilizeTHenry says:
    March 17, 2010 5:14 PM
    “The same can be said though about MLB batters. If there is something wrong with their swing they work with the hitting coach to correct it.
    So if a MLB player can change his swinging motion by working with a hitting coach, I don’t see why an NFL QB can’t change his throwing motion by working with a QB coach.”
    MLB batters are “quality” when they bat above .300. I’m not sure how you equate that into the NFL but most of your posts are crap anyway.

  25. klytus, as fellow Steelers fans, we are blessed to have Troy, but you know, if the current secondary is in place for this coming season, he will indeed need some divine intervention. The guy is great, but he’ll find QBs simply looking to throw in some other direction.
    Meanwhile, ESPN’s McShay is saying this morn that Tebow would fit in well as a rookie learning from Peyton or Tom. God forbid.

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