Joe Haden improves his time

J. Haden.jpgEven the official forty times at the Scouting Combine don’t seem that official.

So the times we get from various Pro Days are even more suspect. Some tracks are faster than others, and we don’t know how to convert the times like the scouts.

With that preamble out of the way, multiple NFL reporters at Tebowfest Florida’s Pro Day write that cornerback Joe Haden ran in the high 4.3’s/low 4.4’s. 

That is a huge improvement on Haden’s sssslow time he ran at the combine.  Whether it erases the perception Haden lacks speed is another matter.

We’re far more interested in a comment former scout Daniel Jeremiah made on his Move The Sticks podcast.  He said Haden was a “boundary” corner at Florida.  The theory is that’s a position where teams can cover up a lack of deep speed, especially with wider hashmarks in college.

Haden’s time today should help his case, but there is a lot of debate about whether he will be the first cornerback taken in April.  That debate didn’t seem to exist a month ago.

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  1. i’d like to see if Greg with an extra G on his name can run the 40 under 4.6
    i don’t think so

  2. hey numbnuts—most college teams play their best tackling corner into the boundary. that’s why haden is out there….it’s got nothing to do with speed….and that jeremiah is a tool. he was run out of cleveland for talking too much to people like you.

  3. What have you been reading that says he won’t be the first CB taken?
    I’ve read he’s fallen out of the top 10, but not that he won’t be the first corner taken.

  4. What the story doesn’t tell you is how Haden really improved his 40 time… he put on a wig and a dress, and waved at Ben Roethlisberger, improving his time by .015 seconds.
    Also, he’s still running.

  5. The Browns will take him at #7 unless Berry is there. The secondary is terrible, I don’t think any NFL fan should be subject to what Browns fans have to go thru with Brandon McDonald. At one point Mike Furrey and Mike James were our starting safeties.
    How about a dream scenario to rebuild that secondary….Take Haden at #7, then trade back into the late first round by dangling Shaun Rodgers and picks (we have 3 3’s, 4 5’s and 2 6’s) and get Taylor Mays….

  6. You all have to either be blind or just too SEC obsessed to see the truth. If you had any ability to spot real talent then you could see that Boise State CB Kyle Wilson has Haden beat on every aspect of the game. Especially where it counts most and that is desire. Sure i will be the first to admit that Wilsons senior year was deviod of the cage rattling hits that his previous years were ripe with, but, like alot of player who know they are going pro he resorted to wrap up tackles to avoid injury. He is by far and away the better CB option.

  7. In another related story. All Florida players that participated in the NFL combine managed to improve their 40 times on Pro day.

  8. What this article doesn’t mention is that Haden ran on a wet surface in the rain so it’s not like he ran on an indoor track that is built for speed.

  9. Kyle Wilson yall. Joe Haden doesn’t even have an RV with his picture on it, Kyle will run a 4.2 in Boise with that questionable blue turf.

  10. I agree with what Mayock says about Haden and others whose time via stopwatch may be several hundredths of a second slower than expected. Football isn’t played in your underwear on a running track. Give me the guy who proves it on game film with courage, smarts, instinct, and a sufficient physical skill set. There are guys who look good, guys who run & lift exceptionally well, and then there are football players.

  11. # biggredd says: March 17, 2010 12:16 PM
    The Browns will be taking McClain anyway.
    I seriously doubt that…. Cleveland just traded away a 1st Round LB (granted he is a 4-3 end) but regardless. Cleveland has enough players at LB (DQwell and Fujita on the inside) to even think LB in Round 1.
    riddlecleve is right. If Berry is there he is a Brown. If not then Haden is the fallback.

  12. Ask yourself which CB has the Swagger to be drafted by the Ravens, not that they are in the market, but you get the point.

  13. Kyle Wilson went heads up on some great competion this past season, lets take a look at there opponents….Miami (OH), Bowling Green, Cal Davis, Hawaii, Tulsa, San Jose St, LA Tech, Idaho, Utah St, Nevada and New Mexico state, and their one respectable oppopent Oregon. Boise is basically in a D-2 division.
    Kyle Wilson had a whopping 3 interceptions against shitty competition.
    Haden played in the SEC nuff said, locked down Julio Jones and if not mistaken ( which I could be) AJ Green from Georgia.
    Kyle Wilson, what a jackass

  14. Listened to Move the Sticks. Great podcast. What he said about Hadden is disturbing. Incidentally he has the Browns picking RT from Iowa in the first.

  15. Too bad Haden couldn’t do anything about the run game when he was “locking down Julio Jones”. If I remember correctly Ingram ran for 3TD’s and over 100 yards and Richardson ran for 80.

  16. Wow look at that. Like I noted right away in my first post Riddlecleve hits the mark perfectly. THanks for expunding on my note of SEC obsessed. What you forgot to mention is that 2 out of those 3 INTs were for touchdowns. But what wasnt noted in his article and i am guessing he failed to research was that out of the 11 regular season games Wilson played last year only 72 passes were thrown to his side of the field. Out of those 72 passes only 21 were caught for completions and out of the remaining 51 passes Wilson tipped or blocked 31. Its called being a “SHUT DOWN” corner. Offenses were geared around not throwing to his side of the field. DO YOUR RESEARCH ROOKIE! Now i think its time for you to give Urban Meyers his dailey rubdown.

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