Incognito moves closer to becoming a Dolphin

Unwanted by the team that drafted him or the team that claimed him on waivers when the team that drafted him cut him after his latest in-game meltdown, guard Richie Incognito might have a new team.

He visited with the Dolphins on Tuesday, and his stay has been held over to Wednesday.

I had a great visit,” Incognito told Jeff Darlington of the Miami Herald.  “I had a great
feel for it.  I’m just hanging around town to see if we can get something
worked out.”

The Dolphins don’t seem to be troubled by Incognito’s history of personal fouls and other angry displays during games.  Possibly because Incognito accepts responsibility for his actions.

“It comes down to me being accountable for my emotions on the field,”
Incognito said.  “It’s not time to place blame anywhere else, except
squarely on my shoulders.

“It’s something I have to take
care of.  That’s the message I’m trying to convey.  I’m willing to explore
all options to help myself get to a better place.”

12 responses to “Incognito moves closer to becoming a Dolphin

  1. Another badass on the oline i like the move! It also will help toughen jake long a bit since he seems like a quiet giant

  2. i think he is worth it,guys like him and kyle turley,in my opinion,that kinda attitude is what i want in my offensive linemen,they have that killer instinct,to many linemen are hugge with great strength,but are way too passive,that holds them back from being one of the greats

  3. If they can land Incognito, I will feel toward him the way President Truman felt toward the South American Dictator Samosa, “He’s a S.O.B. but he’s our S.O.B.!

  4. You Cant change the spots on a leopard this guy is a bum. Before long he would revert back to his old ways u think Nebraska the Rams and the Bills didn’t get tired of his antics Miami will find out soon enough once they sign him.

  5. Can’t wait to get his jersey!
    Any new news on the how Rex Ryan’s tummy tuck procedure went? Did he get a boob-job as well?

  6. Should compete with Donald Thomas for the RG spot or take over from Justin Smiley after he gets injured again in mid-season…

  7. Which means he is that much closer to NOT becoming a Colt… phew!
    The Colts were rumored to be interested in this ticking timebomb. Any player that is widely viewed as the “dirtiest player in the NFL” has no place in Indy. I already had to deal with the Pacers so no thanks on the loose canons.
    -2 Head Butts in one game last year + 50,000 fine
    -Suspended in College for Off-Field issues
    -3 Personal Fouls in 1 game 2008 + 35,000 fine
    -2009 SN Dirtiest Player
    -Multiple run-ins with Refs
    Parcells vs Incognito, that will be a nice verbal exchange to look forward too.

  8. Without any help to the receivers I guess we need as many good run blocking O-lineman that we can get. ….can he play safety too?

  9. “JetFan in Miami says:
    March 17, 2010 10:14 AM
    Dolphin fans be happy!! this is your big off season splash…ICOGNITO FTW!!! lol

    Well, I guess it beats the JESTS offseason splash of your coach getting a tummy tuck and boob job.

  10. “The Dolphins don’t seem to be troubled by Incognito’s history of personal fouls and other angry displays during games. Possibly because Incognito accepts responsibility for his actions.”
    Yeah, Richie said a lot of that, “It’s all my fault and it’ll never happen again” stuff when he was here in St. Louis, too. He just couldn’t seem to contain himself once he got on the field. And I’d love to see Parcells’ reaction when he flips off the Dolphin fans.

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